Blue Bloods Recap 03/08/19: Season 9 Episode 16 “Past Tense”

Blue Bloods Recap 03/08/19: Season 9 Episode 16 "Past Tense"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, March 8, 2019, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 9 episode 16 “Past Tense” as per the CBS synopsis, “After a woman is murdered in her apartment, Danny and Baez turn to her daughter, Margo (Lyrica Okano), for help, but instead she complicates the investigation.

Also, someone from Jamie and Eddie’s past launches a smear campaign against them, and a mobster shows up in the DA’s office claiming to be Anthony’s long-lost brother.

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Blue Bloods begins tonight with Jamie (Will Estes) being yelled at by one of his officers for supposedly posting racist things on a website; Eddie (Vanessa Ray) defends him and the situation is diffused. Frank (Tom Selleck) is in a meeting when Abigail (Abigail Hawk) interrupts him to let him know there was a civilian shot by an off duty Detective; apparently the detective was harassing the customer and simply opened fire. Sid (Robert Clohessy) offers to go to the scene himself as he has known the officer Lynch for over 20 years.

Erin (Bridget Moynahan) finds a man named Leo who has been sitting on the bench for the past 6 hours, surprised to see him, he claims to be Anthony’s (Steve Schirripa) brother. He says he worked for Freddie, and he is there to help them capture the elusive “mobster”. He is willing to risk everything, as family looks out for family.

Meanwhile, Sid arrives at the convenience store, catching up on what happened at the scene. They are surprised he is taking the case over the Police Commissioner. Danny (Donnie Walhberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) come to their latest murder scene, where the mother is dead but they couldn’t find her daughter Margo who lives with her. She has been strangled, and find a table set for two people, which is also fresh. Danny finds Margo hiding in a closet, ready to attack him. Danny yells for Baez to get an ambulance for the young daughter; Danny is unable to grab her and shield her from her seeing her dead mom.

Anthony returns from court and walks with Erin who introduces Anthony to Leo Stutz (Erick Betancourt. At first, Anthony is in disbelief but Leo is able to verify everything from their youth and that they share the same father; something that shocks Anthony. When asked if she sees a resemblance, all Erin wants is to put Freddie Velacci in prison.

At the hospital, Danny and Baez stay with Margo, as Danny traveled with her in the ambulance, saying he has a soft spot for the is sort of thing. Margo is coming off her sedation, saying she misses her mom, but they need her to recount what happened. She explains how someone came to the door with her mom asking to give them a few minutes alone. She heard yelling and something got knocked over, that caused her to hide in the closet as she didn’t know what else to do. She swears her mother would never hurt anyone. Danny promises that they will be there for her.

Jamie was thinking computer crimes might be able to track down who sent them. The “Rat Squad” arrives, wanting to talk to Jamie alone. They say Internal Affairs has heard that Eddie is accepting bribes; something Jamie calls unfounded suspicions. When they leave, Jamie reveals that whoever is coming after him is coming for her too.

Sid returns to the PC office where he reveals to Frank and Garrett (Gregory Jbara) that the only thing that was wrong was the victim was refusing to comply. Sid defends Lynch as Frank says his file reads like the greatest hits of police work and wants to see Lynch; saying a cop with those many good things he deserves an accommodation; again Sid leaves to talk to him.

Danny and Baez question the neighbors, getting different versions of who Mrs. Chen really was; some love her but a lot of them hate her. One of them says she was robbed, but Mrs. Chen helped one of her friends get into the building, which made her like her.

Jamie takes Eddie out in the rain, saying this visit will be worth it. Don calls them the two pricks that put him away. He was fired by corrections and spent every penny he had defended himself. His sister walks up to the wall and she also calls them trash; Eddie says if the sister is helping Don, she will go to prison along with him. Don laughs and praises God that they are finally getting what they had come. He calls Eddie a “bitch” and she promises she will be back for him.

Eddie and Jamie arrive at Erin’s office, questioning why the parole officer, Don Vorhees they arrested last year for abusing his paroles is not in prison. She says she wasn’t involved in the case, even though Eddie told her everything he did. Erin says she handed off the case, and none of the ex-cons wouldn’t testify, so he never got convicted. Erin learns that Vorhees wants payback by going after both of them. Eddie gets angry, thinking they would always look out for each other, which clearly isn’t the case.

Frank goes down to the evidence room, wanting to talk to Doug. He reveals he has been cleared of the shooting and is going to recommend him for the combat cross. He thanks the PC and is being restored to active duty, but the woman who is working evidence keeps interfering with their conversation. Frank asks Doug to read him his rights as it has been so long since he said the Miranda rights himself. Doug is unable to recite them, causing Frank to tell him “well done” and it brought back some memories. Frank shakes his hand and excuses himself.

Danny brings in Margo as Baez wants him to listen to the interviews from the neighbors and hope they can recognize one of the voices. Suddenly the third voice she is positive it is, their loving metalhead. Marlo hopes they can arrest him, but they only have probable cause and are getting closer to arresting him with her help.

Leo works with Anthony on their sting operation, said he only needs to say the code word and they will get him out of there immediately. Leo leaves and Anthony talks to Erin, who ran Leo’s name through narcotics, turns out he is muscle for Velacci and almost beat a rival drug dealer to death the year before. Erin warns Anthony to keep it focused on nailing the perp.

Sid comes to see Frank, who says he doesn’t know what is going on with Doug as he won’t go to the doctor. Frank knows if he retires too early, he won’t get his benefits in retirement. Frank warns him that his life now hangs in the balance, but Sid insists they did nothing that was a violation. Frank says he lied to him, twice. Frank is ordering another investigation into the shooting, questioning Sid’s validity. Frank orders him to not tell him to use his heart and Sid doesn’t lie to him and should use his head.

Jamie and Eddie continue to work on a way to find out how Don is involved in this. Jamie says that IAB is looking into her and they cannot know they are a couple, so they need to avoid each other in public; but as they approach Jamie’s car, the windshield is smashed in.

During family dinner, Eddie feels Anthony should get over the fact that he has a brother, as she has been like that her whole life. Erin says Leo is like Anthony, only if he took the wrong turn somewhere. She admits that Anthony loves him like a long-lost brother. Frank wants to know if she is staying out of it, knowing her quite well and that she couldn’t stay out of it. Sean admits it would be nice to have another brother his age. Pops suggests Anthony should grab what life has given him, as he has one more person he can count on in the end. Eddie is doing the dishes with Erin, both apologizing to each other about the Vorhees case. Eddie knows it wasn’t her place, but feels that the women are already outnumbered at the table and apologizes. Erin is shocked saying with her brothers when there was an apology, it came with a million amendments. Erin tells Eddie that she is okay.

At the precinct, Eddie gets Jamie to sign some paperwork, as they need to keep up the charade and stay away from each other; suddenly Don walks in, wanting to file a complaint against the two for repeated and malicious harassment; claiming he lost his job because of them and is certain he will get their job too and they need to pay for what they are putting him through.

Erin gets information from the ME’s office, saying she did a DNA test on him and Leo as she needs to make sure Leo is on the up and up. Anthony feels he can trust his gut and throws the test in the garbage, saying if she doesn’t want to stab him in the back; he and Leo are going to catch the real guy.

Danny and Baez return to the building, demanding that Conrad open his door. There is a mob of angry tenants in the hallway as he shouts if they don’t get them out of there he is going to start busting heads. Danny arrests him for threatening the neighbors. In interrogation, Danny suggests he release his stress and confess to killing Mrs. Chen. He has proved that he was doing his music blog when she was killed, but he was smoking too much weed to remember and they can check the timecode on it to prove it.

Outside, Baez says it would be easy to check and strangling someone takes rage and passion. She wants to know who told the mob that he was the killer; it dawns on Danny that it has to be someone they haven’t had their eyes on.

Jamie is excited, but Eddie isn’t so sure that it is Vorhees who is secretly going against them. He always hides behind someone when he needs his dirty work done. Eddie feels it is someone who would have access to his computer and phone when it is lying around the house. Jamie grows solemn when he realizes who it is.

Sid comes to see Doug, who is packing up all his stuff. He is sorry that he tried, but Doug says it was Sid who called 1 PP and he can now retire with full benefits because of what he found. Doug says if he sees him again and he isn’t himself, Sid needs to know that he saved the rest of his life and he could never thank him enough for that.

Don goes to his door, finding Eddie and Jamie, who is there to apologize to him; he invites them in as they are not there to arrest him, revealing it was his sister who set him up. They question Heidi, who says they are crazy, but Eddie says she did it to implicate Don as he is a bottom feeder. He admits he could her a few times with his phone, but she swears she was just borrowing them. He is furious that she was setting him up and that the cops are right that she belongs in prison, always playing the victim and blaming everyone else. Heidi tells Eddie to take her because she needs to get away from him.

Danny and Baez come to see Margo who asks them to come inside. It looks like she is expecting someone else, something they don’t buy because she definitely isn’t the grieving daughter, as the food looks more like a celebration for two. Danny says she isn’t telling the truth as her boyfriend walks in, they tell him to set down the wine. Danny knows everyone in the building hated her mom, and she was fed up with living with her mother. She confesses that her mother pushed her her entire life and when she told her about Logan she got angry and strangled her mother. Margo cries saying her and Logan love each other, as Danny hauls her off to jail.

Anthony is in his office when Erin congratulates him on his takedown with Leo. Erin apologizes, saying she should have never run the DNA test and when she went to retrieve it from the trash, the night crew had already thrown it out. Anthony pulls it out of his drawer, saying he fished it out. He opens it to reveal that Leo is a match. She feels that is a great thing and Leo is lucky to have a brother like him. Anthony says Leo has done some bad things and he wasn’t upfront with them, so big brother will straighten him out and make him fly right, as per the job!

Sid returns to Frank’s office, revealing he did go see Doug. Frank says he looked over his file, hitting his head early on in his career and a line of duty injury could contribute to his condition; giving him his pension and medical for the rest of his life. Frank only wishes Sid could see that Frank has a heart. He warns Sid that if he plays him again, they will part ways. Frank says Doug doesn’t know him from Adam but he remembers Sid, so he hopes that is a memory he can hold when his mind fades. He reminds him that they don’t do sentimental in this building; you can have a heart but a hard one only!