How to Get Away With Murder Recap 10/31/19: Season 6 Episode 6 “Family Sucks”

How to Get Away With Murder Recap 10/31/19: Season 6 Episode 6 "Family Sucks"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)  airs with an all-new Thursday, October 31, 2019, episode and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 6 episode 6, “Family Sucks” as per the ABC synopsis “Annalise intervenes in Michaela’s relationship with her father and asks for his help in return. Because Nate still doesn’t trust Tegan, he attempts to get in good with someone who was once close to her.

After Asher reunites and has an unpleasant conversation with his estranged mother, he shares a meaningful moment with Michaela. Elsewhere, Connor finally learns why he was originally picked for the Keating 5.

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How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM) begins tonight with Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) and Gabriel Maddox (Rome Flynn) in the shower, making out as she pushes him out of the shower, saying she is going to be late for class. Gabe notices that Michaela’s phone is going crazy and there is a message from Annalise Keating (Viola Davis), but she says she has no idea what she wants and heads over to her place. Michaela finds out this is about Soloman Vick (Ray Campbell) and she is mad that Gabe told her.

Solomon comes out of the kitchen, saying he will do anything he can to fix them, but she feels he is only doing it to save his brand and for no one to know he is a deadbeat. He admits he is scared of dying without ever getting to know her; that is why he involved Annalise. Michaela tells Annalise that he wrote her a blank check. She vents about how she needed him growing up and how she was mentally and emotionally abused. She spits venom saying she hates both of them right now and storms off.

Michaela immediately goes to see Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) and Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee), ranting about what just happened at Annalise’s and pulls out a bottle of alcohol. She is reminded that class is in less than an hour as Connor suggests she takes the money and hire an investigator; as he laments that he hates how Annalise knows something about Connor that he doesn’t. Oliver gets a message, only commenting on how weird it is.

Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) tends to a healing Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber), showing Frank that she asked Oliver to stay with him. She tells him that Frank really wants a sponge bath and he is not to leave Frank’s side at all. Meanwhile, Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) is with his mother and sister, Chloe Millstone (Kelen Coleman). He dances a jog as his sister says she will be smiling for days over him dancing. Their mother knows they planned this to snap her out of her depression; so she dismisses herself, saying she is tired. Asher reminds Chloe that the doctor said this could take a few weeks, but he wants them to take her to the doctor and get her injections. He tells his sister he is not the only adult here, offering to leave his car behind for his sister who has no license.

Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) is working out hoping to pry for some information as she agrees to come home with him for information as well.

Annalise reveals to Solomon she needs the money to disappear as the FBI has been gunning for her ever since Sam died. She knows he has the money and blackmails him, saying he’d never have all this money if she hadn’t kept his dirty Michaela secret all this time. She says she will talk to Michaela again to see what her options are as Solomon says she hasn’t changed as she still likes to quit things; just like she quit on the two of them!

Oliver is told to distract Frank by telling him a story. He mentions that he had his first threesome, but he is ordered out of the room when Annalise demands to see Frank alone. She wants to know why Frank would believe that she had something to do with Laurel Castillo’s (Karla Souza) disappearance. She reminds him that the two of them came up with their own lie that night as Frank suggests they should just tell them. Annalise warns him that Bonnie almost tried to kill herself and won’t allow it to happen again. She takes his pain meds, saying she won’t allow his high ass to bury his own soul. He tells her that Xavier Castillo (Gerardo Celasco) has Wes’ confession but she tells him not to worry about it as she has it handled.

Annalise speaks to Michaela, Asher, and Connor, asking if they want to bitch slap the Castillos, saying they are going to file a restraining order against the whole family, making the courts aware that they will do anything to take them all down. She tells them to draft a restraining order with everything awful the family has done to them, all silencing up when Gabriel walks in. Michaela gives him the cold shoulder, saying he told Annalise about Solomon and they are definitely fighting again.

Outside, Annalise has no intention of apologizing to her as she understands she hates her but why would Michaela go through all this trouble to find him only to push him away. Michaela is extremely angry, admitting that he is the fantasy and fairytale version a father should be, but he chose himself over her. Annalise knows what it is like to hate a father, but hating him is only going to hurt her and she needs to make sure she is pushing him away for the right reasons.

Solomon gets a message from Annalise, who said she did her part, now it is his turn. He makes a call to Lindsay saying he might have a new client for her.

Nate brings Cora (Mercedes Mason) back to his house where they kiss a little before she confronts him about wanting her to reveal secrets about her ex. She insists her ex, Tegan Price (Amirah Vann) had nothing to do with his father’s death and she only has stock in a company Jorge Castillo gave to her 10 years prior. She suggests he ask Tegan herself, or she can just give her the recording she just made.

Tegan gets the recording, and Bonnie insists she told Nate that he was wrong about her but Tegan wants to know if Annalise knows about this, ordering Bonnie to get her shady ass out of her firm!

Solomon doesn’t understand why Annalise would want to give up the life she has as she asks if her private jet is on the way. Solomon says things aren’t as simple as her taking a plane to some desolate beach. She understands she will lose everything, but reminds him that she isn’t the only quitter there, as he ditched his legal aid dreams when a big firm came calling. He wants to know if Michaela is involved in whatever she is running from. He reminds her how much he regrets abandoning his daughter so Annalise suggests if he wants his daughter in his life, he better chase her as she wants to feel wanted.

Asher is happy about the restraining order, everyone helping fill it in, but they are interrupted when Chloe arrives at the door; saying she can’t accept any more emotional abuse but Connor doesn’t want her to stay as they have exams coming up. Chloe knows she is hated but takes the entire bottle of alcohol, complaining about how bad it is and they all must be really poor.

Tegan confronts Nate about his conspiracy theories and he lets her in so they can speak about it. She swears on all her families’ graves, promising he had nothing to do with his father’s death. He is surprised her whole family is dead. She insists it wasn’t her and the sooner he accepts that the sooner he can get over his grief. He wants to know if it was Jorge who taught her to lie like that and escorts her out of his place but she promises if he comes after her again, he will see his father a lot sooner than he thinks!

Chloe is teaching Connor how to dance as everyone is fed up with her attitude. Oliver returns, as Michaela says that his family needs to apologize a lot more before he takes them back in. Oliver says that they as a family, do not suck. Chloe tells him she is stealing his husband and he suggests that she better grow a penis. Connor mouths for them to help him as Asher begs Michaela to make it stop.

Bonnie spoon feeds Frank, questioning him on what Annalise had to say. She realizes his pain killers are gone, lying that Annalise didn’t take them and he has a high pain tolerance; Bonnie calls the doctor for more medication.

At Caplan & Gold, everyone has the restraining order ready but Connor won’t hand it over until she tells him why she chose him for the K5. Annalise says she doesn’t remember why saying it has to be boring in order for her to forget. Annalise says they need to play offense with the Castillos as this order may force the FBI to focus on Xavier rather than them. Michaela is furious when she sees her father arrive, Asher greets him; claiming to be her ex-boyfriend as Gabriel Maddox introduces himself as the boyfriend. Michaela brings Solomon into Annalise’s office, demanding to know if the two of them were ever together romantically; forcing Annalise to confess that she is not her mother. Michaela storms off as Solomon reminds Annalise she is the one who told him to chase his daughter.

Tegan is walking in the parking garage when Cora arrives. She feels Cora was throwing salt on the wound, but she admits she never said she didn’t love Tegan but she definitely had no plans to sleep with Nate. She tells Cora that Nate is Annalise’s ex and this is awkward. She demands to know why that would matter unless Tegan likes Annalise. Tegan orders her to stay out of her life.

Gabe walks in, finding Asher and Michaela whispering, Michaela says the reason he isn’t meeting her father is that she is fighting with him. He knows Michaela is going to forgive him, as he is a good man and if her father does get to meet him, he would be proud as he is going to make their justice system better. He says he would love to have her by his side; but she reminds him it would be him by her side, only when she forgives him. He walks out, saying he will be waiting for her.

Bonnie lets Connor in, demanding to know why he was picked for the K5. Bonnie says Annalise didn’t pick him, she did! He swears she is lying but Bonnie said she always let them pick one student. Frank picked Laurel and she chose him because of his application essay, writing about shutting down a gay conversion camp shut down when he was an undergrad. She tells him she was a survivor and knowing he stood up for those kids when no one else would, it made a huge difference and she wanted to get to know him. He had hoped it was his mind that got him picked, as Bonnie tells him he is not a bad guy. She reminds him that they are all tired and nothing good comes from hating yourself. He insists she deserves more good than what she’s had; she tells him the same thing.

Solomon calls Annalise as Tegan rushes in, telling her about Nate and Cora. She reveals she fired Bonnie for being a snoop. Annalise has to rush off, saying she filed a restraining order against the Castillo family; Tegan asks if she has lost her mind as the last time she took them on, Emmett died and Annalise ended up on a bender. She says she is doing this out of fear, feeling if she had been through what they had been through, she would learn to fight too, rather than live in fear.

Annalise walks through the courthouse, Solomon was called to testify against her, demanding to know what he has gotten him into. They fight it out in court, as they want to call Mr. Solomon Vick to the stand as he can attest to her illegal activities. Annalise reveals to the judge that she did ask him to help her flee the country using her fear of the Castillo family as the reason. The judge orders Mr. Vick to take the stand.

Bonnie bandages up Frank’s belly, as he admits the meds are working like a charm. He asks Bonnie if he can tell her something, asking her why they are waiting to go to Oregon, a place Bonnie always wanted to escape to. Frank says he came back because he was worried and afraid for Bonnie. He wants her to say yes to go but she insists he is high and they will talk later.

Solomon is questioned in detail but invokes his 5th amendment. The defendant asks him if he knows Michaela Pratt is under investigation for murder. Annalise stops the questioning saying the Castillos own a huge telecommunications company and this is one of the reasons she wants to run; questioning whether they are bugging everyone’s phone, including the judge’s. She reveals she is considering this because she is terrified and wants to be protected. She tells the judge either the legal system protects her or they will kill her.

A short time later, Annalise calls, saying they won the restraining order and everyone must destroy their phones. Annalise tells Solomon the Castillos and FBI only want her, as she reminds Solomon that she isn’t the only bad person there. She saw him at his worse, using all the women in his life; including Michaela and is nothing without a strong woman by his side. She reminds him that the feminist crap isn’t sold to any woman with half a brain. He says however this ends for her, he hopes she finally lets go of all the hate inside of her.

Asher sits with Chloe as their mother prays over their meal. She begs that one day Asher will be forgiven for his sins; Chloe tries to stop them as Asher demands to know if his mother still blames him for his dad dying. He is shocked that she has forgiven him, but he is the one who should be forgiving them as his dad died and he was left all alone. He talks about depression and how he wanted to kill himself. She says the only way to get into heaven is to beg God to forgive for all their sins. He smashes the glass and tells him, mom, she is the only one going to hell and storms out of the house.

Annalise is smashing the phones and computers as Tegan goes to see Nate, saying Annalise suggested she forgive him and she is going to give him what he wants so he stops barking up the wrong tree. She wants them to file a civil suit against the cops and the prison where his father was. Annalise opens her door after there is a knock and finds a package.

Bonnie is smashing the phones when Frank admits he was high but he still meant every word. Bonnie says she cannot go as she doesn’t know if she is ready to move on from Ron and his death. She simply is not saying now, asking for more time. Annalise opens the envelope where there are several passports with the name Justine Brooks. She smiles as the others realize they didn’t call Asher to tell him about smashing the phones and the restraining order. There is a loud pounding at the door and it is Solomon saying he is taking Michaela out of there as she is in way over her head.

He knows that she is involved with Gabriel. He knows that she wants a father and a father protects the people they love. She insists she has been saving and protecting herself for a long time and demands him to acknowledge all the things she has done. She feels had she grown up with all his privileges, but tells him she is good and will do it all on her own; with him being sorry that he isn’t at her side. She thanks him for abandoning her as it only made her greater than she already was. She tells him not to show up in her life ever again and walks back into the house.

Annalise starts up her new phone as Michaela rips up the check from her father. Asher walks in, telling her that she was right and family sucks as he was stupid enough to think his family had changed. He says they are not his family, Michaela is as she always had his back and both admit how much they mean to each other. He is the only man in her life that has never lied to her nor left her; he promises he would never do that as he is in love with her and always will be. Michaela touches his chest, and kisses him, asking if that is okay. She worries about Gabriel as Asher reminds her that Gabe isn’t the one, Asher is!

Bonnie opens the door, letting in a very solemn Asher who is covered in blood. She wants to know what he is doing there.