Grey’s Anatomy Recap 05/02/19: Season 15 Episode 23 “What I Did for Love”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 05/02/19: Season 15 Episode 23 "What I Did for Love"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Thursday, May 2, 2019, season 15 episode 23 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 23 called “What I Did for Love,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Maggie treats one of Station 19’s own, and Jo learns a hard lesson. Meanwhile, when working with a family seeking asylum, Meredith makes a call that could jeopardize her career..”

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Grey’s Anatomy begins tonight with Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) rushing to get the kids out the door. Dr. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) comments on how she expected a devilishly handsome Italian resident brewing his cappuccino this morning, causing Zola to ask if she is talking about mom’s boyfriend. When Amelia confirms this, Zola wants to know if Amelia has a one too, and she doesn’t know how to respond but is saved when Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary), who spent the night there and doesn’t want to interrogation. Zola makes fun of her for having a boyfriend. Amelia jokes that Meredith looks happy, both commenting how weird it is.

Amelia is with Dr. Atticus Lincoln (Chris Carmack), and Dr. Jo Karev (Camilla Luddington) talking about what projects they are walking in when Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) walks into them with baby Leo in his arms. He witnesses Link’s arms around her but when Leo whimpers, Amelia offers to take Leo, but he declines.

Maggie runs into Dr, Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), being sarcastic about how they run into each other at the same workplace. Maggie informs him that she thought about telling Meredith of her plans to move in with Jackson, but she doesn’t want to leave her in a lurch, also using the excuse that she is the buffer between Amelia and Meredith. Jack gets frustrated, asking Maggie to let him know what Meredith decides about their live, before walking away.

Dr. Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Dr. Alex Karev meet with their young patient, Gabby (Allyson Juliette); both realizing they are having a hard time getting any information. He was able to get Gabby from the border but she wasn’t treated for her illness so Alex wants to run some tests. Luis Rivera (Omar Leyva) informs them he doesn’t have an insurance but doesn’t expect anything for free; but he will get a policy, Alex says in Washington they take care of sick kids, no questions asked!

Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) and Owen rush to the ambulance bay to find Dr. Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) climbing out of the rig, saying he was on the scene when John Doe collapsed, no respiratory health. Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) help them move the patient, realizing the man on the stretcher is Fire Chief Lucas Ripley (Brett Tucker); Schmitt’s mouth drops open when Miranda tells him he just saved the Fire Chief of the City of Seattle, he shouts out that he is a “hero.”

Ben Warren (Jason George) bring back Captain Robert Sullivan (Boris Kodje) and partner, Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Otiz) to find out what is happening with Ripley; but Levi is able to tell him he was buying roses for someone named “Vic” and worries that he outed someone, but Sullivan puts him at ease saying it is for a woman, named Victoria. Andy is surprised, questioning why Sullivan isn’t more surprised. Ben tries to explain the situation to Owen, who says its the same as Ben with Miranda, causing him to stop gossiping.

Lucas Ripley wakes up calling out for Vic and Sullivan says he will call her and get her there. Meanwhile, Dr. Thomas Koracick (Greg Germann) jokes around with Tom, saying he is heading out for a couple days but he wants to stay and witness the miracle. He admits he already had someone sub for him but wanted to make sure she was okay with it.

Schmitt walks into Dr. Nico Kim’s (Alex Landi) patients room, bragging how he is a hero, saving the Fire Chief. He admits he didn’t tell his mother yet, but what was more important was he was at the flower shop to get flowers for Nico, saying he thinks Nico owes him something. Nico apologizes for killing a guy and that Levi is making it all about himself. Link learns Nico did his job and his looks alone make Levi leave.

Owen questions Amelia about her and Link; but she reminds him they are no longer a thing and doesn’t get to ask about it, nor have an opinion on it. Amelia reviews the scans and says this patient doesn’t have a concussion and will be fine. Owen tries to talk to her again, and she tells him, “Not any more!”

Jo is playing Legos with Gus Carter (Christian Ganiere) when Jo is called away for a phonecall; promising to be right back. When she picks up, the person believes she is speaking to Dr. Alex Karev. She informs Jo that they are in Winnipeg and have just admitted a patient with the same rare blood type Gus has. Jo says she needs to find the other Dr. Karev and call her right back.

Meredith talks to her young patient, Gabby saying she reminds her of her daughter, Ellis who is at home. She reviews the xrays and feels Gabby needs surgery, causing her father to ask if they could wait until he has a second job because he definitely can’t afford it. Alex advises him on what he should do. Luis tells Gabby to not be afraid because he will be back. She worries if her mother is coming as Meredith tells her not to worry.

Jo races through the hospital, but is stopped by Gus’ mother and able to share the news that they may have found a donor in Canada. She hugs Jo in her excitement and returns to Gus’ room as Jo continues her search.

Several of the firefighters from Station 19 are shocked to learn that Vic proposed to Lucas, and he said nothing to her. Maggie can relate to him not giving an answer but he is more concerned about his open heart surgery; Maggie explains the procedure and he could be home in a week. Sullivan says they cannot reach Vic and it is unsafe for him to leave the hospital as he has symptoms that don’t match go with his diagnosis; so she cannot discharge him even for one day. Everyone leaves the room, except for Maggie, asking if she looks like an idiot because she knows he will dress and take off without anyone noticing. Maggie asks him to let her run the tests and find out what they are dealing with THEN He can get the hell out of there.

Jo relates everything she has learned from the call in Winnipeg; Alex is thrilled, relieved and saying Jo is a good luck charm; making her glad that she came into work today. Meanwhile, Tom talks to Teddy about house hunting, she admits her home in Germany was idea; bringing Tom back to the drawing board for what to look for.

Meredith and Alex talk about Luis wanting to be beside Gabby for all her tests, no one can blame him after he hadn’t seen her in weeks because she was placed in those camps. DeLuca informs them that Luis is making too much money for insurance but not enough for treatment. They find a mass on Gabby’s scan and need to book an OR for her.

Jo informs the hospital in Winnipeg that Gus cannot fly out to them as he is severely anemic and hasn’t been out of the hospital for weeks; the call is confusing when they ask how they are supposed to do their surgery without Gus’ blood as they thought Gus was the donor.

Lucas talks to Maggie about how Vic is expecting him, so she explains how her boyfriend asked her to move in with him and she didn’t say yes right away, but it wasn’t a no either. Lucas learns more of their situation, asking her to explain herself, causing Maggie to stutter for a response.

Luis learns from Alex, Meredith and DeLuca that they don’t know if the mass is dangerous until they operate, but either way they have to remove it to relief the obstruction. Luis feels horrible because he brought his family here to save their lives; Meredith promises him they will take care of it and he doesn’t have to worry about the money as it is taken care of. Meredith says they will figure it out as she has a plan. When questioned by DeLuca, Alex tells him to prep the OR because she has a plan but when they are out of ear shot, Alex leans in to Meredith knowing she doesn’t have a plan.

Jo returns to find Gus’ mom on the phone crying for joy. Jo stands in the hallway devastated, admitting to Ben that she screwed up and she is stupid. She runs into Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) as she tries to flee the hospital.

Richard joins the surgeons who are prepping for Gabby’s surgery, wanting to know if Ellis is okay; causing DeLuca to understand what Meredith did. Alex nods his head, prideful as he didn’t see this one coming. She refuses to send the little girl to a county hospital because the system is broken, and what does that say about them if they don’t correct them. Meredith tells Richard if he wants to arrest her when she is done, that is his call.

Teddy tries to calm Jo down, saying it was an honest mistake but doesn’t know what she expects from her as they have notified hospitals all over the world. Jo wants to know if the military can help but Teddy tells her it is not a matter of jumping a line, there is no line as there is none of that blood type available. Jo starts to have a panic attack so Teddy calms her down, saying Gus isn’t dying; but Jo begs to differ. She reminds her that she didn’t kill anyone, it was a mistake and everything is okay. Teddy is concerned that Jo doesn’t seem quite okay, asking if there is something they can do, offering to be with her to tell the parents; but Jo says no.

Owen wants to know if there was any progress on the stem cell transplant for Kari (McNally Sagal), but there has been no movement and no electrical activity; they have 2 weeks before the window closes. Owen sits beside Amelia, remembering he said she was incapable of love and is now realizing, thanks to therapy he is realizing it was him and not her. He apologizes to her and she thanks him. He says Leo misses her and she can bust him out of daycare anytime she wants.

Lucas is shocked that Maggie used the excuse of “gotta get milk!” to get away from answering Jackson’s question. She tells Lucas if he leaves the hospital, his heart could stop but he says if he stays his heart could break. Maggie says she is reasonable and rational and not giving him an answer does not mean she loves him any less. Lucas says she has to take the leap if he is stuck there. Once Maggie leaves the room, Lucas tells the nurse that Maggie said he was okay to leave.

Gabby’s surgery is in process when the team finds out that she is looking at years of chemo therapy; but Meredith tells them to keep going and afterwards they will come up with a plan. She glares at DeLuca, asking if there is anything he would like to say but Richard presses the button, telling Meredith that when she is done he would like to see her in his office.

Teddy goes to Miranda’s office, but opts to leave when she see Ben is there. Miranda wants to know what it is about and she reveals it is about Jo Karev. Downstairs, Jo is in Gus’ room, explaining that the hospital in Winnipeg came to them also looking for a donor. Gus’ mother is devastated, saying she needs to call everyone back and that Jo has done enough. Both women begin to cry as she tells Jo that was unfair and unkind of her to say. Gus asks, “Why can’t I give the man my blood?” Jo keeps apologizes and fully breaks down in his mother’s arms; something Alex and Miranda witness. Alex comes in and escorts her out of the room.

Link gives Nico instructions when Levi comes out of the room, but he protests that he has to do something and Link tells him he has to do what he told him to do. Link reminds Levi that Nico killed a man, it wasn’t some big trauma, it was a mistake that took a man’s life; and he will remember that man and the mistake for the rest of his life. Levi is simply trying to be there for him but Link explains how it makes your blood boil and a bag of rocks replaces your heart. Link suggests he let Nico come to terms with it and that is how he can be there for Nico and maybe if he is lucky, he will do the same when it happens to Schmitt.

Richard is chastising Meredith about insurance fraud, but fights for Luis and his family. Richard says with this one reckless, boneheaded act, she is forcing him to endanger his sobriety. He shouts that he knows about and is supposed to report her; not only losing her job but her children too. Meredith feels she would never lose her kids. Richard asks her how this insurance fraud is going to help a hard working man, obtain asylum? Richard sits down, saying he is rolling it around in his head about what to do; but he says all they can do is make the little girl sicker (on paper) because if they can keep her in the hospital for 30 consecutive days the policy kicks in regardless. Meredith is shocked he wants her to lie more, but he claims she isn’t a girl scout; and they are doing this to save a man and his daughter from being deported because of her mistake.

Jo keeps crying as Alex asks Bailey what he is supposed to do. He reveals JO went to Pittsburgh to seek out her birth mother and came back a totally different person. He can’t go there to find out nor can he ask his wife about it. He shouts that he needs to break something and Miranda gives him a ceramic mug, making him pause.

Meredith explains to Luis that surgery went well but Gabby would have to stay in the hospital for the next few weeks, explaining all the things they need to do desperately needing to keep her there. Meredith encourages him to go to work and they will set up a cot in her room so he can sleep there. He hugs her with gratitude as DeLuca watches disapprovingly.

Maggie finds Jackson, saying the only correct answer to what he asked her last night is “yes.” She suggests a different way that he could have asked her, because it is romantic for a woman to be herself. Jackson says he will set up the scans for her, and they can pro and con until they cannot do it any more; he admits he is slightly mocking her as she says she wants to move in with him but still worries that he will love her for who she is, or disappointed when she is herself. He asks her to come camping with him before they do all the pros and cons.

Schmitt comes in with Fire Chief Lucas Ripley’s labs, which she feels cannot be right and excuses herself from them. Amelia is spending time with Leo when Link walks in, saying he will take a raincheck. He jokes with Leo, saying he needs to ask Amelia about her day and bring her to a fancier place next time.

Tom shows Teddy a slideshow about her dream place and he found it. He presents her with keys saying he rented an apartment because the baby is due any day and deserves an apartment with a happy mother. Teddy tells him it is perfect. She calls him “unbelievable” and kisses him.

Owen returns for another therapy session, telling him that is weird voodoo stuff is working as he is feeling clearer and knows what he wants; not feeling guilty about trying to get it, and that is some kind of miracle. He wants to work harder because he wants to be perfectly clear when he tells her that he loves her.

DeLuca tells Meredith the call is not the issue, she in unapologetic so DeLuca stands up saying he spent the whole day with Luis thinking that could have been him and his mom. People look away all the time, but not her. She’s got him all wrong because he is in awe of what she did today and worried that he would say, “I love you!” Meredith is glad they cleared that up, smiling at him and leaving the room.

Maggie tells Andy that it is a lot worse that just his heart, everyone from Station 19 going to find him when they realize he left his room and hospital.