The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor Wins Worst Father of the Year Award – Nick Plots The Moustache’s Downfall

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor Wins Worst Father of the Year Award – Nick Plots The Moustache's Downfall

The Young and the Restless spoilers document that the inimitable Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) is being recognized for his amazing efforts. He’s once again won the Worst Father of the Year award.

Consider Christian’s (Jude and Ozzy McGuigen) life, before even considering what Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) enduring this weekend as legitimate dad’s across the land are rightly being honored. The McGuigen twin’s character was stolen at birth and given to Shylan, eventually given back to Nick, then lived with Chick, recently moved in with Shick, and now is with Niktor. Yes, this kid is familiar with numerous Y&R pairings and living conditions.

It’s hard to know what someone so young is processing. But stability surely isn’t part of his psyche.

Now, just when it seemed that Nick has found stability with the woman who raised Christian during the first year of his life (when he was called Scully), Victor uses the legal system to upend his world. How horrible!

It can be argued that Nick provoked Victor by choosing to accept a job in San Diego, California, after having rejected the plum Chief Operating Officer’s job at Newman Enterprises. Nick didn’t want to step on his sister Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and then used his father’s perceived slight to go on the attack, which proved to be at least a temporarily tragic miscalculation.

Victor used Christian’s paternity, being that he is supposed to be Adam’s (Justin Hartley) son, as main motivation to seek full custody after Nick threatened to block access to the boy he emotionally believes is his son. Yet, it was Sharon’s (Sharon Case) past that the arbitration judge cited as a decisive factor in her awarding temporary custody to Victor.

The legal point made by the arbitration judge seemed like one that Brittany (Lauren Woodland) could redress at the follow-up hearing. However, Sharon’s specific role in Christian’s past, in having kept him from Nick and his mother, understandably gave the judge pause.

So why is Victor the winner of the Worst Father of the Year award if Nick has also acted badly. Well, Nick’s emotions lead him to defend his children. Victor’s amoral mental calculations enable him to punish his children and to try and gain mind control over his grandchildren.

Nick isn’t a monster. Victor’s childhood backstory appears to have created a permanent grudge that rears its hideous head whenever anything doesn’t go as the Black Knight has planned.

Seasoned daytime fans saw something different in Nick’s eyes after Victor and his hired staff member came to collect Christian. They recognized that Nick plans to fight for his child, not for himself. That makes him a true threat to the one and only Moustache.

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