Chicago Fire Recap 01/16/19: Season 7 Episode 11 “You Choose”

Chicago Fire Recap 01/16/19: Season 7 Episode 11 "You Choose"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, January 16, 2019, season 7 episode 11 called, “You Choose” and we have your Chicago Fire weekly recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire premiere as per the NBC synopsis, “Severide’s side project of fixing the boat for a wealthy acquaintance turns complicated and personal. Meanwhile, his relationship with Kidd is at a crossroads. Brett helps Casey search for a new apartment and Firehouse 51 decides to enter Tuesday in a dog competition.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 7 episode 10 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire begins with Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Riley in the hardware store grabbing more varnish for the boat. Riley talks about his lonely life, with Kelly thoroughly enjoying spending time with him. Matt (Jesse Spencer) talks to Sylvie (Kara Killmer) about houses hunting; she reveals she clicks really well with Kyle (Teddy Sears).

Severide arrives and then Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) walks in solemnly; all of the guys are gossiping about the mood Kelly has been in but Randall “Mouch” (Christian Stolte) says they should try riding in the truck next to her. Stella approaches the table and Mouch tries to cover what he was saying; she addresses everyone saying her and Kelly have broken up and it will not affect them working together.

Everyone is called out to a vehicle accident involving a city bus, they realize there is a victim under the bus. Severide goes under the bus to help Brandon as Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) returns with the airbags. The driver is having a seizure but they can’t get to her until they secure the bus, giving Cruz 2 minutes. Otis (Yuri Sardarov) is told to grab the grinder; once the bus is lifted, Cruz can’t fit so Stella gets under the bus to help Severide. They clear the victim as Sylvie injects the driver, Matt climbs into the window to extract her. Kelly thanks Stella for helping him and she tells him, any time!

At the hospital, Sylvie talks to Emily (Annie Ilonzeh) about how they should create a farm hunters show, they both find the bus drivers pad that has a list of almost a dozen prescriptions. Emily feels it doesn’t add up that she was on all the meds but no seizure medications making the doctor liable to a huge lawsuit.

Back at Firehouse 51, Otis talks about the dog competition. Mouch says Trudy’s (Amy Morton) best friend is a dog trainer, feeling Stella will be happy they took the initiative for the competition. Stella runs into Kelly in the equipment room where he admits it is tougher than he thought it would be. She doesn’t feel they can work together if they cannot put it behind them. He agrees and she walks away.

Sylvie puts together something for Matt regarding homes but they are interrupted when Sylvie is ordered to get Emily into the briefing room immediately, accusing Brett of choosing bad partners. Chief Hatcher tells her she has no right to disparage real doctors and if it happens again, she will never be a paramedic anywhere again. He leaves Sylvie saying she is supposed to be the leader here. Sylvie says she is used to this as her former partner was the same way but reveals Gabi (Monica Raymund) ended up leading a task force in Puerto Rico.

Denise informs everyone that dogs are not their friends, they are animals always looking for a weakness; suggesting dominance is the key. Stella interrupts her as she talks about negative reinforcement. Stella asks her to show how firmly to tug on the leash and when she does, Stella fires her; telling everyone she will train the dog and if she sees negative reinforcements again they will be riding to their calls on the outside of their rigs.

Kelly learns that Brett is helping Matt find a new place; which he feels is happening fast and has enjoyed having Matt around. He offers to sit and have a cigar to chat any time. Meanwhile, Severide returns to the Boyd house and continues working with Riley on the boat. Riley wants to know if Kelly likes his dad as he is never there. He doesn’t remember his mom. Kelly doesn’t know what to say as Riley has hard cards dealt his way, just like him but when he figures it all out; he will let him know what to do about it. Bradley (Jordan Belfi) walks into the garage and tells Riley to get his bookbag as the driver is there to take him. He confronts Kelly about talking to his kid that way, saying he hired him to restore a boat, not be a child counselor. Kelly fumes when Bradley walks away.

Sylvie and Kyle sit at a cafe where he talks about if there was anyone he could meet it would be Stephen King, as he is addicted to all his books. Brett has a suggestion for a detour and they go to check out an apartment for Matt, which has an amazing view. She believes for the asking price it is a total steal and Kyle grabs her for a kiss saying she was way too cute house hunting.

Emily returns to the hospital, asking where Dr. Jim Shaw is but told he isn’t there today. She goes to see the bus driver, Anita instead. Anita reveals what she remembers and feels terrible, but Emily is able to tell her that everyone is on the mend. Emily doesn’t mean to alarm her, but if her doctor is prescribing all those medications together her opinion is she needs to find a new doctor.

Kelly returns to the Boyd house, where Bradley stops him, saying he isn’t happy with the work. He hopes Kelly is better at fighting fires than restoring boats. Riley tells his dad to stop as he tells Kelly he can keep the deposit but nothing else. Kelly says he doesn’t want any of his money and leaves.

Matt apologizes to Kelly for cluttering his place up as Severide jokes that there need to be some rules. He pours some coffee and gives Matt the cup Shay gave him, suggesting after shift they go to the hockey game. He reveals he is kind of glad to be done with the boat, freeing him up for some fun time. Herrmann (David Eigenberg) brings up baked goods to Stella, as she begs him to stop fussing over her, asking him to leave the muffins. He spots the dog training bible with her believing she can transform Tuesday into the perfect show dog. Herrmann feels she is throwing herself into this so she doesn’t have to cope with the Severide situation.

Sylvie shows Matt the places and her Kyle went to see; but he finds faults with most of them, except the last one. Emily finds Sylvie who feels Dr. Shaw is not taking her calls; she wants to see him face to face and believes it will work out. Kelly watches as Stella trains Tuesday, smiling until Matt asks him to walk with him to inspect the rigs. Stella brings Tuesday out to the group but she won’t perform, they learn that she will perform for peanut butter as Otis feels they could actually win this thing; Herrmann wonders if peanut butter would work on kids too.

Emily confronts Dr. Shaw about how dangerously over-medicated Anita was and this seizure and accident is on him and what he is doing isn’t right. There is a fire at the Boyd place as the firehouse is called to the scene. Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) issues orders to everyone, Severide is determined to find Riley and Cruz is able to pull him away from the explosive burning boat as it tips over.

Matt confirms the house is clear when Bradley returns with his girlfriend. Bradley gets angry when he sees Severide, saying he did this as he was the one working on the boat. Bradley shouts that Kelly is going to jail. Boden tells Kelly to stand to the side until he tells him otherwise; when CPD arrives Bradley points his finger immediately at Kelly.

Boden reminds Kelly that the truth is on his side, no matter how many times he tells the story. Kelly reveals that Bradley already came after him in front of his own son, but Boden tells him to get it together. Kelly is questioned again when the arson investigator reveals the fire was caused by soaked rags and it could have happened within minutes to hours. Severide insists he didn’t leave any rags out. When he walks out of the room, Kelly says he was told to get a lawyer but doesn’t think it will be necessary.

Chief Hatcher is back saying Dr. Shaw said Emily might have saved Anita’s life when he caught that his patient was being over medicated. He apologizes for making a mistake, but once he leaves Emily is in shock as Sylvie tells her that she just kicked ass! Riley arrives at the fire station looking for Kelly and quickly admits to Kelly that he started the fire; Kelly tells him that he knows to remind him he told him how dangerous it was to leave those rags out. Riley says he hates his dad and Kelly asks him to take a seat.

Kelly says the way Bradley acts towards him and everyone else is his dad’s problem but what is his problem is how he responds to it. Kelly admits he doesn’t have things figured out, but this isn’t the way and this isn’t him. The good news is no one got hurt and they got lucky, but going forward isn’t about luck or his dad; it is how he is going to respond and should choose to be better than him. Kelly calls him a “good man” as they now have something really hard to do. Riley says he already told his dad. Outside, Bradley tells Kelly that they are going to get Riley counseling; again, reminding Riley to choose. Bradley shouts for him to get in the car without ever apologizing to Kelly.

Emily stops to see Dr. Shaw, where she introduces herself properly. He says it was the ER nurse who called on her, not him. He reveals that Anita has seen 5 doctors in the last 8 months and clearly none of them looked at her card. He says if he saw the card he would never have prescribed some of these meds. He is impressed with how much attention she paid to her job. She apologizes, saying she will check first before she comes at him with both barrels. He stumbles but asks if she would like to go out for dinner sometime.

The CFD competition is on as Stella brings Tuesday out, who stops because Otis is eating food, and won’t perform. They are unable to stop when Tuesday jumps on one of the kids who is eating. Everyone panics feeling the dog is mulling the girl. Sylvie is out with Kyle, showing him that Stephen King is in town tomorrow and if he brings a book, SK will sign it. Kyle goes to get another drink as Matt approaches the table, saying he doesn’t think the house will work out as he thinks he should stay with Severide for a while. Kelly would never admit it, but he needs someone to look after him.

Herrmann and Stella talk about the dog competition, but he tells her if she isn’t totally fine and trying to find her way through this break up doesn’t make her any less badass. She admits she isn’t completely over it, but she will be. Kelly walks into Molly’s and they both smile at each other, without saying a word.


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