Grey’s Anatomy Recap 10/31/19: Season 16 Episode 6 “Whistlin’ Past the Graveyard”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 10/31/19: Season 16 Episode 6 "Whistlin' Past the Graveyard"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Thursday, October 31, 2019, season 16 episode 6 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 16 episode 6 called “Whistlin’ Past the Graveyard,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Alex is hoping to impress investors at Pac-Gen North, but when he hears disturbing news about skeletons on the construction site grounds, he enlists Richard to help with distraction tactics.

Teddy feels the pressure to be super-mom after tasking herself with creating original Halloween costumes for Allison and Leo, while Meredith fears she won’t make it home in time for trick-or-treating with her kids. Elsewhere, Jackson tends to a pediatric patient upset that she’s in a hospital on Halloween.

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Grey’s Anatomy begins tonight with Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) being woken up by her cellmate, who Meredith snores like a trucker and once she leaves she will be able to sleep again. Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) meets Dr Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), outside giving her a box full of costumes that his mother used to make for him and his sister when they were little and he will be back at 4 to help her with the trick or treating with the kids.

Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) is getting ready for work when his wife, Dr. Jo Karev (Camilla Luddington) asks him to help her with her dress; he reminds her that he has several investors coming to the hospital today as Jo tells him she is staying in her wedding dress because it was expensive and she is going to wear it every Halloween, but today she is going to stay home and eat most of the candy and scare all the kids. Meanwhile, Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) gets Meredith’s children ready for school, dodging questions about Meredith’s situation. Maggie walks towards the door, letting in Dr. Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) who is apologizing for being late as Maggie brags that she has got this parenting thing; as Zola reminds her that she is still in her PJs. DeLuca attempts to help Zola with her costume but she snaps at him, saying he is not her father and not to touch; an attitude that confuses him as he ushers the kids off to school.

Dr. Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) talks to Dr. Taryn Helm (Jaicy Elliot) about how he was dismissed after he told a family member that he was going with Dr. Nico Kim (Alex Landi) to Capitol Hill for Halloween. He was asked not to post pictures on social media, he refuses to allow them to ruin his Halloween and is going to finish work and have fun.

Alex walks with his potential benefactors, along with Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.); about to take them to the construction site which is on budget; but he is called away by one of the maintenance men who feel he should see the new wing before anyone else does; causing him to leave Richard behind to lead their guests their new MRI.

Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) rushes over when she finds Dr. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone), who reveals to Amelia she is pregnant like her and expresses how she is panicking and was crying when her son sent her a photo of him in his costume. She can’t allow Dr. Tom Koracick (Greg Germann) to see her crying which makes Amelia suggest if she is about to cry to press her tongue to the roof of her mouth. She tears up, thanking her for useful advice. Dr. Atticus Lincoln (Chris Carmack) finds Amelia, inviting her to a lunch with his parents. He admits they hate each other but this is the anniversary that his cancer was announced clear. He promises this year will be different and they won’t start fighting as they can announce the baby; Amelia fears they will hate her.

Mary-Rose has a diagnosis, but her skin is so tender she cannot be exposed to UV exposure. Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) checks over the burns on her arms as her mothers say they don’t know how this happened. They ask about Alex since he has treated her since birth but Jackson says Mary-Rose needs surgery but she desperately wants to go out for Halloween as it is the one night she can spend with other kids. She is told that she won’t be out of the hospital in time for that but they always have an amazing party at the hospital, filled with games and trick or treating; and she wouldn’t even need to wear her helmet. Once they walk out of the room, Jackson learns that there is no party because Dr. Karev is the one who always plans it, so he tells Schmitt that he is the one who is going to put the party together, despite the plans he already has.

Alex comes outside to the construction site, where he is shown a full skeleton amongst the dirt and he tells them he will need a minute as the investors are inside.

An ambulance arrives where two teens emerge, one with a fake ax inside his chest; Teddy tells Ricky (Eugene Ko) that they will know about his friend when they are able to check out his real organs and how imbedded the ax is.

Richard excuses himself, passing over the investors to another nurse while Alex is advised by Richard to be honest with them, but once Alex says construction has stopped due to a mass grave. Richard thinks it is a joke until Alex reveals this used to be a mental hospital and when people died and the bodies weren’t claimed they were simply buried on the grounds. Richard tells Alex to handle it as he keeps up with the investors but that explains why the place feels haunted. Jo walks in dressed as a bloody corpse, but Alex informs him of their situation as he is waiting to hear back from the county before he can figure out what to say. Hunt pages him and he tells Jo to come with him to the ICU.

They are working on the teen who is bleeding from the belly and they need to get into the OR immediately. Meanwhile, Alex finds Hunt who informs him that all their patients’ heart monitors are going off and they have no idea why; Jo tells Alex the hospital is haunted.

Amelia and Link come to meet his parents who are thrilled she gets to join them. They didn’t know Link has been seeing anyone, both disagreeing on how long they were together. Amelia laughs when his mother says a lot can change in a year; causing her to burst out laughing when she tells them she was living with her ex-husband and two children. Link’s mother announces she is getting remarried which his father doesn’t want to talk about it. His parents grab each other’s hand, surprising even Link with the news as he and Amelia looked at each other dumbfounded.

Jackson and DeLuca are busy working on Mary-Rose as he wonders how Meredith is doing. He doesn’t feel like he is welcome, explaining what Zola did to him; Jackson welcomes parenthood and her acting out is obviously for a reason and he needs to figure out. In the other OR, Teddy is sharing how Owen’s mother made all the costumes, making Miranda to remind her that making costumes doesn’t make a good mother. Teddy forgot that Tom was there, but he says that she isn’t inept, just in choosing baby daddies. He feels Halloween isn’t a holiday and shouldn’t even exist. Miranda doesn’t like Tom and can’t understand how Teddy was ever with him as he takes off to deal with any other Halloween casualties. Suddenly Miranda panics when she realizes there is something wrong with their patient and the two work together to solve it without Tom.

Meredith bugs her cellmate as she paces, but she is told that she can’t be released since they don’t have their papers. She complains that it is Halloween and her kids shouldn’t have to suffer because the judge hasn’t issued the papers yet. She tells him if there is anyone sick in his family she can help them; he admits he prefers to be on his side of the bars. Her cellmate is curious about how she is a doctor and managed to end up in jail.

Jo keeps telling Alex that his hospital is creepy. They review the patients’ charts and realize they all have had blood transfusions and now Alex needs to see the fridge where the blood is kept. Jo taking care of the patients while they check out the blood.

Link’s father shares how he signed up for a dating app, but the first person they set him up with is Maureen. They both joined two other apps and matched again and again; so on the third one she finally messaged him to laugh about the apps, they went for coffee and turns out the apps weren’t so dumb. He asks Link to be his best man, at first speechless; but then reminds them how they made their divorce hell for him. It took him years to manage parents who could barely sit together through lunch and now he doesn’t know what to say. Amelia tries to calm him down, but he says they don’t get to tell him what to say as he abruptly informs them they are going to be grandparents and he and Amelia would never do that to their child what they did to him. He leaves the table, saying he needs some air, leaving Amelia to announce, “Surprise!”

Alex and Owen check the blood, learning the blood has gone bad and they need to give labs immediately or the ICU is going to be full of corpses. He tells the nurse they need to order the blood from the Central Blood Supply as that is why it is there.

Teddy and Bailey talk about their kids going out for Halloween, as Miranda says she has other things to worry about and it is clear she is clenching her tongue to the top of her mouth. She reminds her not to worry about the costume, it’s more important to spend time with her kids than having an amazing costume.

Meredith explains her entire story to her cellmate, Lily (Amelia Morck), who reveals she has 2 kids at home. She hasn’t had a hearing yet and was charged with assaulting an officer after she was just waving them off but accidentally hit one; resulting in her kids ending up in foster care and her having no money for a lawyer. She tells Meredith she can keep whining about losing her medical license, or she can sit down with her and help her finish the puzzle.

Amelia comes out to find Link, who doesn’t understand why he is so mad. She doesn’t think he is angry about them getting remarried but this day was supposed to be about him, as a celebration of his survival of cancer and they managed to make it all about them. He says she got the parenting thing down pretty good as she offers to stand by him; if he wants to leave or stay.

Schmitt is trying to decorate the hospital when a young boy approaches him, saying he can’t find a costume and asks if he wants to help him. He stops texting Nico and helps the little boy. Jackson wants to go back to Mary-Rose’s room as DeLuca stays with Maggie. She tells him that Zola doesn’t want to be in daycare; after DeLuca says he is busy he tells Zola she can stay with him but she doesn’t look impressed with him at all.

Jackson asks Mary-Rose what really happened and all she wants is Dr. Alex; which he agrees to do but Jackson only impersonates Alex and she responds. She informs him that she got a cat from her mom’s, but she ran out of the house a few days and she ran out to get the cat, worried she would get hit by a car. She ran out with her helmet on but without her jacket. Jackson tells her this is her one pass and won’t inform her moms. Jackson uses this as a teaching moment for DeLuca, saying there is always a way to get them to talk, you just need to find that one way in.

Schmitt shows his patient a dozen costumes of superheroes but he doesn’t want to be any of them. He finally confesses he simply wants to be a sunflower, which Schmitt smiles over.

Link’s parents suggest two weddings in the next year, but both Link and Amelia say they are only focusing on the baby who is due late Spring. His parents wonder when she is due as they put a deposit on a hall for the third week in April; Link takes his arms back from Amelia as his parents see his disappointment, admitting they can reschedule.

Meredith wants to know how Lily is coping with everything as there is nothing to think about other than how you screwed up. She explains she reads, does puzzles and plays gin with another cellmate. Meredith gets her walking papers, apologizing that she won’t help her finish the puzzle; they wish each other good luck as Grey leaves.

DeLuca is unable to find Zola until he finds her in the surgical gallery. DeLuca asks if they can talk, saying he would like for them to get along asking what he did wrong. She explains that her dad sewed her rip wings before he died and doesn’t like it when anyone touches them and doesn’t want to forget her dad. DeLuca says her dad was a legend and people talk about him all the time at the hospital. He tells her a story about her father, saving a young boy named Isaac who had a massive tumor. DeLuca spends a lot of time explaining to a very intuitive Zola.

Alex is frustrated with his staff who keeps insisting the hospital is haunted. He says the corpse bride is his wife in a costume; the patients got sick because the refrigerator is broken and there is a burial ground where the new wing is going, ordering them to stop spreading rumors and get back to work; unfortunately, the investors hear Alex saying “burial ground!”

Meredith receives her personal effects but tells the guard she has a small favor to ask but not something that will get either one of them in trouble.

In the meantime, Teddy comes out, revealing that Austin is okay but he was seriously injured. He is in the ICU but doing fine now; his loved ones are allowed to see him as Ricky asks if he can take photos of his injuries to bring to the contest. Bailey shouts that Catherine may have made him the chief of chiefs but she didn’t make him the Halloween Grinch. He apologizes which makes Bailey question why he has no snarky comeback.

He admits he used to like Halloween as his son David loved it. He talks about how David wanted to so badly be Luke Skywalker, which was a good costume but David died two weeks before Halloween. He couldn’t bring himself to take the costume down from the door after that for months. Miranda fights back the tears, but she bursts into tears with Tom trying to comfort her.

At Pacific Northwest, Alex wants to get out of the hospital. Jo tells him how amazing he is for making the house of horrors into a legit hospital. He gets the funding, as the investors were impressed with how he handled everything. He suggests they do something to celebrate. She feels she is dressed for that as Alex suggests a place.

At Meredith’s, Amelia brings a plate full of junk to Link, wishing him a happy anniversary. Meredith walks in, greeted by her kids, Deluca, Maggie, Link, and Amelia. She says she had a lot of time to think but if she loses her medical license she has a lot to work with and will figure things out. She has to call her lawyer, with help for a puzzle before they hand out candy.

Teddy walks down the hospital halls, telling Owen her costume is her scrubs as she cannot be what his mother was. He knows this and says he only brought the costumes for her use them, not that he was trying to shame her into sewing costumes. Owen looks at the kids, scoffing her for dressing their babies as zombies. Bailey suggests to Teddy that she should buy costumes next year as the kids begin to arrive for the party. Nico surprised Schmitt at the party and he tells Taryn he is posting the photo as joy is meant to be shared. She jokes that a vampire and sunflower are serious kink.

Jo and Alex rush off to the city hall and are in the middle of the ceremony exchanging vows when Jo announces she is pregnant; joking saying she scared him. She laughs at how shocked he was and continues with the vows.

Back in the cell, the guard walks over to Lily telling her that her bail was anonymously posted and it is time for her to go.