Big Brother 21 Recap 08/04/19: Season 21 Episode 18 “Nominations”

Big Brother 21 Recap 08/04/19: Season 21 Episode 18 "Nominations"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 21 airs with an all-new Sunday, August 4, 2019, episode and we have your Big Brother 21 recap below! On tonight’s Big Brother season 21 episode 18 as per the CBS synopsis, “Tonight on BB21 we have the end of the HoH competition and the the new HoH will nominate two houseguests for eliminations.”

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The paranoia was setting in. Everyone was mistrustful of each other and it didn’t help that alliances were shifting. The Six Shooter Alliance even fell apart. Michie went to Jack about how they couldn’t trust their supposed friends and Jack didn’t want to believe him. He thought that Michie was purposely leading him astray. He also used the fact that Michie was with Holly as evidence that Michie was the secret backstabber because Holly did some shady stuff and now everyone’s holding that against Holly as well. Holly had secretly withheld her previous relationship Kat. The two of them were planning on being the final two and so that’s why they kept their relationship secret, but then Michie told Jack this because he wanted to convince Jack to listen and Jack then used it against them.

Jack went to Tommy. He told him that Michie has been trying to get him to mistrust them all and together they came up with the new idea of a secret alliance. This alliance wouldn’t be like the last one. They weren’t going to brag about it and they were going to keep things quiet until they evicted everyone else. It was even a good plan. There were just a few problems and that mainly came down to gossip. Tommy gossiped about the plan within this new alliance. This plan would basically cut out the “conspirators” like Michie, Holly, and Kat. The trio, as they were, called couldn’t be trusted. Everyone had assumed that they made a pact to be the final three and so Jack decided to flip the vote with Christie and Tommy. The three of them were working towards one goal of evicting Kate when Tommy ran his mouth.

Tommy gossiped a little too closely to Holly and so, of course, she figured out there was a secret plan, but she decided to confront Tommy. She demanded to know what was going on and so he revealed all. Tommy said he couldn’t trust her because she lied about knowing Kat. He also mentioned how it was Michie that brought it up and so Holly let out her frustration. There was a part of her that was upset with her “boyfriend” because he ran his mouth and she was upset with her alliance. She began yelling and the others from Six Shooters joined in. They were all angry with each other. Michie and Jack got into a yelling match about how they would have taken a bullet for each other before this. And so their fight was almost ridiculous.

Kat had also broken down in tears when she found out what was happening. She again claimed she didn’t know Holly and she told everyone that she volunteered because she just wanted to help them. Kat said she never thought they would turn her against like they were doing now. She ended up winning over a few of them with a heartfelt plea and she convinced some that Michie was the one that deserved to go. Kat called him a snake and his biggest defender (Jack) no longer trusts him. Christie was another person that wanted Michie gone and she could easily convince the others to target him. The others wanted to split up the couples anyway. Everyone thought the couples were a true threat and so separating Michie from Holly was right up there with most of their goals.

So really all Tommy’s gossiping did was official split up the alliance. They were already broken up, but not everyone knew about it and so their confrontation just made things official. It also made things awkward as they headed into the HOH competition. They were all supposed to be remembering key details in several photos and so some of them were still too hung up on what happened to put in much effort. The Six Shooters all failed the HOH test. The person that actually won was Jessica. This was great for Jessica’s secret alliance with Kat, Cliff, and Nicole. The four of them were ecstatic that they won. They had finally gotten the power they needed and if things went their way they would be getting someone from the Six Shooters.

Kat had talked to Holly about it. She got her friend to admit that Michie was an idiot because he revealed everything to Jack and Jack literally told the whole house. Kat had wanted to get rid of Michie for his mistake, but not before she got rid of Jack. Jack was the most important player. She and the others in her four-person alliance had all wanted him gone. They also didn’t want to reveal their hand too soon. They were going to make everyone believe that they were gunning for Michie when in reality they were coming for Jack and so it was an easy choice for Jessica.

Jessica later nominated both Michie and Jack for eviction and she even told them that maybe they shouldn’t have excluded her for so long.