Grey’s Anatomy Recap 05/09/19: Season 15 Episode 24 “Drawn to the Blood”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 05/09/19: Season 15 Episode 24 "Drawn to the Blood"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Thursday, May 9, 2019, season 15 episode 24 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 24 called “Drawn to the Blood,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Alex tries desperately to save his patient Gus while he waits for a severely agoraphobic blood donor to arrive from London. Jo reveals to Meredith why she’s been so down, while Catherine and Bailey hold a meeting to get down to the bottom of an insurance issue. Meanwhile, Maggie and Jackson go camping .”

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Grey’s Anatomy begins tonight with Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) having a recurring nightmare about performing heart surgery and everything going wrong. She is startled awake when it looks like she is getting her heart shocked in her dream; she immediately sits up, sweating and holding her chest. Dr. Jo Karev (Camilla Luddington) tells Meredith if she is going to stay she needs to be quiet so she can sleep. Meredith tells Jo she isn’t leaving until she talks to her about what is bugging her. Jo turns her back on Meredith and tries to go back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Dr. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) wakes up Dr. Atticus Lincoln (Chris Carmack), upset that they fell asleep because they never discussed it. She needs to make sure the kids don’t see him, telling him if he had to pee he should have gone before he fell asleep. Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) wakes up in the tent killing bugs as Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) is outside making coffee over the fire. Maggie admits she feels rested, Jackson gets her to confess that camping is not hell.

Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) gets a call, telling them to call him the second they get in the car and to be sure they don’t break or spill the blood donor for his patient, Gus Carter (Christian Ganiere); she is the only match in the world, arriving from London. Alex and Amelia get Zola ready for school, revealing her mom is staying with Aunt Jo until she makes her feel better; neither telling her what is wrong. Amelia reminds him that if anyone can help, it is Meredith.

Dr. Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) is woken up by his patient, Gabby (Allyson Juliette) who is throwing her stuffed animals at him. They continue to play throwing the toys at each other. Dr. Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen) walks into the hospital, running into her husband, Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.). She is there on foundation business and closes the door on Richard. Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) asks Richard what is going on as they watch Catherine through the window in a meeting with the board and Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson); Richard feels it can’t be anything good.

Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) walks with Dr. Tom Koracick (Greg Germann), discussing that she wants the baby’s nursery to be perfect and she will know what she wants when she sees it. Link tells Amelia when he came out, no one was home and he could have walked around naked, but he didn’t. Dr. Dahlia Qadri (Sophia Ali) gives them their latest stats on the patient, Kari Donnelly (McNally Sagal). Teddy wants to do a CT because she cannot even cough. Amelia asks if she feels any tingling in her fingers but Toby Donnelly (Arielle Hader) wants to know if it’s because of her pneumonia, but her mom reminds her that they still have time and she is a pessimist like her father.

Alex meets with Gus’ parents, revealing the donor has arrived from London and is on her way to the hospital. Alex gets a call from Dr. Levi Schmitt (Jason Borelli) who says the woman is almost on the ground but her agoraphobia is far worse than they expected and it’s like she is afraid of the air. CBF approaches the plane, saying there is a question about Dr. Safavi’s (Amir M. Korangy) visa and he is detained. He encourages Francis to keep breathing as Alex orders Schmitt to get her to the hospital right now. Francis retreats to the plane, with Schmitt chasing after her. Alex tells Gus’ parents the update who is extremely frustrated to always wait; saying Gus is dying and this woman won’t give them her blood. She smashes all of Gus’ lego structures. Her husband takes a spill on the lego and he is not okay.

Alex explains to Owen what happened as he wonders if people can even break their ass; Teddy says it is possible. Dr. Nico Kim (Alex Landi) comes to deal with it, as Alex paged Ortho. He doesn’t want them to fuss over him and only attends to his son. Owen and Teddy learn about Francis being stuck on the plane; Owen rushes off saying he will get Alex the blood. Francis is singing Wham! as Schmitt keeps trying to push her to come with him as a kid is dying.

Link says he is going to keep Toby company while Kari is in CT as the wait is killing them; once he leaves, Tom admits he was wrong about “Malibu Barbie” saying he might really be marriage material. Amelia and Tom stop outside the conference room, where Richard says he has no idea what is happening but they have been in there for over an hour. Richard feels it is something major, possibly a new scandal with the foundation or maybe she is selling the hospital; Amelia mocks him, asking that he should know if his wife is selling the hospital.

Maggie and Jackson are thoroughly enjoying their time camping, as Jackson suggests they could go hiking up to the waterfalls; Maggie implies that he should go hiking and she can stay in the tent. He wants to show her a spot by the waterfall; Maggie gives in, saying if she is going camping, she is going camping!

Nico is certain their patient broke a bone, but Teddy feels that implies certainty but she prefers to wait for the scans. Richard arrives as Teddy asks him to take over this patient because she needs to be available when the blood arrives for Gus. The scans come in and Nico is right, Richard thanking Teddy for this as a distraction from whatever is going on in the conference room.

Meredith tells Jo to take a shower but she doesn’t need to go anywhere. Jo taunts Meredith, saying she is there trying to fix Jo because she is too scared to deal with her own crap. Meredith admits she might be hiding out there because Andrew told her he loved her to his face and it scared her but that doesn’t mean she isn’t there for Jo. Jo orders her to go home, but Meredith reminds her that she promised Alex that she wouldn’t leave until Jo talks to her. Meredith says “I love you” scares her because the last time she said it was to her husband who has died. She isn’t a delicate flower, telling Jo there isn’t anything she won’t understand. Jo demands to know if Meredith’s mother was raped by her father and is that why she exists? Does she look like a rapist and wear his face. Jo tells Meredith she doesn’t get this and needs to go home.

Maggie insists she is trying as Jackson truly appreciates it. They are kissing when suddenly Maggie gets bitten by a bug but has no idea what she is allergic to because she never goes camping. He says they will get ice on it back at the camp, but Maggie is swatting at bugs and falls.

DeLuca shows Gabby where the scan pictures come up when Alex comes in. He reveals to DeLuca that he doesn’t know how Jo is as DeLuca says he doesn’t know what is going on either as he hasn’t heard from Meredith in a while. Gabby gets excited when she spots her stuffed animal on the scan, Alex suggests that DeLuca should be in Peds as he is so good with kids.

Back at home, Jo begins to open up to Meredith; talking about memories with her foster family and how a little girl went down the slide and fell off; her mother rushing up to her, not caring about the blood or the snot on her shoulder. She just whispered, “I’m sorry” to her daughter and held her until she felt safe to let go. Jo was convinced if she ever met her mom, she would be the same, but that isn’t going to happen because she never should have existed in the first place. Everything she escaped from Paul, she feels was her birthright and inheritance.

Owen rushes on the plane, where Francis wants to know where her therapist is; talking about the call to help someone who needs her blood. She asked her therapist, Dr. Safavi who simply stared at her with his mouth open. She wants to help, apologizing that her doctor was right and she cannot do it. She refuses for Owen to stick her with a needle, as she only agreed to that in a hospital and not on a tiny airplane because if he stabbed her wrong, she explains all the hazards of needles, begging for Owen not to kill her.

Alex tells Gus’s Mother that Scott (Greg Winter) is on his way to the OR, and it is simple to repair; promising he will be okay if he heals properly. She keeps saying sorry because she was laughing, explaining to her mother and can’t stop even though she knows Scott is upset and in pain; it is awful but for weeks she has been sick about this and for the first time she had 10 minutes not worrying about her son because her husband broke his butt. She and Alex are laughing when suddenly Gus gasps for air and his stats drop, Alex yells for help.

Link joins Amelia and several other staff members observing what is going on in the conference room. Amelia learns that Kari is not improving, feeling they should be working as it should be moving by now. She tells Link that people are placing bets on what is going on, Link bets it is on new funding; causing Amelia to wonder how he is always assuming the worse. He believes that life has to give you good apples along with rotten ones for balance. He admits that the worst has already happened to him and he likes his theory as it works for him.

Nico and Richard are in the middle of surgery when Dr. Taryn Helm (Jaicy Elliot) says she has finished his films and reviewed all his clinic scheduled for tomorrow. She would like to scrub in, saying the entire floor is talking about how Scott broke his butt; but Nico stops her saying they are both scared their son is going to die. She apologizes, but Nico tells her to do the rounds for his post-ops; Richard reminds Nico that the man broke his butt and it is funny but Helm did nothing wrong. Nico disagrees but Richard says if they don’t find some lightness and humor is this darkness every day, no one would stay in this job. Nico thanks him for his words but remains extremely focused.

Owen has sedatives for Francis, but she worries about an allergic reaction. Owen suggests putting a blanket over her head and gets her to the car, but she refuses. Schmitt says she can do this because she promised as there is no other golden blood donor, she is a unicorn and bigfoot. She said yes and now she can’t just decide that she doesn’t want to. Owen pulls him back as Schmitt reminds her that someone could die here; Francis says she is the one who could die. She has been told since she was a little girl that her body was like a china cup and she mustn’t ever break it; part of her knows that isn’t true but the other part worries that if she bleeds, she can die; and that part always wins. She apologizes, saying she wants to help but she can’t. Owen believes he has a way to help the situation.

Owen calls Alex, putting it on video chat because Francis would like to meet Gus. His mother thanks Francis, saying Gus can’t talk right now because he had a heart attack; he is only 10 years old but his heart stopped because there isn’t enough blood in his body. Francis cries as Owen confesses that he knows what its like to be frightened by something that feels so true that it could end here, but helping this little boy is very real. She came there to do this and he will help you. He explains how he did 4 tours in Iraq and there is no one more qualified to protect her; than him. Francis takes the blanket and places it over her head, Owen telling Alex and Gus’ mom they are on their way. Owen carries her out in his arms to the waiting car.

Meredith reminds Jo that if it wasn’t for her Megan’s abdominal wall would have never happened. She tells her that Paul would be hurting his fiancee still if it wasn’t for her and Alex would not be the man he is without loving her and being loved with her. Meredith says the abuse is something she survived as she has an enormous will, enormous heart, and capacity to survive; taking all this darkness to help other people who have suffered the same. Her darkest experiences she turned into light and if the woman who gave birth to her doesn’t want to see that; it is on her, not Jo!

Meredith tells her a time when she slipped and fell into the freezing cold water, thinking for a moment of why she should fight. She admits she didn’t fight and the only reason she is there is because the people who loved her didn’t give up on her. If Jo needs a few more days or is she telling Meredith that she wants to stop? Jo pauses with tears in her eyes, saying she doesn’t want to stop but she does too. Meredith says they are going to talk to Bailey and Alex, even though she doesn’t want to. They need to get her the help and proper leave of absence from work so her job is waiting for her when she comes back. Meredith tells her that she has her back and all she has to do is take a shower, making Jo laugh when she asks if she is telling her she stinks.

Owen begs the driver to go faster but they are stuck in brutal traffic and fog rolling in. Francis sings Wham! and finally, Schmitt joins her, causing Owen to roll his eyes. Alex tells Gus’ mother that they are delayed due to traffic, Teddy interrupting them, informing them if they don’t get oxygen to Gus’ organs immediately, they are going to continue to fail. She is furious that Alex told her he would fix Gus and not give up. Alex thinks about the hyperbaric chamber, an oxygen-rich environment that will buy them some time. Teddy is called away because Kari’s CT came back and it is bad.

Jackson helps Maggie hobble back to the tent as Maggie continues to rant about genetic markers that determine whether a bug will bite you or not. Jackson is going to look up the insect on his phone, putting medication on the bite, as Maggie continues to rant. Jackson stops her from rambling, saying she needs to go to the hospital showing her all the messages from Alex, saying it is urgent and Gus is crashing fast. Jackson immediately starts packing up.

Teddy comes in to inform Kari that she has a cavitary lesion, which is the cause of her infection but they have to go in surgically to remove one of the lobes of her lungs. Link tells Toby that if they wait, she can become septic. Kari reminds her daughter about how she hated her boring job too scared to quit until Toby came home, saying she was both a man and a woman. She loves Toby and realized how much she lived in fear and it was her bravery is the reason Kari really started living. Teddy cries as Kari says Toby is the one who taught her they need to throw themselves “all in”; Kari agrees to the surgery.

Link informs Amelia that Teddy took Kari into surgery, but she can’t stay because she has Leo, who has a cold and Owen is on a rescue mission. She says she is taking him home, causing Link to ask if this is her past or future. He was okay with the pain management scenario and it wasn’t real between them, but its starting to feel like a real thing to him, wanting to know what she wants. Link says he doesn’t want to hang around for a situation that will for sure end up in pain; he wants an answer from her soon, promising to keep her updated on Kari.

Meredith arrives with Jo, saying she needs to talk to Bailey. She feels the drama can wait but Jo wants to wait. Jo asks Meredith to talk to Alex and she will talk to Bailey; She orders Andrew to stay with Jo. He suddenly gets a text from Bailey, but he is refusing to go in because Meredith told him to stay with her, but Bailey is waving him into the room. DeLuca is questioned about treating a Gabriela Riveria, he explains what they did; but is asked who “we” is that performed the surgery. When he asks what this is about, Catherine says they are inspectors from the medical group that provides his insurance and everyone at the hospital. It has come to light that Meredith submitted her own daughter’s name to pay for Gabby’s surgery and care, which is a fraud and a felony. Catherine orders him to be a lot more specific.

Tom joins Teddy, saying he is done his surgery and going home to put together a changing table. Teddy says they are doing a transfusion on Gus as he can’t handle surgery right now. Teddy says she needs to take care of something as Tom says he will order dinner for them when she gets home. Meredith sees Alex putting Gus in the chamber. She goes into it with Alex, saying she needs to talk to him. Teddy knocks on Owen’s door, finding Amelia answering it.

She asks if she is in a time portal, wanting to know if Amelia and Owen are back together because she doesn’t want to go down the road again. Amelia assures her she isn’t with Owen, only there for Leo. Teddy admits she loves Owen, it is scary but she doesn’t want to feel safe. She wants their daughter to live and have love, see love. Tom makes her laugh and feel safe but she doesn’t feel passion or rage with him, only with Owen. She has to tell Owen before her daughter is born as Amelia sees she is leaking; Teddy admits her water broke but she needed to say all that first. Teddy holds the counter as Amelia gets ready to take her in. Maggie gets the call, saying Teddy’s water broke and can’t cover for her. They were trying to leave, but a storm hits. ‘

Meredith is about to tell Alex what is going on with Jo but Andrew comes with Catherine, saying her patient Gabby Riveria is that he lied to her as she didn’t have insurance but he needed her to have the surgery and didn’t tell anyone, but he used her daughter’s name on the paperwork. She tries to stop him, but he says he got caught, wanting to apologize to her first and this isn’t fair to her and her kids because he is likely going to jail. Meredith begs him to not go to the police.

Owen tells the driver to pick it up as this is an emergency. Francis asks him to keep the window open as it reminds her of home; cushioned, softer and safer. Suddenly, they are jolted as car after car hits and there is a huge pile-up. Francis screams as Owen comforts her.