Bluff City Law Recap 10/07/19: Season 1 Episode 3 “25 Years to Life”

Bluff City Law Recap 10/07/19: Season 1 Episode 3 "25 Years to Life"

Tonight on NBC their new law drama Bluff City Law airs with an all-new Monday, October 7, 2019, episode and we have your Bluff City Lawl recap below.  On tonight’s Bluff City Law season 1 episode 3 called, “25 Years to Life,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The fate of an innocent man is in the hands of Elijah and Jake. Meanwhile, Sydney and Anthony take a case brought to them by an old professor that may be more than it seems.

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Bluff City Law begins tonight with George Henry Bell (Scott Shepherd) confession begin watched by Jake Reilly (Barry Sloane), where he admits to squeezing his student’s neck until he killed her. Meanwhile, Elijah Strait (Jimmy Smits) answers the door to Linda who has brought some food over. She leans in, telling him not to be a stranger. He takes the food quickly inside as Della Bedford (Jayne Atkinson) mocks how the women are on the prowl now that he is a widower. He is off to the office.

Sydney Strait (Caitlin McGee) walks into the office, spotting her dad joking around with Emerson (Stony Blyden) but can’t say anything as Jake immediately calls her to his office to review George’s confession. George lied so his wife could move on with her life; they need to get rolling on the DNA otherwise George is looking at another 25 years. Emerson comes in and Jake praises him, he also suggests that Sydney cut him some slack as Emerson is his half brother and she could always prove everyone wrong.

Before she can confront him on that Mr Marshall is there for their meeting, he is counting on their rivalry between her and Anthony Little (Michael Luwoye). Sydney stops Emerson and tells him they are going to meet for lunch tomorrow and he agrees. Mr. Marshall wants Sydney and Anthony to be the lawyers as they were the top of his class and now he wants to go after an online dating site because he identifies as 42, even though he is 62.

The prosecution has denied the DNA request, which shocks Jake because the whole bases of the case were DNA originally but now after he made a confession, 25 years later they know the original DNA doesn’t belong to George. It does merit a new trial and the judge decides George Bell deserves a new trial, even though he confessed to killing the young 16-year-old girl.

Jake tells Elijah about his case, explaining the pillars of his case. Elijah was hoping to be the second chair for the case as he is going crazy with the divorcees bringing him casseroles and he wants to at least be there when he saves this man’s life. Briana Johnson (MaameYaa Boafo) finds Sydney applying for the dating site that Marshall, making Bri ask her if this is research why did she post a picture. She suddenly rushes off to lunch with Emerson, both Bri, and Jake wondering how that is going to go.

Bri joins Jake in meeting with Connor Markes (Steven Williams), he put the case files on the table for them. She reminds him not to be fooled by the bedside manner as he is a good man. He tells them he doesn’t really care what they do with the files.

Emerson tells Syd about his mother being in the army and living all over the world. Meanwhile, Jake comes into Connor’s office, questioning him about the diary and why he didn’t enter it into evidence. Connor slips saying the whole city hated George because he was innocent, but he could just imagine how confused he was when a clerk came in and said George confessed after everything he did for 5 years; including ruining his marriage and getting an ulcer. He is positive George is innocent but warns Jake to be careful because there is something about this case that will break his heart too.

Emerson explains that music is the universal language, he tells her how he is weirded out by ribs and now has ruined them for life for her. She was having so much fun with him that she suddenly gets serious and walks away saying she has a meeting with her professor.

Syd and Anthony walk through the university as she tells him that this lawsuit isn’t really about dating other women. Mr. Marshall is working with Portia (Julia Vasi) who is his current top student. Syd says they cannot sue the dating site as Portia says they don’t get it. Syd says what they can do is legally change his age since age discrimination is a real thing. He feels it is interesting and inventive. He shows them that Portia is a whiz with forms and has already filled out the form; they both hope this is more than just a midlife crisis for Marshall.

Elijah learns from Syd that lunch was good with Emerson and it meant a lot to her dad that she reached out to him like that as it is something her mother would do. He thanks her and that is all he wanted to say. Syd was about to say something else but then only wishes him good luck on the George Bell case.

Olivia Scott (Katelin Chesna) takes the stand and they were able to disprove what she said as the locker room was closed due to an asbestos problem. Next up was Thomas Engle (Stephen Caudill), who originally looked good for the murder. She wanted to supposedly quit tutoring with George Bell, which they don[‘t counter because right in Tess’ diary, she admits Thomas was the one who wanted her to quit and use that free time to date her; something she didn’t want. Tess’ mother took the stand, saying George was going to give Tess a ride home from the diner but she never came home. Elijah reminds Jake the best thing they can do is just sit there and not question this woman because the jury loves her.

Syd and Anthony suggest that Portia should not be in the courtroom as it won’t help their chances. Syd tells Anthony she thinks this is just about him wanting to get laid now. Judge Tamara Florence (Tess Malis Kincaid) listens as Sydney gives a great presentation as to why Marshall should be granted an age change.

Jake offers Sydney some alcohol as they share about their cases. He feels letting George down hurts. Sydney reveals Emerson isn’t her brother because Elijah adopted her when she was a baby, and it never really mattered until now. Jake leans in, saying she thinks like him, fight like him and care like him, stubborn like and a pain in the ass like him too. She is her father’s daughter!

Anthony is greeted by Connor who has the paperwork based on the appeal he filed for George the night he confessed. It shows that Tess’ mother never had a confession at the police station. He pauses, saying he refused to believe all that was for nothing, Bri looks at Syd saying if they only knew someone who had connections at the police department. Syd just looks and says, “Hi!”

The jury and court watch as George confesses on the video to killing Tess. George says when he was first arrested it was surreal and he knew he would be released because he didn’t do it but then he saw how they were making their case against him but he didn’t worry because he didn’t do it. Every day he woke up believing they would figure it out, that he didn’t do it. The worst part was what was happening to his wife as she tried to hide that she had been fired nor go shopping without being harassed. He had been in prison for 3 years when his last appeal failed and he felt like it didn’t matter whether he did it because he was never getting out of there so the next time she came he lied and told her he did it. She never would have moved on, she would have stayed as locked up as he did. He told her 13 times before she believed him. Telling the cops after that was easy, especially after seeing the devastation on her face when she ran from the room. He says he dropped Tess off at home.

Jake drops his briefcase on the floor and is about to destroy his office when Syd walks in with her ex-husband, Robbie (Josh Kelly) says if someone destroyed the mother’s original statement, he will be able to find the worksheet.

Back to Mr. Marshall’s case, the judge finds merit and hopes their case will have validity for real cases but she finds Mr. Marshall’s case ridiculous and if he wants to date younger women he can lie as everyone else does. He tells them not to look so blue because their argument gave people with legitimate claims another argument in court; that was the whole point for the supreme court case happening right now. He tells them for the record his girlfriend is 59 and his son is 25 and he cannot wait to tell her what they have done today. Syd and Anthony make fun of how stupid they look right now.

Elijah and Jake spot Robbie and walk over. He didn’t find the report but found her original statement and they are going to call Tess’ mother back to the stand. They promise to keep it quiet but Robbie says he won’t. Everyone is called into chambers immediately when Jake produces the new evidence given to them by the current chief of detectives. Jake promises he will interrogate Tess’ grieving mother, and prove that she was extremely drunk the night her daughter came home and admitted her daughter came home and the DNA proves that George did bring her home. He doesn’t want to punish her when detectives came by the next day and changed the story. He doesn’t want her to feel guilty for what the state has done to her. The judge tells Ms. Cane to speak to her boss to cover his ass and she refuses.

Back in the courtroom, everyone takes their seats and back on the record. Tess’ mother steps down and George’s conviction is vacated, innocent and to be released immediately. He hugs Jake who tells him to come outside to see what it is like. They walk out together as George stands at the top of the stairs and says, “Everything is so beautiful!” Laughing.

The Memphis Union Women’s Shelter thanks Della, Elijah and Sydney as they know their clothes will help many, many women. Della hugs Syd before she leaves. Elijah asks if she has plans, wanting her to stay for lunch as he has a lot of food. She admits that she walked out on Emerson because he has Elijah’s smile. She was looking at him because she doesn’t have anything of his and what if one day he thinks Emerson is more than she is. He stops her, saying the happiest day of his life was the day he married her mother because that was the day he signed that paper and made her his daughter. He lived his whole life trying to prove he was worthy of that, nothing and no one will ever change that. She tears up with him and he holds her. She says, “Thanks, dad!” He asks what that look is for as she wonders how much food he is talking about.

Emerson was over, and they heated all the food. Elijah watches over his kids, then joins them as they pig out on all the casseroles.