All Rise Recap 12/09/19: Season 1 Episode 10 “Dripsy”

All Rise Recap 12/09/19: Season 1 Episode 10 "Dripsy"

Tonight on CBS their new series All Rise airs with an all-new Monday, December 09, 2019, season 1 episode 9 called, “Dripsy,” and we have your All Rise recap below. On tonight’s All Rise episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Lola exercises a rarely used judicial power when she fires a lawyer for failing to provide a robust defense for his client. Also, Mark’s dad, Vic (Tony Denison), is arrested for murder.

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Lola is dealing with a heated family affair in court while water drips from the ceiling. She calls recess so everyone can calm down. Fisk comes in to talk about his client Carissa who is being prosecuted for armed robbery. Lola tells him not to ask for anything more, she is already ignoring her sketchy past. Meanwhile, Mark deals with a case involving a man named Danny who is being accused of robbery but claims he was sleepwalking at the time. Mark comes to talk to Lola on her recess. His dad has reached out to him. He probably wants money. Lola reconvenes on her prior case, giving the father of an infant a chance to begin again after being accused of grand theft auto. Just as she finishes up her speech, the ceiling caves in with water everywhere.

Lola is forced to move courtrooms and with those assistants. Sherri isn’t pleased. Lola hears Carissa’s case. Fisk doesn’t do well with his opening statement. Lola is forced to tell him to stick to the facts. On her way back to jail, Carissa tells Luke how she didn’t commit the robbery and is going to end up in prison for 25 years due to another strike on her record.

Back in court, Fisk fails to object when the prosecution brings up Carissa’s past. Lola is forced to object, doing Fisk’s job for him. Mark meets with his dad who isn’t very open about why he wants to see him. At the end of their dinner, a detective comes in an arrests Mark’s dad.

Luke and Emily have been talking a little about Carissa’s case. Emily asks around and admits she has a special interest in her case. She recognizes the chip on Carissa’s shoulder.

Mark tells Lola the next day that his dad was brought in for murder. He can’t wrap his head around it.

Lola fires Fisk after he fails to represent Carissa once again. Mark meets with a sleep specialist about Danny before meeting with the woman who says Danny robbed her.

Carissa speaks to the court after Emily steps in as her lawyer. She feels as though she is being railroaded.

Emily and Luke go to dinner. She keeps talking about work and has to stop herself. Luke tells her how he gave Carissa a legal tip. Emily becomes angry telling him he isn’t a lawyer.

Mark is distraught over his dad’s charges. All he can do is throw himself into his work. Meanwhile, Fisk has called Lola’s superiors to complain several times. Luke comes to visit Emily and apologize for talking to Carissa about anything legal. He was not aware of the last time that Kristen was convicted Emily was her lawyer.

Marcos to visit his dad. When his dad starts to talk about his case, Mark tells him to stop he doesn’t want to have to be called to testify. They talk about Mike’s case for the sleepwalker. His dad thinks it sounds like a scam. After he helps Mark with his case he pleads for help.

Carissa stands in court and tells Lola that she is not comfortable with how Emily previously represented her, seeing how she was convicted. Lola informs Carissa that she does not believe and Emily failed to represent her properly, therefore Emily will stay as her counsel. Sherry comes in to interrupt the case. She just saw on the news that Travis, the man Lola gave a second chance to who was released on a suspended sentence due to Grandtheft auto is now involved in another high-speed chase with police.

Danny meets with Mark and a sleep specialist. They figure out the reason why he has been sleepwalking to a certain house who accused him of robbery. It looks just like his childhood home. Mark drops the case.

Emily proves in court that it couldn’t have been Carissa who robbed the man because she is left-handed and the person he identified as holding a gun is right handed. Later, Carissa is found not guilty of all charges.

Lola lays on the couch of her office thinking about how she let the man go who then committed Grandtheft. Mark comes in and tells her she is not responsible. She gave him a chance. They are interrupted with the news that the man T-bones another driver and neither one may make it.

Later, Lola’s boss comes to visit her to tell her that Fisk will be given a hearing in regards to being dismissed from Carissa‘s case.