American Ninja Warrior Recap 06/05/19: Season 11 Episode 2 “Atlanta City Qualifiers”

American Ninja Warrior Recap 06/05/19: Season 11 Episode 2 "Atlanta City Qualifiers"

Tonight on NBC their obstacle course competition American Ninja Warrior returns with an all-new Wednesday, June 5, 2019, episode and we have your American Ninja Warrior recap below! On tonight’s “Atlanta City Qualifiers,” season 11 episode 2 as per the NBC synopsis, “The Atlanta City Qualifying Round includes last season’s “Last Ninja Standing” Drew Drechsel and former New England Patriot Tyrone Poole, who will face up to six challenging obstacles including Off the Hook and Ferris Wheel.”

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The show went down south for the Atlanta City Qualifiers. The Power Tower was back and its gives the contestant the chance of receiving a Speed Ticket. The Speed Ticket guarantees them a spot in the National Finals and so everyone was eyeing the prize, but the obstacle course wouldn’t be easy and there was even a new obstacle called The Ferris Wheel. The first ninja that tested this new course was Mindy Hylton. She was a rookie and she calls herself “BAM” which stands for “Bad Ass Mother”. Mindy was running this course to prove that nothing could hold her back because she survived cancer and a surprise divorce. She got off to a great start and electrified the crowd with how a newbie was able to make it that far. And so it came as a sad ending when she failed to hold on at the four obstacles called the Bouncing Spider.

To survive the Bouncing Spider she needed to fall right on the white dot, but she ended up falling just a little bit in front it and unfortunately, that cost her. Mindy still made an impressive and there was still hope for her in the City Finals. Moving on, there was a familiar face amongst the ninjas. Glenn Davis is a retired gymnast and he owns his own ninja gym. He’s trained most of the ninjas there tonight and so everyone had high expectations of him. Glenn started out strong and he was doing it at great speed when he came across the newest obstacle. The Ferris Wheel drops as the ninjas were climbing and Glenn hadn’t been able to hold on. He fell on the fifth obstacle and will have to see if his timing gets him a spot in the City Finals.

There were several ninjas during the commercial break, but Kavon Sadler fell on the first obstacle, Grace returned for the fifth year and fell on the Bouncing Spider, and fellow veteran Caleb Watson ended up falling on the same obstacle as grace. The Bouncing Spider was knocking out veterans and rookies. Caitlyn Bergstrom was a rookie herself yet her family was known to be a part of ANW. Her father has been on and so has an older brother. Caitlyn tried out this year with her brother Caleb. They were both the youngest of the Bergstrom bunch and they’ve been practicing together. Caitlyn was also thought to be a finisher and she fell on the Bouncing Spider. Her brother, on the other hand, had gone on to become the first finisher of the night. He also won five thousand dollars on the Mega Wall.

After the Bergstrom Bunch had their chance, there were other rookies that were highlighted. Tony Miles was a legendary poker player. He bet thousand dollars on himself with his friend and unfortunately, he lost it big money when he fell on the Block Run. Then there was Andrew Collins. He was also a rookie and he was running tonight so that people in his small town knew that they too could dream big. Andrew started out strong and he too fell victim to the Bouncing Spider. The theme tonight was “The Secret Life of Pets 2” and they were actually dogs that did better on their course than humans. Even Tyrone Poole fell and everyone thought the former NFL football player was going to be the second person to finish.

The next contestant was once again familiar. Michael Johnson was a veteran ninja and his duo with fellow ninja Eddy Stewart was Pec-tacular. The guys were the most shredded ninjas out there and everyone was anticipating them to at least go on to the City Finals, but sadly Michael fell on the Block Run and so it had been up to Eddy to make “Fire & Ice” proud. In the meantime, there was R.J. Roman. He was the rookie that took everyone by surprise last year when he sailed through the Qualifiers and so he was back as a sophomore to show that he still got it. R.J. raced through the beginning of the obstacle course and even survived the Bouncing Spider by making a hand grab rather than a leg grab. He had the option of choosing between the Mega and Minor Wall and he chose the Minor Wall because he wanted a chance at the Power Tower.

Eddy Stewart has his run after the commercial break. He lived up to the “ Fire and Ice” theme of being Pec-tacular and sailed through the course, but he failed to make it up to the Minor Wall in all three chances and so there will be no Power Tower for him. Eddy was still heading to the City Finals and so it was up to him to keep the dream alive. The next contestant knew a little something about that because no one believed she would be able to compete in sports again after a horrific injury. Alyssa Varsalona was a former gymnast and she had to have several surgeries on her knees after an injury. She also had to go through a grueling rehabilitation schedule and so she was here tonight to show that she could preserve through all hardship.

Alyssa had an impressive run and she was the first woman to make to the Ferris Wheel, but her arm strength let her down before she was supposed to dismount. There was still a chance that she’ll be in the City Finals and so here’s crossing our fingers. The next contestant was a big fan of tonight’s theme. Roo Yori runs a Dog Rescue Foundation. He adopted his late dog Wallace and the dog went on to become the frisbee champion. Sadly, the dog passed away not that long ago and so the Wallace the Pit Bill Foundation was a way for Roo to honor his late friend. He hoped that one-day dog shelters will be closed down because all of the dogs will have been adopted and so the longer he stayed on the obstacle the course the better chance his foundation receives the publicity.

Roo was a veteran, but he hasn’t a good run in a few years and so everyone hoped that this would be his comeback. He raced through the course and he made it to the wall. Roo decided to take on the Minor Wall for his chance on the Power Tower and already his luck seems to have turned around. Roo later received a twenty thousand dollar donation that came from the producers of “The Secret Life of Pets 2”. The money will do some good and may it just be the beginning of a successful night. The next veteran to try his luck was Ryan Stratis. He was the first man to get the Mega Wall last year and this time around he became the first man to get it on his first chance tonight. He was just really great at the Mega Wall and the ten thousand dollars couldn’t hurt.

But the ninja everyone looked forward to was perhaps Travis Rosen. He made it to Las Vegas last year when he fell and broke his ankle in several places. His doctors didn’t think he’d ever be able to run again and here is nine months later. His doctors told him his ankle couldn’t get any worse and so he took that as encouragement. Travis wanted to make his comeback and he didn’t even need to make it to the Wall. He just needed to hang in there and so he proved everyone wrong when he went to become a finisher by making it up the Minor Wall. It seems he also wanted a chance at the Power Tower. Neil “Crazy” Carver was also a veteran and he tried a go at the Mega Wall which he failed to climb. And so maybe the Minor Wall was the safer bet.

Social Media Influencer Charity LeBlanc went next and unfortunately, the Mermaid Ninja was swimming before long. She was joined in the water by beloved school teacher DeShawn Harris who fell on the Block Run. Now, rookie Josiah Singleton was known as a country boy and his whole town seemed like they were in the audience. So with such a crowd, it was no wonder that he became a finisher where so many others have failed. Like, say, the Papercut Ninja. Tim Saguinsin has been an artist since he was a little boy and he’s created several paper ninjas for all the greats. This year he wanted to add his own figurine and sadly his fell before he could finish the course. It wasn’t anything he did and they were plenty of ninjas that fell.

Bootie Cothran was a veteran and he fell. Davin Harrelson who was supposed to be making his comeback this year after a skull fracture and he fell as well. Chad Hohn, who hit a buzzer in the past after cutting his head, had gone to get another cut and he was covered in blood once again when he hit the buzzer tonight. Lady Luck was all over the place with this one, but everyone she would come through for Jessica Clayton. She wanted to be the first woman to conquer the Warped Wall and her run began probably the greatest for any female ninja. Jessica was the first woman to make it past the Ferris Wheel and she came up just a tad short when she tried to take on the Minor Wall. And so she’ll simply have to get it next time right around and everyone pretty much has a feeling she will.

There was a commercial break and soon it was Elie Cohen’s turn. Unfortunately, he was another victim of the Bouncing Spider and Morgan “Moose” Wright, who went next, had fallen on the Ferris Wheel. There was a slight turnaround when the man that created most of these obstacles had had his run. Kevin Carbone crushed and he became the third person to hit a buzzer on the Mega Wall. He won ten grand though not everyone wanted to risk it because they wanted to try out the Power Tower. Tyler Gillett had gone next and he came in with the fastest time on the Minor Wall because he was hoping to test his skills against Drew Drechsel. He was the ninja that wen the farthest last season and he has the fastest time in the last three years. And so it was a bit of surprise that Drew wanted to go after the Major Wall.

Drew failed to get it last year and he wanted to prove that he could do it this year. He was risking his fastest time, but it was personal. Drew raced through the course and he almost fell several times. But he held on and this year he won ten thousand dollars by conquering the Major Wall. He also did it without sacrificing his time and so he became the second-fastest finisher.

It then became a race up the Power Tower for Drew and Tyler, but they were neck and neck for the most part and all of sudden it was Drew that was pulling in the lead. He was the fastest and Drew won himself the Speed Pass.