General Hospital Spoilers: Oscar’s Surprising Last Will and Testament – See Who Gets The Money and Why

General Hospital Spoilers: Oscar’s Surprising Last Will and Testament – See Who Gets The Money and Why

General Hospital (GH) spoilers discuss the aftermath of a heartbreaking character loss and some of the consequences of the teen’s decisions. General Hospital’s Oscar Nero Quartermaine (Garren Stitt) appointed Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) executor of his will because he didn’t believe his parents would be up to carrying out his wishes. Who has Oscar included in the will and what surprises has he left behind?

The Kilimanjaro Foundation

So far, the only thing we have aware of is the Kilimanjaro Foundation that Oscar established to help kids who want to learn to climb mountains do so. General Hospital’s Jason explained that he wished to this set up because he never got to take that trip himself and wanted other kids to be able to climb that mountain if they so desired. What other surprises did Oscar leave behind?

Dawn Of Day

Unfortunately, General Hospital’s Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) gave Oscar a place to stay when he sued his parents for the right to make his medical decisions. Oscar is likely to have wanted to give back to the group for helping him when he needed it. Would Jason have advised Oscar against this or has he even read the will completely and discovered a donation that he knows Shiloh doesn’t deserve?

Stand Against Bullying

Oscar got into his first fight over a friend being bullied at school; it would make perfect sense for Oscar to leave some money to a project to stop bullying. General Hospital’s Cameron has probably talked to Oscar about Aiden’s issues as well, and he would want to do what he could to help. Did Oscar set up a program at the local school to combat this bullying issue?

Music Was A Passion

Oscar also may have set up a music program to help kids who want to break into the music business. Oscar could have contributed to the music program at school to provide instruments to underprivileged kids as well. Oscar is very likely to have left behind something to encourage General Hospital’s Jocelyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) to continue to work on her music and Cameron could be involved. Music could be Oscar’s way of pushing Cameron and Jocelyn together, so they both have someone to lean to help get through his passing.

The Most Shocking Of All

Oscar wants General Hospital’s Drew Cain (Billy Miller) to become close to Jason and what better way could he accomplish that than forcing them to do something together. Could Oscar’s last request be that Jason and Drew take the Kilimanjaro trip together in his honor in the hope of them bonding? Oscar could have also forced them to work together on a foundation or anything to bring them face to face more often.

What surprises will Oscar’s will hold and do you think his last request concerning Drew and Jason be honored? After all, Jason has gone out of his way to help Drew, will Drew get past his anger toward Jason? Stick with our fantastic ABC soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.

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