Animal Kingdom Finale Recap 08/20/19: Season 4 Episode 13 “Smurf”

Tonight on TNT Animal Kingdom returns with an all-new Tuesday, August 20, 2019 episode and we have your Animal Kingdom recap below. On tonight’s Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 13 finale as per the TNT synopsis, “Joshua Cody moves in with his family in South California, where he is pulled into a life of excess.”

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Smurf is dead! It happened after she tried getting revenge and it was also part of her plan. She wanted to die getting revenge. The last thing she wanted to do on this earth is kill Jed. Jed was her late lover’s brother and he tried kidnapping her when she young and defenseless. Smurf had never forgot that. She didn’t want him to forget it either. Smurf wanted Jed to know why she killed him and so she smiled in his face as she shot point blank in the head. Smurf thought she was die happily once she did so, but that’s when Pope stepped in. He pulled her out of a bad situation and had gotten her to safety. He didn’t know that she would begin to snap at him.

Smurf told him that she wanted to die back there. Back with Jed’s family who would have shot her and him without a problem. If she couldn’t have that, then she was going to settle for one of her boys doing it and she got lucky with J. J killed her without a problem. He hated his grandmother and he didn’t mind taking her place. He wanted to be in charge. He needed it more than anyone else and he thought it would be easy with her out of the way when all it did was make things harder. The Codys meant nothing without Smurf. Their fence didn’t want to work with them anymore and so they had no way of moving the million dollars of gold they had.

Not to say that the others took well when J talked to Gia without them. None of them trusted J and Pope threw him out of the house because he accused J of being a leech. He said that J had been lying since the moment he moved in. Pope always thought J had an agenda and he was right. J has always had a plan. He stole from his grandmother to lauder some of his money his way and his owns several businesses now. J had found that part easy. He didn’t know why it was harder with his uncles and so he couldn’t fathom why they would have their own plans as well. Deran wanted to leave Oceanside with his boyfriend.

Adrian had gotten into some trouble back when he was smuggling drugs. The feds had found out and they threatened him with jail. They told him the only way to keep out of prison was to turn informant for them. They had him ratting out on his drug connection and they were interested in the Codys, which didn’t work out when Smurf learned of it. She told Deran to handle the problem himself and his way of doing so was leaving town with his boyfriend. He even got fake passports from his brother Craig. Craig wanted Deran to stick around and yet he wasn’t going to force his brother to stay if he didn’t want to.

Craig was also busy with the baby. His son was a few days old and he needed to focus on what was best for him. So, that’s it for both Craig and Deran. The only one that wasn’t thinking of his future was Pope. Pope planned on a memorial for his mother at the house and that was it. He didn’t think of anything beyond that. Pope would have just stayed in his own world if it hadn’t been for J and Angela. Angela found out something. She signed for some packages at the house and it turns out they were Smurf’s will. She left a copy for Craig, Deran, and Julia. Pope wasn’t mentioned because Smurf didn’t think he’d survive without her.

On the off-chance that he did, Smurf left him a small trust fund and she left it to Deran to manage for Pope. Pope didn’t even get the house. The house and most of Smurf’s fortune was split went to a woman named Pamela Johnson. She was an old friend of Smurf’s. Smurf had turned to her when she had no one else and it was Pamela that gave her money to feed herself and her kids. Smurf had told her at the time that she’d pay her back. Her last wish on this earth was to pay her friend back and so the will does have to be carried out to do that. And, well, no one said that J and Angela were going to leave things like that.

They were off making their own moves while Pope was at the memorial. He ran into his mother’s exes and he saw Billy there. Billy, of people, came back to town. He had gotten clean and he wanted to make amends. He first saw Deran. Deran didn’t have enough time for him because he said he was leaving and so he really didn’t want to deal with his suddenly returned father. Billy went to the memorial next because he had nothing else to do. Its where he ran into Pope and that was a near miss because Pope tried to kill him. Billy had treated Pope horribly as a kid. Pope wanted him gone and he almost got rid of him when Billy finally apologized.

Billy said he did all that crap because he had been jealous. Pope was Smurf’s favorite because he came from Colin and Colin died before he could ever disappoint Smurf. Billy also mentioned that Deran was leaving. It was the first time that Pope heard about it and so he went to Deran’s. He could have been a problem with his little brother, and he chose not to be. All he did was say goodbye. Pope wanted Deran to be happy and ultimately Deran realized he couldn’t go on the run. He couldn’t leave his family. Deran ended up telling Adrian to go and he stayed because he knew his brothers were going to need him.

Pope, for one, needed him. Pope was later convinced by Angela to meet with J and J finally decided to be honest with his uncle. He told Pope about the money he stole. He also mentioned that there was a woman who could inherit everything and that he was willing to stop her if that’s what Pope wanted,

Angela and J also convinced Pope to make a big show of knocking out a few guys.

It apparently proved that the Codys were still a force to deal with.


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