Blue Bloods Recap 10/25/19: Season 10 Episode 5 “The Price You Pay”

Blue Bloods Recap 10/25/19: Season 10 Episode 5 "The Price You Pay"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, October 25, 2019, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Bloods Season 10 episode 5 “The Price You Pay,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Frank works to vindicate Detective Douglas McKenzie, a detective accused of using excessive force.

Also, Danny and Baez track down the killer responsible for the death of a rapper’s bodyguard; Jamie is skeptical about a relationship between Espinoza and a new rookie officer, Sarah Brooks; and Eddie goes undercover to help Erin investigate a mysterious cult.

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Blue Bloods begins tonight with a rapper named Cameron Gooding arriving for his premiere when his driver, Allen (Sean Archer) gets shot. NYPD arrives with Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez); he is not impressed that they are the detectives on the case when Baez asks him if he knows for sure who the intended target was. He is positive the bullet was meant for him, Danny agreeing as he did call out another rapper in his most recent album. Danny tells him to stop playing coy with him, causing Cameron to shout that Allen was a good guy and didn’t deserve this. He crumbles, feeling this is his fault and that body should have been him.

Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) is at Fordham University, where she agreed to be part of their panel. Ramona Lewis introduces herself, saying she needs a favor as her best friend was murdered about a month ago after she got involved with a cult with this guy named Shapiro (Gideon Emery), who convinced her to take her own life. Erin’s office tried to charge him with manslaughter but failed. Erin feels there isn’t much she can do as Ramona warns her they don’t know how many more lives he is going to ruin. She tells Erin that her friend’s name was Yolanna Page and begs her to look into the case, Erin agrees.

Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) walks through the precinct as Captain Robert Espinoza (Luis Antonio Ramos) wants to talk to him about being a little harsh on a rookie. Jamie is confused as he wants him to run a tight ship, causing Espinoza to say he is ripping on the remand.

Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) watches the news as there is a live protest outside a detective’s home; Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) informs him it has been like that since yesterday. Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) says patrol is doing everything they can but cannot use much force when the officer is being accused of excessive force. Frank reminds him that the officer has only been “accused” of it, but Garrett says nowadays the accused means convicted. There is no evidence so the buck has been passed to Mackenzie whose actions may have gone over department guidelines. Sid is shocked their own guy would hammer on of their own, but Frank feels that is exactly what is happening.

Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schirripa) walks with Erin at the office, saying the ADA really dropped the ball on the Shapiro case. He ignored a pyramid scheme, dropped domestic violence complaints and missing person reports. Erin is shocked to hear that Shapiro is kidnapping these girls. Anthony went to talk to them but everyone clamped up; Erin is determined to reopen this case, Anthony feels they have just the person for the job.

Jamie is coming into work the following morning, spotting Espinoza hugging the new rookie as they both step out of his car before going their separate ways. Jamie gives him a look but doesn’t question him about his behavior.

Danny and Baez come to see Peea Toledo, telling her bodyguard to wait outside. She insists she doesn’t know anything about the shooting but Baez says it seems her career ended after the scandal that Gooding assaulted her. She doesn’t deny sending threats to him as Danny demands to know where she was 2 nights ago. She swears she was in her hotel room the whole time and they can look at the cameras. She informs them the record label is going broke as Gooding ran it into the ground after his manager went to prison. Word is he owes to all kinds of savory types and the “king is dead!”

Anthony and Erin meet with Eddie Reagan (Vanessa Ray), who is determined to go deep undercover, insisting she is ready. Anthony shows her all the photos, especially of Daniel Shapiro and they have identified a weak link in one of the girls and are hoping that Eddie is able to get her to open up. She says she is ready.

Danny and Maria question Cameron about not canceling his tour dates, feeling confused as they confront him about him being strapped for money. They know he is the one who is using his own money to keep the label afloat. They want to know whether he is dealing with dealers, but he says he sold some of his cars; Danny wants to know how many people are going to die before he comes clean with them. Danny pushes him about not caring about Allen and he finally says he owes a guy up at Gladstone named Damien Ross (Jamar Greene); Danny is certain they have some outstanding warrants on this Damien character.

Jamie comes to see his father at home, who is wondering if everything is okay at home. Jamie mentions a higher-up who is using his position to impress a rookie and he is looking at Jamie to look the other way. Frank knows he is talking about Espinoza, even though Jamie never mentioned a name. Jamie says he gave them an apartment with no strings attached and now there are strings, first he rips up the remand and today he spotted the two comings together to work in his car. Frank knows there is something off, causing Jamie to admit Espinoza has been good to him but if he is using his position to get together with a young cop, he cannot look the other way.

Frank reminds him of how he is the one who started the investigation on Mackenzie and now looks at the media frenzy. They both know there is no “for once and for all” for this case as the public opinion has been formed and they will not accept one cop clearing another cop. He tells Jamie even if he goes to IAB and nothing comes up, it won’t matter to the public.

Eddie goes to the DA’s office in her new undercover outfit as Anthony works with her, reviewing who she is and her back story. He tells her to establish trust first and then ask about Shapiro. Anthony admits he is extremely nervous because he doesn’t want a Reagan getting killed undercover on his watch. He reminds her about Charles Manson and his cult, and that if something goes wrong, she is out there by herself. She assures him she is as ready for this.

Eddie walks into the mystical store, immediately asking Ruby (Laura-Leigh) about what crystals are for what. Eddie seems nervous, as Ruby tells her this is a safe place and finds out that she is new in town and there for a fresh start. Ruby figures out that she didn’t come for the crystals but that Eddie had heard they help people like her, someone who has family issues and is looking for a new start. She promises they can heal old wounds and they are having a small gathering tomorrow asking Eddie to be her plus one, promising her that it will be worth it.

Danny and Maria interrogate Damien Ross, who says the birdie who told them where to find him is dead, but Danny says that have a slew of charges against him, so the death won’t be at his hands. He doesn’t care about the warrants and as soon as Danny says adding murder on the table, he demands a lawyer. He wants to know if it was because he was tired of waiting for Cameron to pay him back and wanted to reacquaint him with street justice. As they are about to leave, he is confused about why they would think he was trying to kill Gooding. He insists he wants him alive because he has fame and talent and is the best and surest bet he ever made. He only sent muscle to Cameron to protect their investment and swears if he was the one who took Cameron out, he would be the one dead the next day and if he knew who it was he would kill them instead.

Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) walks into the police commissioner’s office, showing him papers that a judge has ruled on Detective Mackenzie and has recommended termination from the NYPD. Frank informs Abigail, Sid, and Garrett that they are going to stand behind their people like they always do. Frank feels if he caves, 1PP caves with him. He is frustrated that the airways and the internet are more important than the courtroom and the people/public became judge and jury.

Jamie finds out that the rookie, Officer Brooks was not where she was supposed to be and was to call in where she was. She insists he needs to take it easy as she just went to get a salad. He issues her another rip, her mocking him about him doing the same thing to her the previous week. He orders her to tend to the house immediately. Back at the precinct, Espinoza confronts Jamie about the rip, causing Jamie to say that Brooks feels entitled and that chip on her shoulder is going to get her or someone she is working with hurt or killed. He says he is ripping this up too, Jamie questions why he put her on his squad and Espinoza warns him that if he talks to him like that again, he will be the one getting a rip.

Eddie is with Ruby who shares that after she met Shapiro everything in her life changed; insisting he is great with a brilliant mind and open heart. Eddie is able to ask about Daniel and Yolanna Page, as Ruby says that she simply had bad energy and didn’t understand what they do there. Daniel approaches them, saying they help each other heal; causing Ruby to introduce them. Eddie aka Jess does mess up a little bit when she admits that her father went to prison for a Ponzi scheme but has told Ruby that it was due to domestic violence. Rudy and Daniel are delighted that she is willing to come up to their retreat, promising there is so much they can learn from each other. Another newcomer arrives and it is Tracy, who has been coming around the shop lately, it turns out to be Ramona.

Detective Mackenzie arrives at Frank’s office; Frank feeling no one should have to go through this as Mackenzie reminds him that it was him that started this all. He wants the judge to be investigated but Frank can’t because it would look like he is strong-arming him. Frank is rejecting his suggestion for termination and is holding a press conference in the morning to announce it. Mackenzie feels he is simply passing the buck, demanding he shuts this down for once and for all. He feels Frank is the PC, but Frank reminds him he can only speak for this office only.

Frank offers police escorts, but he doesn’t want to live like that; walking around like a perp all the time. His neighbors used to look at him like he was their hero. He stands up, saying he will not put his family through this anymore and give the public what they want. He hands in his badge and firearm as Frank tells him if he walks away he is letting them win, but Mackenzie feels like they already have. Abigail rushes in, staring at Frank, who shoes her the badge; she looks as disappointed as Frank.

Eddie goes to see Erin, revealing that Ramona was there. Anthony joins them, revealing that Ramona’s phone is off and she fell off the grid, not showing up for her classes this morning and was last seen on Friday. Erin says she is going to look for Ruby, but Eddie and Anthony promise they will find Ramona.

Jess/Eddie comes into the crystal shop, revealing she is a cop and they need to know where Daniel Shapiro. She is frustrated that they are always after Shapiro, but Anthony tells her they are looking for the girl she would know as Tracy and she was last seen with Daniel; she feels that doesn’t mean anything. It is hard for Ruby who is upset that Eddie lied to her but she tells her that Shapiro is preying on vulnerable women, including her. She gives her the option of helping her or being thrown in jail.

Ruby and Eddie show up at Daniel’s home where she suggests that he talk to her about the upcoming retreat. He didn’t want to be bothered, he tells Eddie to take a seat and ushers Ruby into another room, giving Eddie the chance to snoop through the house. She finds a secret panel and enters a long hallway. She can hear a woman whimpering as Eddie desperately tries to get Anthony to hear her. Shapiro confronts her, demanding to know who she is speaking to and a physical fight ensues as she reveals she is a police officer. Ruby finds a piece of wood and whacks Shapiro over the back, Eddie raising her gun to him. Anthony arrives while Eddie cuffs, Daniel. They are able to open the door where Ramona is bound and gagged on the floor in another room, Eddie cradles her, reassuring her that she is okay.

Baez informs Danny that Ross’ alibi checks out for the murder. Danny shows her the surveillance from the hotel, revealing that Cameron’s bodyguard, Ky Bishop was the one Peea spent the night with. Maria wonders if Peea sent him to do her dirty work as Danny thinks maybe he went to do this to avenge her honor. Danny discovers that Ky Bishop was just added as a backstage guest for Cameron’s show that was just starting.

Cameron is getting ready to perform, walking towards the stage as fans are all scr4eaming and taking photos. Ky pulls out a gun just as the stage door opens. Danny walks through the door instead and when he turns to run, Maria arrests him. They inform Cameron who he was and that Peea had no idea. Cameron feels vengeance was such a stupid thing for Allen to die for. He decides he is going on stage anyways, saying he will go on stage and is dedicating the show for Allen. He wants them to come on stage with him, so he can thank them in front of everybody. Danny declines at first, even though he jokingly says Danny knows all the lyrics. Danny tells him, “in another lifetime!”

Family dinner, Nicky Reagan (Sami Gayle) says she is leaving for San Francisco the day after tomorrow, but the rent is atrocious. Danny asks what he is complaining about since Jamie and Eddie got a great hook up from his CO. Danny feels it will be a big adjustment, she gets that it won’t be New York so Frank says that everyone is saying congratulations on landing a new job, which is no small feat. Nicky feels both nervous and excited as Henry “Pops” Reagan (Len Cariou) says the secret to his long and happy life was that he never left New York. Each takes their turn about how much they miss NYC when they moved away. Nicky feels she will organize a Sunday potluck while she is away.

Jamie walks into Espinoza’s office, who warns him to be very careful about what he says next. Jamie confronts him about his unprofessional relationship with Brooks; revealing he didn’t go to IAB. He knows Brooks’ father was FDNY and died in 911 and the best man in Espinoza’s wedding. He admits Sarah Brooks came up rough, making bad decisions and he had hoped that this would help straightened out. He put her in Jamie’s squad because he felt Jamie was the best to command her admitting that he tossed the rips because if Jamie is too hard, Brooks will cut and run. Jamie reminds him that he is doing her no favors by letting her off the hook all the time and that Jamie should be the one making the decisions from now on. He dismisses Jamie so he can get back to work.

Jamie joins Frank who was always able to count on hockey to distract him and tonight it isn’t working. Frank admits he can’t be arsonist and firefighter when it comes to Mackenzie as Jamie said he did the right thing going to IAB as he went by the book, but Frank feels what good is the book if no one else is reading it. Frank feels Jamie hit the brakes in reporting his boss because he sees the same thing his dad sees; he took the time to take a breath and see what an accusation could do at such a careless time because a penalty will be issued the moment an accusation is whispered. Frank is glad that Jamie hit the brakes but wants to know how they can go forward and do their jobs. Frank talks about an old movie, where it is stated that when the legend becomes fact; print the legend! Frank informs Jamie they have a version of that going on and he has no idea what they are going to do about it. He does care though!