The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Chelsea Dies When Adam is Resurrected?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Chelsea Dies When Adam is Resurrected?

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that an unexpected head fake could be coming. As the Adam (most recently played by Justin Hartley) return rumors gain credibility and therefore momentum, an astonishing gut-punch has been thrown at all Chadam fans.

Imagine Adam’s resurrection actually plays out, including Michael Muhney’s return to the cast, and then Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) dies. Yes, Melissa Claire Egan’s departure from Y&R should be followed by a moment of silence.

Fade to black. Okay, we’re back. Breath in, exhale, now read on.

Regarding the possibility of Muhney’s return, he previously advised via his social media account that he began watching Y&R again after a two-year absence from doing so. Was that purely out of curiosity, or so that he could follow the plot in preparation to rejoin the cast?

Large fan groups were pleading for Y&R to recast Adam when it was announced that Hartley was voluntarily departing the soap in the summer of 2016. His version of Adam was last seen in a remote cabin on the outskirts of Genoa City that September.

Kooky Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) is said to have blown him to bits. But the lack of a found body served as a classic soapy wink. Adam could have escaped prior to the blast, or he could have survived the explosion. In either event, he could easily been living since then.

Egan’s proposed departure could be temporary, if she’s leaving the cast to pursue another project. Many soap stars have taken leaves of absence through the years. Those individuals didn’t intend to leave their shows, but merely took negotiated breathers with preplanned return dates known..

If Chelsea doesn’t die, but simply leaves Genoa City, the possibility of another scenario would actually be more intriguing. Consider Adam’s widow telling Nick that she needs to travel for business purposes. Then, during Chelsea’s excursion, she happens upon her supposedly dead husband!

Wouldn’t it be most fitting to have the greatest love of Adam’s life find him before she exits The Young and the Restless canvas? Chadam worked well during the stints of Muhney and Hartley. That spoke to the strong writing that underscored that couple’s story and all three actor’s work.

Obviously, Egan fans don’t want to see this actor leave the cast. She’s been a valued member of Y&R since joining the show in 2011. Viewers recall that Victor (Eric Braeden) initially tapped her to trap Billy (then played by Billy Miller), which resulted in his containment in Asia and Johnny’s (Ryan and Holden Hare) birth.

Devoted viewers are surely being given clues that are likely leading to some type of dramatic climax. Here’s hoping the best of all possibilities plays out, meaning that Adam is resurrected and his wife doesn’t meet an unexpected fate. One big factor hinting at a death and a funeral for Chelsea is that her mom, , Anita (Catherine Bach), is headed back to GC….

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