90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Recap 5/19/19: Season 4 Episode 4 “A Break is Necessary”

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Recap 5/19/19: Season 4 Episode 4 "A Break is Necessary"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance; Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, May 19, 2019 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 4 episode 4 “A Break is Necessary”, as per the TLC synopsis, “Elizabeth goes to her dad behind Andrei’s back; Ashley needs a break from Jay; Nicole’s friend presses for answers about Azan; Pedro heads to the Dominican Republic without Chantel; Pao confronts Russ’ mom; Colt and Larissa try to move forward”

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Ashley’s head and heart were telling her two different things. She believed herself in love with Jay and she thought he would just as committed to their relationship as she was, but then he cheated. He began texting other women during their honeymoon and he planned on sleeping with them. Jay said that nothing ever went past the planning stage. He told Ashley he loves her and he wants to stay with her. Ashley for her part wasn’t sure if he wanted to stay because of her or if he just wanted to stay in the United States. She has a certain period of time to file for him as her husband to stay stateside and she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to do that much less have him around. It all comes back to his version of events and whether or not he ever became physical with someone else.

Ashley talked about it with her friends and she felt the only definitive way to know if he or didn’t he sleep with someone else was to talk to women he was messaging, but once she does that then its basically saying that she didn’t trust Jay’s word anymore and that meant she couldn’t trust him. Jay may have burnt all possible bridges with his wife and there were people on the outside looking in that thought Ashley deserved better. She has this male friend who she dated for a while and the relationship hadn’t worked because of one thing or another. Ashley still felt like she could talk to her ex as a friend and he was telling her to dump Jay because he secretly wanted her back. And so she wasn’t being given the best possible advice.

Then there’s Elizabeth Andrei. They were about to have a baby and Andrei was the one being irrational. He complains about her family’s involvement in their life and completely ignores how much her family has done for him. Andrei couldn’t work in the beginning and it had been hard for Elizabeth to afford a lifestyle for both of them on one paycheck. She had needed her dad to help fund her marital and the man was still helping them. He gave them a rent-free apartment and they weren’t taking care of it. The dad noticed that they negating their end of the bargain and he tried to have a word with them, but Andrei got so upset that he claimed the man trying to control them and he demanded that thy move.

There was just one problem with that. They didn’t have any money for a deposit and so Elizabeth would have to go back to her dad for the money. Elizabeth recently argued with her father over his disagreement with Andrei and she had sided with her husband, but now that she needs his money, she was willing to overlook behavior she called unreasonable not that long ago. Elizabeth went to her sister to discuss what she had to do and her sister said that moving at this point didn’t make any sense. They are living rent-free and could now save up the money they were going to need for the baby. The baby is what should be Andrei’s first priority. He should get a job and work towards financial independence before he demands that his family move.

Paola and Russ were in the same position because they were about to have their first child as well, but Paola has some problems with Russ’s family. His family hadn’t been all that approving in the beginning. His mother didn’t like the way she dressed and his dad thought that Paola was there for all the wrong reasons. They sort of judged her and made her feel bad in what should have been a safe space. Paola has never forgotten and that could be why she created a problem this time around. She went back to Oklahoma for her baby shower and she arrived hours late. She said she went to go do her nails and no nails take that long.

Paola also said that no one is ever on time in Colombia and, while that may be true, she wasn’t in Colombia anymore. She’s been living in the US for years now. She knows that things are different here and after her husband called her the first time she could have realized her mistake. But instead compounded it by blowing him off. Paola arrived towards the end of her baby shower and she got upset when everyone had to leave or had already left by then. These people were there on time and so she upset more than just Russ’s parents with her stunt. She left everyone upset with her and then has the nerve to go complain to her husband that she didn’t feel included. And she had him speak to his parents about coming together for the baby, but that’s okay.

Paola could stick with her games because Russ was playing her. He didn’t talk her into this trip just for a baby shower. He did it because he received a great job offer in Oklahoma and he wanted to take it. Russ grew up there and he always thought he would live there with his family. He didn’t want to stay in Miami and was only putting up with it because Paola wanted it. Russ thought if he told him about the job and missing his family that she would consider it, but it’s like he’s thinking about the wrong wife. Paola said when she left that she was never coming back to Oklahoma and she repeated that line frequently. She wanted to live where the culture reminded her of her own and it was going to take a lot for her to even consider moving.

Paola wasn’t Elizabeth. Elizabeth did not argue with her husband about moving and she went grubbing to her dad. Her dad loved her and so he gave it like always however Elizabeth lied about the money to Andrei. Andrei thought she got an advance at work and he badmouths her dad the whole time they were packing things up. He didn’t even do any work to the house like he promises he would. Andrei just spat on the gift and left. They were now living in an apartment they couldn’t afford and so Elizabeth tried to talk to him about getting a job. And he wasn’t acting like he was motivated in the slightest to get off his lazy ass. Andrei was turning his nose up at work and he acted like he didn’t care how stressful this all was on Elizabeth.

Elizabeth can save her money with a quick divorce, but she wasn’t going to do that and neither was Chantel. Chantel found out that if she got a divorce that she would still have to pay for Pedro and she didn’t like that idea. She told the lawyer they spoke with that if the marriage ends then so does everything else and, whether what she said had any bearing on her marriage, it doesn’t matter because it never occurred to her. Chantel knew that her husband was going home to the Dominican Republic and she was afraid that one he left he would be convinced to divorce her. She asked him to speak up for her with his family and he got upset because she never does that with her family. Chantel was willing to believe the worst of him because of something her family would say and then she has the nerve to be hypocritical of him.

The more these two talk the more it’s looking like he wants to leave. Pedro could only take so much from her family and she was saying that until he made peace with them that she didn’t want kids but taking kids, albeit temporarily, off the table didn’t get the reaction she thought she was going to get. She again upset Pedro with that and that’s when he seriously considered not coming back from his “vacation”. He wanted to live with people that accept him and he was so happy to leave without his wife behind because he left his problems with her. She would have brought the drama with her and he’s over it. Pedro wanted to be around his family and that alone is a testament to her no longer be talked about like family.

Paola later had a conversation with her mother-in-law though it doesn’t seem to have changed anything. She told Patty that she felt judged and that she never felt included. So Patty told her that she put a wall up. Patty said that she tried to understand Paola by speaking with other Latino women and that she wasn’t given the same consideration. She said that she was basically told that Paola came here for Russ and not for them. Patty admitted that it hurt her because she thought Paola would try and even as she was talking she was upsetting Paola. Paola was feeling judged for how she reacted and so she began putting her wall back up. She wasn’t going to be moving back to Oklahoma and the whole conversation had been a waste of time.

Larissa even got further with her own talk with Debbie than those other two. Larissa promised she would be less confrontational and that she worked on communication as long as Colt finally trusts her with her own money. She wanted a prepaid credit card. Larissa had to come down from a thousand dollars to two hundred, but she couldn’t even stay within her limits. She found out that lip injections would cost her more and she bribed her own husband with sex to get them. Nevermind that she failed to even try and live within her means. She just wants more and more and it was going to work against her in the end because now Colt’s family have a reason to believe she’s a gold-digger.

Also, Ashley went on a vacation with her girls. She went to New York for a couple of days with her friends and left Jay home alone. He wasn’t allowed to go on vacation as well and Ashley told him that he couldn’t hang out with his friends. Ashley said she couldn’t trust him to act right and then left him home alone. It didn’t occur to her that she both emasculated him and left him to do whatever he wanted in her house, but it did come to her in New York that her leaving might not have been a good idea. That’s when she talked to her girls and she showed them the picture of the girl that Jay invited over. It was a teenager still in high school and she looked nothing like Ashley. And she hadn’t answered her phone when Ashley called so maybe the kid will know better than to call her back.

And Pedro may have gotten the feedback he was looking for from his family.