The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Monday, September 3 Recap – Lily’s Fate Shocks Everyone

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Monday, September 3 Recap - Lily's Fate Shocks Everyone

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers and recap for Monday, September 3, 2018 reveal Cane (Daniel Goddard) tries to reassure Lily (Christel Khalil) that they should enjoy this last morning, kissing and making love together as they have everything else already organized.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Charlie (Noah Alexander Gerry) and Mattie (Lexie Stevenson) prepare the kitchen with a fancy breakfast of waffles and eggs and freshly pressed orange juice; determined to make this a positive morning for their mom. Charlie feels they will win because Michael is a superstar, but Mattie reminds him that it is the Judge that makes the final decision.

Shauna (Camryn Hamm) greets Nate (Brooks Bonnell), telling him she will be ready in a minute. He is shocked to learn that Devon (Bryton James) is gone already. Shauna takes the opportunity to tell Nate she is terrified about what she is to say in court, still feeling like it was her fault that Hilary (Mishael Morgan) died in the first place.

She wants to do right by Devon and Hilary, but feels no matter what she says, it won’t bring back Hilary; but it can destroy Lily’s. Nate advises her to follow her gut.

Devon returns home, wanting to know if Nate came there to change Shauna’s impact statement. Nate tells him he was simply being supportive to a young girl who is feeling guilty and anxious. He gets that Devon is angry and filled with grief but wants to know if he has even taken a calm moment to consider the consequences of his words to the judge? Nate doesn’t want his cousin walking out of the courtroom filled with regret for whatever punishment his sister will receive.

Shauna comes downstairs ready for court and is sad to hear Neil (Kristoff St. John) is dealing with more stuff with Sofia being back in the hospital after her own accident. Devon tells them it is time to go.

The last moments at the Ashby house are sweet as Charlie tells his parents, he is back together with Shauna. Lily smiles and encourages the kids to have fun in their senior year. She wants them all to have some happiness after all they have been through. Cane puts his arms around his wife and children, giving them some encouragement just as they also leave for court.

In Hearing Room B, Lily and Michael sit at the front, with the Ashby family behind her. Christine sits at the prosecution table with Devon and Shauna sitting behind her; it is clear Lily begins to panic as every noise is making her jumpy, but she begins to settle in as the Judge arrives and statements begin.

Before impact statements begin, Cane is allowed to make one of his own. He confesses that Charlie, his son was in the car and told him about Lily running the red light and he ordered the kids to keep their mouths shut. He admitted to being the liar and felt he should be the one who should be punished, not Lily.

Shauna stands and gives a brief statement, revealing how much of a motherly figure Hilary became to her; showing her what family and love could be. She didn’t want Mattie and Charlie to lose their mother like she lose Hilary. Hilary was her miracle and she hopes a miracle can happen for Lily and her family too and she knows if it can, they will be forever grateful for it too.

Devon approaches the Judge and thanks him for having the chance to speak. Like Shauna, he describes how exceptional Hilary was. How loving and kind and that she was the love of his life. He reveals how he mourns for her and their baby. Devon explains the second chance he had with Hilary and understands how everyone is asking for a second chance for his sister Lily but she already had a second, third, fourth and many chances!

This wasn’t about ONE fight, causing her to run a red light, this was about years and years of anger and hostility and resentment towards Hilary. Lily took every opportunity to criticize Hilary and literally said out loud how much she despised her and wished she would get out of their family’s lives for good.

Well on the night of the accident, it looks like Lily got her wish! She was so focused on attacking Hilary’s character that she had no regard for the safety of anyone on the road nor in the car with her. That’s why this is called vehicular homicide!

Lily stands up feeling regret for her actions. She is remorseful to Devon and his losses. She apologizes for driving angry admitting she knew better. She finally acknowledges how much time was wasted by not accepting Hilary as the woman in his life.

She is willing to do anything to have Hilary and that baby back in his life and will do whatever it takes to make up for it; begging for Devon’s forgiveness. The Judge has heard everything and the court is in recess until he reaches his decision.

Cane holds Lily proudly while Mattie apologizes for leaving when she heard Devon speak so harshly. Cane approaches Devon wondering if he still feels the same, or if he would change any of the words he just said. Pleading with him, insisting it is still not too late to change it.

He doesn’t understand how he could forgive Neil for locking up Hilary in a boathouse but hate Lily for an accident. Devon looks back at his family and it looks like he might be rethinking his statement but is interrupted when the judge returns to the courtroom, saying he has reached his decision.

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