American Idol Recap 4/28/19: Season 17 Episode 16 “Queen Night”

American Idol Recap 4/28/19: Season 17 Episode 15 "Queen Night"

It’s Another exciting night of American Idol on ABC tonight with an all-new Sunday, April 28, 2019, season 17 episode 15 called “Tribute To Queen” and we have your weekly American Idol recap below. On tonight’s American Idol season 17 episode 14 as per the ABC synopsis, “Each contestant take on a song from the Queen catalogue, before partnering up for a classic movie duet performance; Adam Lambert acts as celebrity guest mentor.”

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Tonight is Queen night on American Idol. Adam Lambert is the mentor for this episode.

Walker Burroughs sings, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Judges Comments: Katy: “Walker you really used all of your appendages. I totally relate to what Adam was saying about being authentic, definitely being interactive with the crowd. You did so well and you sound so great.” Luke: “You did, America is going to fall in love with you after that performance, you did were just yourself. It is very endearing.” Lionel: “The first rule is, if you are not having fun, they are not having fun. You did that. Don’t think at all, just naturally go out and be present on stage.”

Madison Vandenburg is singing, “The Show Must Go On.” Judges Comments: Luke: “You just changed the whole game, you are coming into the role of a diva. That is your best performance by far, definitely vocally that we have heard.” Lionel: “Adam was right about one thing, the acting is everything. The other part of the equation is singing and it all comes together. You did it in spades tonight, I loved what you did, incredible.” Katy: “You have come so far in such a short amount of time. We have a very short amount of time left, you are really stepping into it, I need to see a hair flip, I got to see a stomp because that is what your voice is doing, but your body is not connected. You need a little stage mom push.”

Laci Booth and Lane Hardy singing, “Jackson,” a classic Johnny Cash song from Walk the Line. Judges Comments: Lionel: “Lacy you got sassy. You got that little thing happening and I like it. Perfect song, perfect look, and perfect attitude. And, when I say that, you’re comfortable. I loved the performance and I am sure America loved that too.” Katy: “I would say you guys were connected. I have never seen Lane smile like that. You want people to feel like something is going on between the two of you and I felt it.” Luke: “I am not going to assume anything. The talent is here and we are enjoying the show. I enjoy you guys grow and become stars and that is what is happening right before our eyes.”

Jeremiah Harmon is singing, “Who Wants to Live Forever.” Judges Comments: Katy: “You really embodied the spirit of Freddy Mercury with that performance. I think it was like you froze time, it was so beautiful. I loved seeing you perform in front of your parents for the first time. It’s wonderful to hear about your journey and to see your parents come out to support you and accept you. God bless all three of you.” Luke: “You just continue to spoil us, it was such an emotional ride. You take us on a journey, that built and built, you took it to the next level and I loved every second of it.” Lionel: “There is something you can’t teach, its the ability to draw people in, the dynamics of your voice, you took the band to the next level. Your voice is something to be reckoned with, I am telling you, keep up the great work and the best time to do it is in front of your parents.”

Alejandro Aranda singing, “Under Pressure.” Judges Comments: Luke: “I love it. I love how you see the painting in a whole new way, that is so hard to do. Vocally we heard you be better, but it doesn’t matter because you are doing your own thing.” Lionel: “There is something you can’t get away from and you are the lucky recipient of it, you are an artist and an amazing stylist. Don’t ever to lose that because that is the core of who you are.” Katy: “Hey Homie. Your authenticity is your secret sauce, it could also be your worse enemy. I think that you are figuring that out fast ways. I think you can handle it very well.”

Alyssa Raghunandan and Wade Coda singing, “Ain’t No Matter Higher.” Judges Comments: Lionel: “I’m having a situation, is that you Marvin? You have changed. I could never in a million years imagined Marvin with that voice. You were having fun, keep that up, that is what makes show business, show business.” Katy: “It is interesting, putting Lane and Laci together but putting you two together was rolling the dice and it was great.” Luke: “When you start singing Wade it is just you. Alyssa, you are so comfortable and it was great.”

Jeremiah Harmon and Madison Vanderburg singing, “A Million Dreams.” Judges Comments: Katy: “You guys it was so wonderful watching you and hearing you hold each other with so much respect and be so courteous with each other. Thank you.” Luke: “You guys really did that like pros and worked around each other’s immense talents.” Lionel: “The funny part about it is that you two have amazing voices and the two of you together is unbelievable. You should really be proud of yourselves, you stayed on the top of that song together.”

Laine Hardy singing, “Flat Bottom Girls.” Judges Comments: Luke: “Katy’s giddy over here, you got here. You are a country boy, but you gotta think rock star anytime you are on stage. You got to take that rock star confidence and own that. Great job getting there with that one.” Lionel: “The most important thing you have to remember, you are the head cheerleader. If you are not pumped up, we cannot get there. Your attitude, if you don’t feel it, fake it, if you don’t feel it, fake it. By the way, you felt it.” Katy: “My favorite thing that Luke has ever said, shake it till you make it, then shake and bake it. And you faked it, you shook it, and you shook and baked it.”

Laci Booth singing, “Love Of My Life.” Judges Comments: Lionel: “That smokey voice can just take you forever and forever. You can be fun with it, make it personable, you could be the star right here on this stage, love it. ” Katy: “Lacy you are sparkling, like the diamond we always knew you were. The most shimmering thing is your voice, it is absolutely gorgeous. I think you won whether you win or not. It is so important to be proud, you are so special.” Luke: “Just watching you sing, and the emotion of the song is one of the most impressive things about you. It is truly remarkable, tremendous job.”

Alejandro Aranda and Walker Burroughs singing, “Mrs. Robinson.” Judges Comments: Katy: “Of course you would pick that song. Your voices are like two peas in a pod. They are so sweetly put together, it was wonderful. You did a great job.” Luke: “I think the sadness lies in the song you chose, it speaks to your characters. You are both creative, great job.” Lionel: “I like your clothes, psychedelic and tie die. It was wonderful, it showed off your true abilities.”

Time for Live Results. Now we will find out who America picked for the top six. The first person to make it though is Jeremiah. America also wants to see more of Laci. And safe for another week, in the top six, is Madison. Singing again for America is the one and only, Laine. Now, the fifth person who secured a spot in the top six is Alejandro.

Walker, Wade, and Alyssa are left. The last person to make it through is Wade.

Walker and Alyssa are heading home and leaving the competition unless the judges use their one save for this season. Luke announces that they have decided not to use the save.