Blue Bloods Recap 10/04/19: Season 10 Episode 2 “Naughty or Nice”

Blue Bloods Recap 10/04/19: Season 10 Episode 2 "Naughty or Nice"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, October 4, 2019, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Bloods Season 10 episode 2 “Naughty or Nice” as per the CBS synopsis, “Frank and Erin are at odds when Frank learns the D.A.’s office keeps a list of “unreliable” cops.

Also, Danny and Baez recruit retired mobster Vincent Rella to assist in an investigation, and Jamie participates in a decoy operation to take down a predator posing as a ride-share driver.

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Blue Bloods begins tonight with Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) arriving at a crime scene where Riso Aspromonte was dead with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. Danny knows the victim from their childhood; it was Carmen Russo (Lydia Jordan) who found the body, the assistant manager who worked for the deceased since high school. She last saw him and his daughter, Angelica Aspromonte (Elizabeth Paige) the previous night when they closed the restaurant around 11pm. The police are informed Angelica didn’t show up this morning, and they learn that she argued with her father often, as working with family could be tough.

Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) finds Eddie Reagan (Vanessa Ray), joking that she reminds him of a partner he used to have. She talks about dealing with another cat robbery, 5 this month and she’s just suggested to use herself as a decoy so Jamie questions whether the victims are women or not; which Eddie isn’t sure of. He seems a bit concerned about her as she waves goodbye at the end of her shift and the beginning of his.

Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) and Anthony Abetemarco (Steven R. Schirripa) are walking together, discussing their case, Anthony feeling they got their perp but Erin is concerned because the confession was taken by Dt Kim Andrews, who is on the DA’s naughty list; Erin explains that the DA started a list of officers from the NYPD whose credibility isn’t very good. Andrews had a confession thrown out two years ago and the DA doesn’t feel they have a shot with this confession; which infuriates Anthony.

Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) sits with Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy), Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) and Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) as they discuss the case about a signed confession and how this predator is going free because of the “naughty list” the DA has. Frank is furious because he is the only one who is supposed to evaluate his officers; saying this is not a letter Santa and they should call this what it really is, a “black list!”

Baez meets Danny again where he confirms Angelica isn’t at her apartment and Baez informs him that her mother hasn’t spoken to her since yesterday morning. The coworkers say the restaurant is her life, but it is a funny day for her to play hooky but the bartender says father and daughter were fighting the night before about the well-being of the restaurant and Angelica wanting to change the menu and her father was against her ideas. Danny doesn’t feel like that is a reason to shoot him, but Baez reminds him that Angelica is the next one to inherit the place and if he is running it into the ground… Baez takes a call, revealing that Angelica had a handgun registered to her name that is the same caliber as the murder weapon.

Erin walks into Frank’s office, instead of the DA so he reminds her that if she is taking the DA’s place than she is also going to take his heat. He point blank asks about the black list and she says she wouldn’t call it that, but they need to assess the credibility of every case including that of the officer involved. He stops her when she calls Kim Andrews “compromised”, and he would like to read the protocol the DA used to come to that term and why he is using it. She says they play hunches just like the detectives, and if they are right Brian Kent (Spenser Granese) will walk from his assault charges. She isn’t saying this is ideal, but the DA is her boss and she knows he understands that. He hates that she is lawyering him and she hates that he is patronizing him. She insists she is simply doing her job and excuses herself.

Maria returns to the precinct and Danny shows her a video of someone outside the restaurant, one Paulie DeMarco (Ariel Shafir), the enforcer of the Grazioso family. He walked into the restaurant 5 minutes before closing and exited 10 minutes after closing; looking like the family squabble turned into a mob execution.

Eddie and Officer Rachel Witten (Lauren Patten) arrive at the scene of a car accident, finding a taxi cab driver who has been shot in the back of the head. Eddie is frustrated as there is a huge crowd, yet no one seems to have seen anything. Meanwhile, Danny and Maria go to see Vincent, who claims he is official retired, but they want to know what he knows about the shooting. He says it is very tragic as he made the best veal dish. He calls Maria a cupcake as Danny sits down demanding to know why Paulie paid a visit to the deceased. He claims to know nothing, causing Danny to answer one of his several cell phones, learning that Vincent is obviously still a bookie. They promise to overlook his misdeeds if he helps them. He informs them it was a hit because he refused to pay for protection from them. He says it is a smart move for Angelica to hide if she saw the hit because they would be coming after her 100%

Kim comes to see Erin and Anthony, upset and wondering if they are trying to toss more of her collars. Erin says she understands why she is upset as Anthony says she did good wok so she demands to know why Kent is about to walk. They reveal a previous case she worked on and she is forced to explain what happened. Erin says Kent’s confession can be called into question because of that case and she says when Kent assaults and robs his next victim it will be on Erin and Anthony.

Frank doesn’t feel it is his problem when everyone turns against the DA’s office for this black list, until then officers will continue to make arrests as warranted; but that is as far as it is supposed to go. They are to let the DA’s office handle any further investigation; something Garrett finds hard to believe for them to handle the entire borough of Manhattan. Garrett feels this is a declaration of war but Frank feels this is about him standing behind his people. When Garrett reminds him it is the support staff that will feel the brunt of this, Frank tells him to inform them to call the DA’s office.

Danny and Baez arrive at the interrogation room where Paulie is sitting with his attorney (Jonathan Strait). Danny tells him everything they know about that night but Paulie says he only went in for a drink. Paulie is smug, hoping that Angelica is okay; Danny says if he allows them to bring in the girl unharmed they will reduce the charges to manslaughter.

Jamie comes home with take out food but Eddie had made him dinner, apologizing that they never have time for each other. She can’t stay as she is picking up Rachel on her way to work; but she wants to know if he spoke to Sgt McNichols and they had talked about the decoy operation but she is not the one who is the driver; they chose Jamie instead. She is mad that he was tagged, but he reminds her the victims are male. She doesn’t need a guardian angel, wondering if he even knows what this is about?

Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 2 ‘Naughty or Nice’ Recap Part 2

Erin and Anthony learn that Brian Kent can still skate on the charges but the DA still isn’t budging. She still stands behind him even though she may not agree fully. She feels that the DA office could behave more like cops too. Anthony suggests that if Kim’s partner had taken the confession than maybe they never would have had this problem, giving Erin pause.

Garret informs Frank that his presser for the DA’s office is set for 9am Monday morning. Frank wants his remarks for the weekend, but Garrett says he cannot write them as he thinks Frank is compounding their mistake with one of his own. Garrett reminds him this is about the infallibility of every man, including the PC. This black list is outrageous but this response is not the way to do it, but Frank feels this is his job to protect the department; but it is also his duty to protect the public. It is not to let a bad man skate because the PC and DA are fighting. Garrett tells Frank to give him a buzz when he is ready to listen to some reason, leaving and saying he will see him around 5pm.

At family dinner, Danny lectures Sean (Andrew Terraciano) on how he got booted from the game. Henry “Pops” Reagan (Len Cariou) asks if it was an accident as Jamie thinks it was payback. The entire family, including Jack (Tony Terraciano). Erin defends Sean as Nicky Reagan-Boyle (Sami Gayle) cannot believe her mom would defend his actions of pinging the opponent with a baseball. Danny suggests he shouldn’t be looking at Erin if looking for the best role model for sportsmanship, everyone else pipes up how bad Erin is. She is still furious with her dad, who reminds her it is Sunday dinner, she is well aware.

After dinner, Jamie is watching the game when Eddie comes to join him. He turns off the volume when Eddie reminds him how the game has changed with the perp now that he has upped the game to homicide; she doesn’t want him to underestimate him. He wonders if she is still mad that it is him instead of her; although neither of them had a choice, as they both take orders with them being cops. As his former partner, she doesn’t want him to play the hero and leaves the room.

Vincent is watching the horse races when Danny and Baez join him. They tell him they need to locate Angelica urgently. He says if she is smart, she needs to stay put. Danny knows he has a conscience and a granddaughter the same age as Angelica. With that revelation, Vincent asks Danny to come with him, explaining that Paulie was only supposed to threaten Aspromonte, not kill him and now he needs to whack Angelica before he gets whacked himself. With his ass on the line, they need all the luck to find her before he does since he knows the neighborhood like the back of his hand.

Paulie uses a paperclip and breaks into an apartment where he finds Carmen, pointing a gun at her. She swears she doesn’t know where she is but Angelica comes out begging him to leave her alone. He refuses to leave another witness but Danny jumps him and they struggle with Danny cuffs him. Paulie tells them if they talk, they are both dead. Danny tells him if he talks, he is dead and he is the genius they followed all day.

Angelica wants the bastard to pay for what he did to her father so Danny pushes her to tell him what she saw. He promises they can keep her safe if she can only trust him. She shakes her head, saying she can’t. He brings in Vincent, who offers her his condolences. Danny reveals that Vincent testified against the Grazioso family himself a few years ago and she can see that he lived to tell about it. She knew there was a problem with the mob family but her father didn’t want her to have anything to do with it. She asks Vincent what he would do if he was in her place. He says he knew her dad really well and he would want her to do the right thing. Vincent tells her not to say anything, to forget what she saw and walk away. Her dad’s life is over and she has a long life in front of her and to walk away. Danny is very angry!

Brian Kent is in custody when Anthony comes to see him, saying he is doing him a favor as he owned up to what he did, they are offering to remove some of his charges. They need to repeat his confession but he tells Anthony to go to hell, but Anthony prefers him to rot in hell, giving Kent to incentive to repeat everything. Anthony knocks on the door and Erin arrives, appreciating his cooperation.

Jamie is undercover, with NYPD following in an undercover van behind them, Eddie in another vehicle listening in. The perp (Faron Salisbury) gets into the cab and orders him to simply drive, he pulls a gun and the police lose the feed from the cab,. Jamie starts to drive erratically and pulls out his own firearm, fighting with the perp through the window. Eddie is able to shot him through the head and kills the perp. Jamie questions her about following him, but then hugs her as she tells him to thank her.

Danny meets with Vincent in an alleyway, where Danny feels witness protection was the best way to keep Angelica alive; but Vincent feels if she keeps her mouth shut she will stay alive. Gino Grazioso (Jeff Panzarella) arrives in his SUV, commenting on the strange company Vincent has been keeping. Vincent informs him that his name may be coming up about the hit put on Aspromonte, but he says there was no hit. Danny reveals they know he sent over Paulie and he could be looking at second degree murder. He is certain Paulie won’t bring up his name, but he wants him to leave Angelica alone and he will only go after Paulie. Vincent says he only wants Paulie and he is true to his word. Gino agrees and they shake on it; Gino tells Vincent he did good but he feels he is too old for this and wants to go to the track; giving Danny advice on who to bet on.

Jamie and Eddie watch a cooking show together and laugh. Jamie thanks her for saving his life for the second time, so she promises she will look away the next time. He says that is not what he meant. She reminds him there are worse things in the world than having a guardian angel, the two kiss. Meanwhile, Erin pours herself a drink, looking at her father telling him that Brian Kent is going to trial. He admits he hears things before people tell him.

They sit at opposite ends of the table as Erin feels it shouldn’t have come to this but Frank is sure it won’t be the last time unless this list goes away. Frank hands her the PC’s naughty list of every DA that has screwed up through the last 5 years; the DA, himself, is on the top of the list. Erin wants to know if she is on the list, he admits she isn’t; but she worries if the list was leaked it would cause world war 3. She admits she would react the same way Frank did. She asks if they tear up their list will he tear up his; he agrees. She confesses she didn’t even like the idea of the list but it isn’t her job to correct the DA, it is her job to stand with him. She was raised in the copland but her duty is to her office. She asks Frank if he understands and he does, but he doesn’t like it.


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