The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tessa Steals Mariah’s Intellectual Property – Relationship and Romance Destroyed

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tessa Steals Mariah's Intellectual Property – Relationship and Romance Destroyed

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Tessa’s (Cait Fairbanks) use of Mariah’s (Camryn Grimes) journal to create lyrics for a new song also implies that a relationship between these two women may happen after all. It’s likely that intellectual property theft isn’t the implied message within Y&R’s scripts. Noah (Robert Adamson) would surely be devastated if Tessa chooses his sister over him, which is one plot point to be considered within the larger, soapy picture.

Pushing the envelope. Walking on the edge. Being provocative. Call it whatever one wishes. With whatever one’s personal feelings, simply pairing Tessa and Mariah would be enough to provoke certain viewer’s perceptions of reality and the ire of self-proclaimed defenders. But having someone become interested in her brother’s girlfriend feels like an unnecessary part of this looming arc.

Executive producer and head writer Mal Young obviously wanted to address the apparently emergent same-sex attraction that Mariah has been expressing for months. He could have instructed his writing staff to allow Grimes’ character to become interested in any other woman on the planet. So why was Tessa the choice?

By writing in this direction, Y&R is likely establishing Noah as an eventual acceptor and promoter of Teriah, or Messa, as one likes. The projected message will involve Adamson’s character being willing to overcome his own love interest in Tessa and accept her choice. Therefore, if Noah can do that, then why can’t viewers who oppose a Mariah-Tessa union do so as well?

Hardcore fans of all forms of popular culture entertainment have long recognized the larger themes that are written directly into plot lines. Fiction is the forum that’s used to promote various social agendas. Those agendas are based upon coordinated efforts across an industry where millions of people choose its products on a daily basis and that’s just considering the soap world.

Grimes’ selection for this story plays off her dual role place in Y&R’s history. Mariah isn’t like Cassie, but has become endearing. Miss Copeland is presented as someone who defends her family and friends, but has yet to find a true love interest.

Tessa is the new girl in town. She’s the new lady for those who felt compelled to adjust verbal sensibilities in the 1970’s, or the new person for those who’ve quickly embraced ideas regarding gender issues within this decade. Have those word-splicing realities and perceived meanings been mainly driven by the influence of family and friends, or mostly via the media and so-called ‘popular’ culture?

Soap fans want to escape. That’s why they turn from the landscapes that can be seen through their windows.

Traditionalists are entitled to their own beliefs. So too are those who want to recognize, or create Another World. Yes, that was an old-school soap wink. Y&R’s creator, Bill Bell, co-created that departed NBC soap with Irna Phillips in 1964, which was nine years before Genoa City was first seen on CBS.

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