Instinct Recap 08/11/19: Season 2 Episode 7 “After Hours”

Instinct Recap 08/11/19: Season 2 Episode 7 "After Hours"

Tonight on CBS their new drama series starring Alan Cumming called Instinct airs with an all-new Sunday, August 11, 2019, episode and we have your Instinct recap below. On tonight’s Instinct season 2 episode 7 called, “After Hours,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Dylan and Lizzie go undercover in New York’s erotic underworld when they investigate the murder of a high-powered public relations rep.

Also, a glamorous love from Julian’s comes back into his life with a proposal he can’t resist.

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The Sleeping Beauty killer revealed himself to the world. He called in on a podcast and he admitted to killing several individuals. He also took pleasure in the shock he produced. The killer liked the attention and now he was getting it. It was all over the news. The cameraman has even set up shop right outside the precinct and so Dylan thought they needed to regain the narrative. He also told the detectives how to go about it. They needed to talk to the guy who interviewed their killer, but at the last minute, Dylan let Ryan handle the interview.

Ryan talked to Dennis Walker. He asked about the interview and why the guy hadn’t called the cops. Only Dennis had never interviewed the killer. It turns out the killer had left a message on his answering machine and that Dennis then proceeded to cut and piece it together like it was an actual interview. Ryan reminded Dennis what happens to the killer’s enemies and so that got Dennis scared. He agreed to work with the cops on what to do next, but no one expected another body would drop so soon. The news was calling it another Sleeping Beauty murder and in reality, they were wrong. It was really a body that was made to appear as if was a Sleeping Beauty murder.

The police ended up having a copycat on their hands. This other killer doesn’t kill as cleanly as the Sleeping Beauty killer and he didn’t bludgeon his victim to death. That alone showed he didn’t know the real killer’s M.O. This new killer had also shot his victim before he covered her up with a coat. There was no planning that went into it so the killer might have panicked. The victim was even dressed up as she was enjoying a night out and this was a clear sign she wasn’t posed. The killer didn’t bother to remove the woman’s wig and so yeah this new killer was in a rush.

They also weren’t smart enough to remove the woman’s belongings. She had a hotel card in her pocket and so that’s where Dylan and Lizzie began their investigation. They were assigned this copycat murder. They weren’t needed with the Sleeping Beauty case and so they went to the hotel to talk to people who last saw their victim. There they found out the victim’s name was Vivian. She was apparently very rich and she had a bunch of contacts on her phone that didn’t have last names. Now, both Lizzie and Dylan were thinking she was a madame.

It would explain the whole rich and powerful angle to Vivian. It just didn’t explain the club tattoo on her arm. Neither of them could pinpoint where the club that came from, so they asked the concierge at the hotel because those guys were usually the ones that handle all the bookings and they got lucky by talking to one woman. She said she got Vivian into an exclusive sex club. It was very selective and it may even be where Vivian met this “Sasha”. The name was in her datebook and it seems to be the last person she met with before she died.

Dylan and Lizzie talked about it and they both realized that they needed to get into that club. They got the concierge to make a booking for them. They also both dressed up for their undercover work and that led to Dylan having a minor spat with his husband Andy. Andy didn’t like that Dylan was going back undercover. It reminded him of when Dylan was in the CIA and when they could barely talk about Dylan’s work. Andy hated those days, so he didn’t want to be reminded of them and he only calmed down when he saw Lizzie.

Lizzie was dressed to the nines. She was looking so good that Julian tried hitting on her and was turned down flat. Lizzie was ready for the undercover work, but that didn’t stop Julian from worrying and so he remained plugged in on what happened on the club. He was keeping an eye on them when he lost contact with Lizzie. Lizzie following a woman that told her where Sasha is and so Lizzie met a dominator. A guy that would tell her what do and who would punish her for being a bad girl.

Lizzie didn’t know how to get out of the situation. So, she was rescued by Dylan who got her away from Sasha and they quickly left club afterward. They didn’t need to stay there once they had Sasha in their sights. They waited for Sasha to leave the club and they caught him on unaware. He almost attacked them once he noticed he was being followed. Sasha said that there was a lot of muggings in the neighborhood and that everyone was on edge after a woman died the other night. And what Sasha told them had resonated something in Lizzie.

Lizzie thought about it and she came to the conclusion that someone might have tried mugging Vivian. Then something went wrong. Either she fought back or her mugger panicked tried, but something happened and she was killed because her mugger had no way out. Lizzie followed her theory and Dylan lent his help to Ryan. Ryan went on the podcast and he taunted the killer. He did everything that Dylan suggested. He also took the phone call that inevitably came in and he talked to the killer.

The killer made it all out to be a game. He also proved that he was the killer by revealing certain details about the case and so Dylan got a lot out of that phone call. He noticed that the killer was overly familiar with Ryan. It was almost as if he knew Ryan from before and Dylan told Ryan his thoughts. He then left Ryan thinking as he rejoined Lizzie. Lizzie found chipped nail polish in the alley and she connected it to Gemma the concierge. Gemma was in a lot of debt. She had no way of paying it off until one day she began paying it off in thousands and so Lizzie figured out what she was going.

Gemma would send her clientele to clubs where she would be waiting in the shadows. Then she would rob them wearing a mask and using a gun and it had worked for her. She was practically on a roll when it all went wrong with Vivian. Vivian died and Gemma was so scared that she couldn’t clean up the scene. She left her nail polish chips behind. Which Lizzie recognized because she remembered Gemma scratching off her nail polish as a nervous tick and so she got a warrant for Gemma’s apartment. And once they found that gun, Gemma crumbled.

Gemma was sick of people with so much wealth. She had to make their lives perfect and wasn’t tipped or even paid enough to do it. Gemma started mugging them because she resented them, but now she was facing life in prison for Vivian’s murder.

So, there went the copycat.