BH90210 Recap 08/14/19: Season 1 Episode 2 “The Pitch”

BH90210 Premiere Recap 08/14/19: Season 1 Episode 2 "The Pitch"

Tonight on FOX the highly anticipated reboot of Beverly Hills 90210, BB90201 premieres with an all-new Wednesday, August 14, 2019, episode and we have you BB90210 recap below.  On tonight’s BB90210 season 1 episode 2 as per the FOX synopsis, “OX approves a 90210 reboot on the condition that seven of the original cast members get on board.

Tori and Jennie confront each of their former castmates and are met with more resistance than they had anticipated. Meanwhile, the gang deals with the repercussions of their actions in Las Vegas, Shannen gets a call from a friend and former “Beverly Hills, 90210” costar Christine Elise pops back into their lives.”

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Beverly Hills 90210 (BH90210) begins tonight with Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Jason Priestley and Brian Austin Green wandering the halls of their old high school. Donna (Tori Spelling) rushes up to Kelly (Jennie Garth) talking about a party. Ian Ziering warns her about going to the frat party while Jason asks her if she is back on the diet pills. Andrea (Gabrielle Carteris) tells Donna that society is brainwashing her; but before she can react David (Brian Austin Green) announces on his school radio station that Kelly was shot in the parking lot; it is shocking and sad, playing a song for her. She attempts to run out of the school, only to wake up she was dreaming.

Jennie talks to her daughter, who thinks this reboot would be fun as most people don’t get a chance to have a do-over. Kyler (Karis Cameron) has a script, but her mother says absolutely no acting. Kyler throws it in the garbage, giving her mom an envelope that arrived earlier in the day. Jennie opens it to find a petition for divorce.

Tori and Jennie are sitting at the FOX studios, where they pitch their new show by showing a video of them breaking the glass and stealing her dress. It had received over 5 million views in less than 24 hours; insisting the public want to see 90210 back together – a real reboot. The Director (Jaycie Dotin) is a huge fan; wondering how they got everyone on board. Jennie and Tori don’t reveal that they aren’t on board, only saying they are all meeting later in the day.

Jennie and Tori arrive at the LA County Courthouse, where Jennie insists that Tori stop being a publicity whore. Tori feels it would be the perfect time to reveal the reboot to the public as they are already feeling the love. Jason arrives and agrees to pose with Jennie; him revealing he didn’t tell his wife about the previous night. Jennie tells him to get his hands off her back before she gouges out his eyes. He runs into Ian who is signing autographs; he also hasn’t told his wife Stacey (Jenna Rosenow) that he knows she is cheating. Brian signs photos as Gabrielle walks past everyone giving them the finger.

The Judge tells them their behavior is deplorable but their defense attorney spoke to her; Tori objects but learns that their attorney was able to get most of their charges dropped. Tori, however, insists she acted alone; and she tries to apologize to the owner of the dress. She is ordered not to speak to him and they have to pay $100,000 plus she will return to the dress to him, unlaundered. She is denied approaching the bench. For grand larceny, they are each ordered to complete 50 hours of community service.

Outside the courtroom, everyone tries to leave as Tori thanks them all for being there and it means a lot to her. She wants to make it up to them with a business proposition; reminding them how great they used to be together and could be again. Jennie interrupts her babble saying Tori wants them all to do a 90210 reboot; everyone bursts out laughing. Jason doesn’t think she is serious as she explains how FOX is interested and it’s obvious the fans are excited, saying there is money to be made and it could be fun.

They begin to walk away as Tori tells them she needs this, and they owe her since she stood up for all of them. They explain why they don’t want to be involved due to personal issues. They complain they got arrested in Vegas as Gabrielle swears she will not be able to get Shannen Doherty to do it; telling her they will see her in another 30 years.

At home, Tori explains to her husband, Nate (Ivan Sergei) how she is going to get everyone to commit; but he reminds her they all said no. She reminds him that her dad was persistent, even creating Charlie’s Angels even though everyone said it wouldn’t work. He feels she is fighting a forest fire with a garden hose. He tells her that maybe producing isn’t genetic, even though she is amazing. Jason sits with his wife, Camille (Vanessa Lachey) who says the best thing about being pregnant is being able to eat lots of carbs. Tori calls him, she thinks it is a great idea while he feels playing Brandon Walsh is the last thing he wants to do. She feels people would eat it up with Brandon and Kelly back together. She suddenly gets nauseous, excusing herself. She rushes outside, demanding Camille to pay him and he will keep her secret. She orders him never to come back.

Jennie startles her daughter, Kyler who skipped school for the audition. Jennie grounds her. Brian goes on an audition but hates the reading. He admits he is being rude as Tori calls him. He is told this is it and welcomes to the cast down in Atlanta. He is asked to say hi to Shay (La La Anthony) as he shakes the producer’s hand.

Tori feels she is the worst producer as not one person has responded to her calls. Jennie reminds her that at least she has another title besides only “mother.” Tori is frustrated as Jennie tells her to stop being so hard on herself as she keeps 6 little people alive and that is no easy feat. Tori agrees, saying keeping them alive is like putting out a forest fire with a garden hose and Charlie is going to need some angels; they are interrupted when her baby wakes up and she has to change a poopy diaper.

Tori respects that Jason wants to separate himself from the character, but this is a big project and if he signs on he can direct the pilot; something he would consider if she talks to the network. Jason goes to see Gabrielle, holding her grandbaby, talking about how he will be holding his own soon. He gets a message saying punching out the actor is costing him jobs, including directing himself. He feels he will do the reboot to help out his family. He asks her to pull some strings with the actors’ guild, so the actor will revoke his complaint. She says she doesn’t pull strings but she will set up a mediation.

Gabrielle admits she has her own problems since Vegas, Jason letting it slip that he slept with Jennie while they were in Vegas, saying it was a drunken mistake. Gab admits Vegas is made for those and reveals she kissed a woman; shocking him that it is something new. He wonders why now and she says it is because of her baby and the one person she wants to talk to about it is the one who will be hurt by it.

Shay is working with dancers when Brian comes in, demanding to know if she promised the producers a song if they hired him. Shay dismisses the dancers, as he feels they are doing her a favor by hiring him. He doesn’t want to do this but she doesn’t know why this is a bad thing. He says he is done talking as he has to go get their daughters, telling her to go back to what she was doing. He leaves and she does; while someone records them from outside. He mysteriously posts a picture from the studio along with Brian’s Health Plan card.

Gabrielle feels it should be flattering for Jason as the kid is willing to drop the complaint as long as Jason is on his show. He puts on his superhero mask as he hates it. They do the scene and Jason is punched in the face when the scene is cut, Jason is punched in the groin and drops. Gab gets him ready to go to the hospital. Jason messages Tori informing her that the directing sitch resolved and he is in for the reboot. She adds his doll to her toy version of the Peach Pit.

Tori wonders about Gabrielle and goes to meet with her. She wants to do things differently, with Andrea not being the nerd she was; things have changed but not enough. She wants Andrea to be exploring her sexuality, not being gay but exploring it. Tori agrees and the two women hug. Tori adds Shannon’s doll to the set.

Tori sits with Ian, who was able to catch his wife repeatedly cheating on him in various parts of his house. He is furious that Stacey would cheat on him after he was so good to her, helping her build up her brand. This is on her and he is moving on, asking about the reboot. He tells her that he can now focus on himself and wants to start a health a beauty line with his and Tori’s name on it; “Next Gen” by Ian and Tori. If she wants him to be in the reboot she is going to have to love that. She agrees.

Tori goes to see Brian, congratulating him on the movie and promising they will work around his schedule. Brian says he is not going to do the movie because they only wanted Shay and not him; she feels he should do it to prove them wrong. He thinks he may not have it anymore. He reminds Tori she is so much more than good for making babies. He tells her she is a force of nature and inspiring; she wants him desperately in the reboot and is able to tell Jennie that Gabby and Brian are in.

Jennie grabs her doll, saying she is out as Kyler filed for immunization from her. She doesn’t want her daughter to grow up the way she did; wanting her to finish school, go to prom and date boys that are not actors. Tori respects that but is furious that she doesn’t want to do this without her. Jennie tells her she will be amazing but must stop playing with dolls.

Brian calls Shannen, revealing he can’t handle the Shay thing but she tells him to let it go as this is not a reflection on her lack of love for her, that is on him. He hates that she knows him so well as she explains how she uses a decoy to deceive the animals as it is for the greater good. He tells her that Tori is trying to reach her, causing her to tell him she needs to go to deal with a sea lion; a lie.

Jason finds out where Jennie lives, confronting her about not doing the reboot. She informs him it has nothing to do with him as he isn’t so important. Jennie reveals that her daughter wants to be an actor, he reminds her that if she is like they were at that age she will find a way to do it. He reassures her that Kyler will not make the same mistakes because she has Jennie as a mother; something that she ponders over. Jennie returns, telling Tori she is in as long as Kyler is on the show too. She tells Tori that Jason is the one who deserves the credit for it.

They are forced to pick up garbage, Jason and Jennie being nice to each other. He quietly informs her that Camille is pregnant, something he didn’t learn until after Vegas. They all bitch that their punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Tori explains how excited she is but 90210 needs a facelift; shocking them. Tori admits they hired a writer as Jason reveals he was to be a director and should have been informed. Brian is frustrated that this was not mentioned so Tori reminds them she made the decision because she is the producer. Ian demands to have product placement but Jason doesn’t want HIS show to become a commercial. They all start arguing, causing Tori to remind them they agreed to do this for their own reasons. She agrees as Brian says if they are going to do the show they should be equal partners; suggesting they all go for group therapy as Gabrielle says if there is one thing this group needs it is medication. They are surrounded by paparazzi and pose for pictures in their neon vests.

They all gather at FOX except Shannen who is apparently in Africa still. Christine Elise (Emily Valentine) enters the room after they announce she is their new executive director; Jason sarcastically says now the therapy doesn’t seem like a bad idea. She thanks them for showering after the whole garbage thing; the pictures look great on TMZ. She wants them all to explore their issues in therapy, embracing it so it makes the show great. She feels it will be so much fun!

At home, Jennie sits with Kyler, admitting she couldn’t separate her experiences from what Kyler’s could be. She feels Kyler has no idea what she is in for and will not be the one who stands in the way of her dreams. She shredded the papers Kyler gave her and produces a contract for her role on the 90210 reboot. She is going to prepare her by sharing every single detail of how it was for her and then she can sign the paper; Kyler agrees even if it will be days for the explanation.

Gabrielle and her husband toast to 30 years; him kissing her to celebrating every Friday night date night. She feels she would be lost without him, causing her to get serious and tells him she has decided to do the reboot and part of that agreement is for Andrea to explore her sexuality. He thinks that is great and about time; she wants to tell him the reasons why it is so important.

Shay catches Brian as she is leaving the gym, she admits stalking him because she couldn’t wait to talk to him. She reveals he is right and apologizes for overstepping at his audition. He isn’t mad at her, knowing she was just trying to help. She promises to stay in her lane as he confesses he is excited about the reboot; joking that he would never poach one of her assistants as they exchange I love yous. The younger man watches them from the car, quite angry.

Tori chats away to Nate, saying she knows she can do this and it has nothing to do with the money; she is simply passionate about it, wanting him to support her on this. She wakes towards the couch and realizes she is talking to herself because Nate fell asleep. Jason is busy working on the script when he receives a call from his doctor, revealing he has no injury from the set but he does have a pre-existing fertility issue and if he wants to conceive a baby it would require extensive medical intervention. Their call is interrupted when Jay Carlisle, who reveals the network made him the new writer for the reboot. Jason asks him to take a seat and he tells his doctor he will call him back.

The young mysterious man, Zach (Ty Wood) sits down at his computer, logging in as jgerber, applying for the position of assistant for Brian, sending off his resume. He walks away from his computer which has all the young photos of the original 90210 cast. Brian exits his house and finds a box addressed to him with the David Silverman doll inside, but the head is broken, Ian gets one with his hand missing. Jennie gets one that is all bloody; Gabrielle and Tori all get ones that are broken in several places; Jason’s has several pins put insider of it.