Grey’s Anatomy Recap 02/28/19: Season 15 Episode 15 “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 02/28/19: Season 15 Episode 15 "We Didn't Start the Fire"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Thursday, February 28, 2019, season 15 episode 15 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 15 called ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire,” as per the ABC synopsis, “When Jackson throws a party to celebrate Catherine’s surgery and those who worked to save her, literally nothing goes as planned. Meanwhile, Helen pays Alex and Jo a surprise visit on a record-breaking episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

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Grey’s Anatomy begins with Jackson (Jesse Williams) putting the finishing touches on the party planning to celebrate his mom’s surgery; Maggie (Kelly McCreary) thinks Catherine (Debbie Allen) is going to love the party, even though Jackson says its because she gave him enough stipulations. He sweeps Maggie into his arms, taking her upstairs with him as he feels they have time before company arrives.

Catherine finds Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who says she doesn’t need a ride but a drink, possibly 10 before she can pretend to enjoy the party. Bailey agrees to go with her once she learns they will be traveling by limo. Meanwhile, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) talks to Alex (Justin Chambers) that she is bringing Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) to the party to see how coworkers respond to them dating. Alex wants to know if she is telling this to him as the Chief or as a friend; she reminds him of him marrying Jo (Camilla Luddington). As Chief, he needs to tell her to report her relationship to HR, but as her friend, he hopes she is happy. Taryn (Jaicy Elliot) informs Alex that Mrs. Helen Karev (Lindsay Wagner) is looking for him, but he asks her to tell her he will meet her at the party; mistaking his mother for Jo.

Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) encourages Betty (Peyton Kennedy), saying she is not in this alone and she can contact her any time. Leo is crying as Betty’s parents talk about how babies are more work than they remember. Betty calls her parents weird as they take little Leo and head off. Amelia is upset that Betty didn’t say goodbye and goes to get ready for the party, saying she can’t be in Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) house tonight.

Richard (James Pickens Jr.) shows everyone the article that Kiki wrote about Maggie; Alex doesn’t want to hear how Jackson can afford the place when he spots a pingpong table. DeLuca kisses Meredith before he has the courage to join the party.

At the hospital, Jo is about to leave until she finds Alex’s mother sitting in the waiting area. There is a misunderstanding as Helen says Alex knows she is there but told her to meet him at the party; Jo agrees to take here. On the drive over, Jo calls Alex repeatedly who isn’t answering. Helen reveals she took several trains and buses to get there.

Owen and Amelia arrive at the party and find Tom (Greg Germann) and Teddy (Kim Raver) kissing; he voices his concern about Teddy traveling when she is 7 months pregnant, once inside Teddy and Amelia are left in an awkward silence when Owen doesn’t like Tom’s behavior with Teddy and walks away.

Meredith says goodnight to her children when Amelia comes over and suggests spending the night at Meredith’s place since she and Owen are nor having sex; they were so focused on the kids they lost focus on each other. Maggie continues to rant about Kiki’s article, where it barely mentions her at all. Richard likes the article but Maggie feels it makes it look like she healed herself.

Catherine and Miranda are in the limo on the way over to the party as Catherine tells Bailey she should spend some of the money she made off her project. She knows about the house projects and feels they are business but feels they need to talk about her taking care of herself. Tom and Teddy both know that Owen is not pleased about their trip, but she feels it has to do with the fact that they said goodbye to Leo and Betty.

Jackson opens the door to Jo who asks him to get Alex. Alex is shocked to see his mom, wanting to know what is wrong. Alex pulls Jo aside who tells him that it’s possible the doctor is in her head. Alex decides to go back to their place, but suddenly Helen is gone.

Owen finds Amelia playing with a ping pong ball on a table on the deck. She doesn’t want to go to a meeting, but she is sad too and wishes she could drink like a normal person. He is angry that she wants to fight on the night they said goodbye to Leo and Betty; but she insists Betty didn’t say, “goodbye.” she throws stuff in his face about addiction and how he keeps the pain inside like he is in it alone. He hates how she generalizes everything, but he does the same thing. He wants to know if they are talking or if she is just trying to win? Amelia says it is impossible to talk when all he is doing is staring at Teddy the whole time.

Maggie is angry that people won’t publish her story on how she saved Kiki, because it will be boring compared to her fluff piece; Teddy complains that she really hates this party. Meredith is leaving but Amelia wants to go too as she feels Owen still has feelings for Teddy. Meredith reminds her it was the same with Christina and their whole marriage, and it isn’t going to change, she just needs to make peace with it. Amelia says she is definitely staying at Meredith’s place tonight.

Helen is talking to DeLuca as Alex finds her. Helen believes she is doing well and is very sturdy. She brings out several scarves, including green which used to be his favorite color. He picks it not to offend her and a blue one for Jo. Meredith tells DeLuca that she is on duty tonight as Amelia is in a state, he pulls her into the guest room, where he kisses her and wants this picture to be burned into h9is head forever. She says they are not going to have sex in the guest room while her colleagues are downstairs; but when he speaks Italian to her, it all changes.

Catherine tries to convince Bailey to spend money before she dies and it is gone. She talks about buying a hospital, but Miranda mentions the thing she wants for herself – a blender. Catherine tells her to buy it as the price is nothing compared to freedom. Bailey buys it, but is surprised when Catherine offers her another drink saying she is not going to the party!

Richard brings out the last of the duck sauce as Owen says he needs to leave because he hates Tom; both saying they dislike him because he is a creep after he took advantage of April at a vulnerable time as well as always being after Catherine.

Catherine says the party isn’t for her, it is for Tom and Amelia for saving her life. She acknowledges they did an astonishing thing, but she doesn’t want to hear that she needs a congratulation as she will be forever scared with she can’t get rid of this cancer. Miranda calls her a hypocrite as there is dread between scans is scary but it is life, although not perfect. Bailey says they both have conditions to deal with and an earthquake could take them all out tomorrow, but right now they are alive and people still love them, which is a cause to celebrate.

Owen finds Amelia, saying he doesn’t like Tom, as he is a dog; but Amelia questions why it would matter. Owen says it has to do with this man being in his daughter’s life and he feels it is about time she stopped acting insecure. Amelia says 7 months ago he went on a plane to profess his love for her and maybe when their baby is born he might fall back in love with her; just like they fell in love and rebounded over the children. She admits that is what she believes and cannot turn it around, starting to think she shouldn’t try. She is dizzy and needs to step out of the circle as this is an impossible situation, she is not in it anymore; walking away from Owen.

Alex calls Helen’s doctor, saying it is pretty urgent to hear from them but Jo is certain they won’t hear from him until morning. Alex feels bad that when his mom comes for a visit and he has to worry she has split from reality. He used to know the signs and wants to trust it this time. Helen brings out another ball of yarn but places it right beside a lit candle.

Meredith and Deluca stop as his sister calls him; both saying their sisters are really getting in the way tonight. Richard interrupts them, both staring at him, but Meredith blurts out that Alex knows and he graciously leaves as DeLuca and Meredith start to laugh. In the kitchen, Meredith helps in the kitchen admitting she is flustered because she thinks everyone is staring at them. Maggie pulls Richard away, begging him not to tell the story of the article, feeling Kiki is still a bully who stole her story. He tells her to stop feeling like she is insignificant and small, but she is pissed. Richard says he was bullied too as he was the only black resident in his class. He was plenty pissed but he discovered it is no good being pissed if you don’t use it. He feels Maggie could use Kiki’s flare, rewrite the publication and start that fire!

Alex asks his mother if she wants something to eat. He admits it means a lot to both Alex and Jo, but she starts talking about the smell and something is burning. He convinces her to sit back down as she feels everyone needs to get out. Owen talks to Teddy about not taking the trip, wanting to know if she wants this dirtbag in the delivery room. She thinks Tom is a great guy, who interrupts them saying he does mind they are talking and stops it.

Catherine and Miranda arrive as Helen is determined to get out of there. Jackson wants to make a toast to his mother, but Owen and Tom get into an argument as he says he isn’t a father and won’t be around his kid. Teddy says Tom is a father as he punches Owen for it; Amelia says she is done and leaves. Tom places his million dollar hand in ice as Jackson begins his toast. Helen screams there is fire and everyone storms out the door, with Alex smiling.

Catherine complains to Richard and Jackson that she told them she didn’t want a party. The fire department, lead by Ben Warren (Jason George) says the building is cleared for reentry, except for the penthouse which received smoke damage from plastic placed in the oven. DeLuca and Meredith are responsible for that as Alex comes to introduce her to his mom. He says the smoke is messing with is eyes, but he is happy his mom isn’t slipping. Meredith gets a message from Amelia who isn’t staying at her house, but just to be safe they go to DeLuca’s.

Catherine suggests they all get in the limo and go somewhere to celebrate. Miranda tells Ben she bought a very expensive blender on their next statement as she deserves it. He smiles, holding her saying she is “fire!”

Maggie tells Catherine all about how she is going to make her story louder and better than Kiki’s. They are enjoying the food, as Richard says Catherine has to be drunk to say that food always tastes better in the back of the limo. She promises them from here on out, every scan good or bad, this is how she wants to celebrate – eating trashy food with expensive champagne among the people she loves the most in this world.

Amelia sits at home when Owen comes home, learning they brought Leo back and want to talk. They know Leo is their grandchild, but their hands are full with Brittany/Betty. They are grateful for them bringing back to them and she always talks about how Amelia and Owen are Leo’s parents; they tearfully admit that Owen is Leo’s. Amelia learns from Betty that this is what she wants. She wants to be a kid, who makes mistakes like missing curfew, etc. They promise to keep in touch and just before Betty leaves she hugs both Owen and Amelia, saying “goodbye.”

Alex enjoys his time with his mother, as she lays on the couch and he joins Jo in bed; neither of them wanting to sleep as they watch her.

Meredith is kissing DeLuca in front of his house as his sister arrives back home, demanding to know why he didn’t answer the phone. Unfortunately, she returns with their father, something she tried to warn him about. DeLuca is forced to introduce Meredith to his dad, as she says the “bad times are going to find you all on their own!”