Madam Secretary Recap 03/03/19: Season 5 Episode 15 “Between the Seats”

Madam Secretary Recap 03/03/19: Season 5 Episode 15 "Between the Seats"

Tonight on CBS Madam Secretary airs with an all-new Sunday, March 3, 2019, season 5 episode 15 called, “Between the Seats,” and we have your Madam Secretary recap below. On tonight’s Madam Secretary season 5 episode 15, as per the CBS synopsis, “Elizabeth visits the Middle East to finalize a deal to bring U.S. troops home, but complications arise when a local woman’s life is threatened by rumors of a romance with one of Elizabeth’s staffers. Also, Henry provides relationship advice to Elizabeth’s brother, Will (Eric Stoltz).

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Liz, Henry, the kids, and their relatives sit down for family dinner. Liz’s niece wants to say grace but her father says no. He wants to have a family talk later about why. Things become uncomfortable. His wife tells their daughter to say it. She does. He gets annoyed. Later, Liz vents to Henry about her brother’s lack of faith and the way he handled the situation. She asks Henry to talk to him and give him advice. Henry doesn’t think that is a good idea.

Matt shows up at the office. He is packed and ready to head to Kabul for his mother’s 70th birthday. He is her surprise. Meanwhile, Liz is concerned about a deal with Afghanistan they have been working on. The US will give them a hefty aid package. They discuss when the troops will come home.

On the plane, Matt meets and talks to a foreign woman who is leaving the US to see her family after consulting with US doctors about her heart problems. When they head off the plane, he wishes her and her advocate well.

At the embassy, Liz meets with leaders while Matt listens. Outside he hears yelling. It is the young girl from the plane. She screams for help. The soldiers open the gate after Matt tells them too. She rushes in. Men are chasing her. They want to kill her because of him, she tells Matt.

Matt learns from Daisy and Jay that a teen sitting behind him on the plane turned his encounter with the girl into a false love story of the two meeting. Matt tells them what really happened and it was certainly all innocent. Jay tells him they have offered the girl asylum but she has rejected their help. Liz comes in. They are going to deal with this and she tells Matt this isn’t his fault. Matt offers to meet the girl’s parents to explain. They can keep her until they cannot any longer.

Liz’s brother shows up at the house to see Henry. He wants to apologize for the other night.

Liz’s brother explains that he recently wanted to send his daughter to Catholic school but his wife didn’t want them too. Now they are fighting about saying grace. Henry tells him there has to be more to their fight. Maybe they need to go to counseling. Liz meets with the Afghan

President who is angry about the girl and Matt. He wants her released and wants to put their deal on hold.

Matt meets with the young woman’s father and uncle. He explains himself through a translator. They tell him they are calm now and will not hurt her. They only want her home. Matt and jay visit the woman at the embassy. She tells them her mother just called and warned her that they will still kill her if she comes home.

Liz and her team meet again to decide what to do. meanwhile, her brother has come back to the house. He and his wife are separating. Henry offers him a place to stay.

At the embassy, Liz and jaywalk the grounds and talk about their dilemma. They are pulled inside for safety. A bomb went off at another base. It was a message from the Taliban about the girl. Liz is confronted by the secretary of defense who is angry Liz is letting this girl get in their way and affect their deal as well as threaten the lives of their troops.

Matt is told that the young woman has been arranged to marry a much older man. This way she will not be killed. Matt is disgusted. It is too late for him to do anything. She is being brought out of the embassy and to her new life.

Liz signs the new deal with Afghanistan before heading home. When she arrives, she sees her brother in the kitchen. They sit and talk about his failing marriage. He has no idea what he is doing. She apologizes for parenting him too much. He is a grown man.


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