Hawaii Five-0 Recap 02/22/19: Season 9 Episode 16 and 17

Hawaii Five-0 Recap 02/22/19: Season 9 Episode 16 and 17

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 air with an all-new Friday, February 22, 2019, episode and we have your Hawaii Five-0 recap below.  On tonight’s Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 16 and 17 double episode called, “Hapai Ke Kuko, Hanau Ka Hewa (When Covetousness is Conceived, Sin is Born) and hawaii five-0: e’ao lu’au a kualima (offer young taro leaves to)” as per the CBS synopsis, “The top salesperson for a beauty company-pyramid scheme is murdered, and Five-0 sifts through a long list of possible suspects who would want her dead.

Also, Adam befriends a homeless man estranged from his family. Junior is torn between his duties as a member of Five-0 and his feelings for his former girlfriend when her new love, the father of her son, is one of the culprits in a bank-heist-turned-homicide.”

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The team investigated the murder of Gwendoline Baker. She had been enjoying herself with an excursion trip called Sirens of the Seven Seas and that was more or less mermaid camp for rich people. The women that went through with it had to shell out ten thousand dollars for expertly done mermaid fins and so it wasn’t something the average Jane or Joe would consider, but Gwendoline had no trouble affording it. She worked at a company called Plum & Rose beauty and it was a lifestyle company. It teaches women about beauty and health. And what it doesn’t mention if that it’s a pyramid scheme.

The company was all about living the best life with pseudo-feminism involved, but women would buy packages worth thousands of dollars and they weren’t able to offload it or even get their money back. They all thought that if they joined the company that they would be living the rich lifestyle that saleswomen like Gwendoline promised them and unfortunately all they ended up was debt. She had helped conned them and that left a lot of people angry. There was one person that vandalized her Benz by writing the word “DIE” all over it and so, of course, someone murdered her. They even robbed her of dignity in death.

Gwendoline was killed with rat poison that caused her to bleed from all of her orifices. It was a horrible way to die and it gave Kalani a rather large window to work with. The Medical Examiner believed that Gwendoline could have been poisoned anywhere between forty-eight years and so the team chose to not focus on the husband. Josh Baker was on a golfing trip and he’s been gone for two days. But the team still felt they had people that the company ripped off. They tracked down the women that vandalized the victim’s car and they found out Makani Pule couldn’t have done it. She was detoxing it after having lost her life savings and so she was ruled out.

The company still ripped off hundreds more and that meant there were still people to check, but the team felt searching the victim’s home would give them a better picture of her timeline. Gwendoline shared a large mansion with her husband and there had been a bunch of healthy food in her refrigerator. She had all the makings of a smoothie and Jerry went on to find a Plum and Beauty Collage smoothie mix. The mix calls for kale and sadly kale bares resemblance to foxglove. It was the foxglove and the taste of it could easily be disguised in a smoothie that would automatically taste sweet.

Jerry checked the smoothie mix and the bag had been tampered with. Someone had slit it open and then stitched back together once the deadly foxglove had been added. Therefore, Gwendoline’s husband was back as a suspect seeing as spouses do tend to use poison. Josh wasn’t rich as his wife and they had a prenup that said he would get nothing if they divorced. Something of which Gwendoline was considering. She had divorce papers on her laptop and so he husband was asked about those. He said that his wife had a temper and would act before thinking. And despite that, he still claimed to have loved her.

Josh said he would never have killed her over something like money and that he had been trying to work on their marriage because lately, she had been acting strangely. She had been more short-tempered than usual and she wouldn’t tell him why. The team wasn’t sure if they believed Josh when he said he didn’t kill his wife, but they were sure that was more going on with her. Gwendoline had accessed her work files and there was a discrepancy. Her files showed one thing and the files that her boss provided showed another. This women, Jocelyn, claimed that Gwendoline had sold starter kits to seventy-nine more people that didn’t exist.

There was only one reason why she would do something like that. The boss was using her company to launder money and the money was traced back to organized crime from Detroit. Who knows if Gwendoline ever found out about it, but the team thought it best to ask Jocelyn and so they went to her hotel to find her though they came across the body of her dead husband. It seems he and his wife were trying to flee when someone stopped them. Probably the crime bosses from Detroit. The husband tried to put up a fight and was killed for it while his wife, as well as their two children, were taken. And so the team tried to piece together what happened by going over everyone’s reasoning.

They reasoned that the crime lords learned that the police were sniffing around and that came to get their money, but saw Jocelyn trying to flee and that’s why she was taken. She knew where the money was and she had started the whole mess because her laptop she was the one that poisoned Gwendoline. Gwendoline perhaps started asking one too many questions and that she why she had been murdered. Only her boss didn’t know that she had been taken medication and that the medication in combination with the foxglove would cause her to bleed out the way she did. It would just have looked like she had a heart attack if everything had gone as planned.

But either way, Jocelyn messed up. She created a problem and her bosses moved in to clean house, but luckily the team found her before she handed over the money and so they were able to offer their assistance with her getting her kids back. They were being ransomed and odds they would have still been murdered despite promises that were made. And so it was good thing Five-0 was there when they were so desperately needed.

Adam dealt with a personal matter during the latest case and so he missed on teasing Tani for her love of mermaids, but with Five-0, there always another case around the corner. The team soon learned of a crew that expertly stole two point six million dollars from a bank.

This thieving crew managed to stop the original armored truck from going to the bank. They had apparently gotten to Carl Norris’ wife and by keeping her hostage they got Norris to turn on his partner. He forced the guy to pull over and then knocked him though not before he tied his partner to the steering wheel. One Norris was in control, the crew picked him up in their version of the armored truck and they drove to the bank. They had Norris vouch for one them and so that’s how they gained admittance into the vault. The rest of the crew swooped in when they had the advantage and most of them kept the people in the bank on the floor. Everyone was told to look down and one person almost defied them.

The defiant one was Jenny. She grew up with Junior and so he later gave an account of recognizing the voice. It was why she hadn’t looked down like all the rest. She recognized one of the robbers and she only looked down when she realized he could have recognized her as well. Jenny kept her head down as the thieves emptied out the vault and killed Norris before killing the bank manager. They didn’t have to kill those people and so, unfortunately, there was someone in their crew that was a little trigger happy. The guy smirked as began killing people and one of his friends had to step in to get him to remember his priorities. And so the crew eventually left in the truck they had tricked out with bulletproof glass and other accessories that allowed them to get through a police roadblock.

 But the team had Jenny. Jenny told Junior that the man she recognized was Tory Laeha and that she was sure of it. She said the eyes, the body type, and even the voice were all his. There was just one problem with it being Tory. Tory was Layla’s boyfriend and Layla was Junior’s ex. He still cares about Layla and so he didn’t want to ruin her life. He thought it would go better if he went to see her in person and he asked Tani to cover for him. She owed him because he covered for her when she found a gun in Adam’s house and so she did as he asked. Tani told everyone he was following up on a lead and the truth is that Junior was making everything harder than it has to be. He went to Layla’s house as a friend and he tried to convince her that her boyfriend was out robbing banks.

Of course, she wasn’t going to believe him. Layla accused him of making it up because she knew that her boyfriend was at work at an autobody shop and so she kicked Junior out of her house. He could have gone to his boss after that and instead he tracked down Tory. The man was out having lunch and Junior confronted him. He told Tory that he knew he robbed a bank that morning and that he should just turn himself in. Like anyone would reasonably do that when they don’t have to. Tory figured Junior didn’t have the evidence to come after him through the right channels and so he walked away from Junior’s offer.

Tory later met with his crew. He told them about his latest problem and how a member of Five-0 was looking into him, but they didn’t think they needed to take action and so they didn’t know that Junior followed Tory to the meeting. Junior took photos of everyone and then went back to McGarrett. McGarrett was told everything and Junior apologized for keeping quiet so long. He said there was nothing he wouldn’t do for Layla and was actually warned about that blind spot of his. Junior said he would be smarter going forward and he was. He also did the right thing with those photos because they finally saw the faces behind the masks.

The team used the photos to identify the crew and they even brought in the taskmaster who turned out to be Robert Castor. Castor worked for the armored truck company and then he retired, but there was some kind of incident that stopped Castor from getting his pension and so that’s when began robbing banks. He had his crew slowly work their way up using small jobs and robbing the vault should have been it for everyone. Then someone got trigger happy, another failed to kill Norris’s wife and finally, Tory was identified. It was a downhill battle since the last job and Tory tried to fix everything by texting Junior by pretending to be Layla.

Only Layla never called her ex Junior. It was Tory’s mistake to use that name because it alerted Junior and he brought along his team when he went to meeting place. Tory went there expecting to kill Junior and it was an ambush. Tory tried to run and Junior followed him, but Tory hadn’t wanted to go back to jail. He raised his gun because he’d rather die than go back and sadly it had been up to Junior to take that shot. He shot Tory and Tory later died from his wounds.

Junior’s friend had all tried to support him because he had been a made a tough decision in the field, but he always ever able to talk to Tani and admit to her how much it hurt when Layla chose Tory over him.


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