Masterchef Recap 08/21/19 Season 10 Episode 20 “One Pan Wonder”

Tonight on FOX Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef returns with an all-new episode on Wednesday, August 21, 2019, season 10 episode 20 called “One Pan Wonder,” and we have your weekly Masterchef recap below. On tonight’s Masterchef episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Daphne Oz is tasked with revealing the contents of the Mystery Box challenge to the Top Eight.

The contestants then have 60 minutes to create an elevated one-pan-wonder dish using a staple kitchen tool: the cast iron pan. The trick will be to craft a dish that not only tastes delicious but also highlights the efficiency of the cast iron pan.

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MasterChef begins tonight with Chef Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Sanchez and Joe Bastianich questioning the Top 8 who they are doing this for as Joe tells Dorian he could see her winning this. Tonight they all will be facing elimination; not one fighting for immunity. They put on their black aprons, facing a HUGE mystery box challenge with an even bigger mystery guest – Daphne Oz. The boxes are lifted, to reveal a single cast iron pan; in the is a challenge they have to make a mind-blowing dish as a “one pan wonder!”

Daphne starts by showing them how she makes her chicken thigh one-pot wonder; crushing spices and herbs with the pot; suggesting the less they do and the more they let the pan do, the better it is. The Top 8 cooks are given 1 hour and the top dish will be officially published on the Family Circle website. 60 Minutes are placed on the clock and Daphne counts them in. Three minutes is gone and Dorian sand Subha is still in the pantry.

With 50 minutes to go, Bri reveals she is going to do a pan-seared salmon. 45 minute to go and Micah is making a cracked pepper encrusted filet mignon; Aaron tells him he is taking a huge risk by searing a filet in a cast iron pan as Joe tells him the timing is off on the bacon, as it will be overcooked and the onions will be raw.

Aaron and Joe visit Subha’s station, where he is making a Classic Indian shrimp dish; as Joe reminds him this is his day. Noah is making a Chinese frittata. Something Daphne likes but Gordon is concerned it is a bit simplistic for this challenge. Shari is making an Indian chickpea curry, wanting to return to her Indian roots, but is concerned about how crucial the timing is.

Daphne and Gordon go to see Dorian who is making a peach chicken; revealing a quarter of a million dollars would open a lot of doors for her. She admits that being there has shown her that she needs to do this completely for herself as Daphne agrees that all moms struggle with that. Sarah is making fondant sweet potatoes with a steak; Joe suggests she makes an incredible pan sauce for it to taste like it was cooking for hours.

Gordon feels he could do this challenge in half the time as the home cooks, something Joe calls him out on. Joe stops the clock and reveals what Gordon confesses; announcing that Gordon’s time starts now and there are 30 minutes remaining on the clock. Joe feels there is no time for him to do anything good but it will be interesting what he can pull out. Aaron says it is always beautiful to see him cook.

Bri screwed up and the skin of the salmon is stuck to the pan, feeling if she doesn’t make the salmon correct than she is done; making the Judges wonder what exactly she is doing. Bri ran back to the pantry, looking like she is in a tailspin and attempts to make another one with 22 minutes to go.

Daphne and Joe come to see what Chef Gordon Ramsay is making and he reveals he is making a chicken pot pie. He is worried about getting the pastry down with only 19 minutes left. Noah feels his dish 100% is going to get him into the Top 7. Nicholas is making clam chowder, wanting all the flavors of the ocean to be in the dish, including keeping some whole clams in the dish; Aaron reminds him to stay mindful that they don’t turn rubbery.

Subha’s dish is tasted by Joe and Daphne who feel their mouth is on fire; he feels he should add more cream. They taste the piece he corrected and both agree it was good and thank him for the sample. Joe says he will be really impressed if Gordon is able to get it caramelized and flaky but will never admit it to him, even over his own dead body.

Micah’s pan was too hot and his shallots burn right in front of Joe, who already thinks his dish is trash. Joe wishes him good luck and walks away from him; making him only more determined to do so with 9 minutes to go. Dorian is concerned that her rice is not cooking with just over 3 minutes left; refusing to go home over uncooked rice.

In the last 60 seconds, everyone is plating as Chef Ramsay is told there will not be any excuses. He literally waits for the last second before he puts the potpie on the stove. He feels it will be the best lemon chicken pot pie ever made in 30 minutes.

Joe calls forward Gordon with his dish; cooks joking that he is a show-off by even putting leaves on his pie. They feel it is unreal, as Joe says he is surprised he did such a good job and pulled it off in 30 minutes. Gordon reminds them that they need to taste all the dishes in order who will be eliminated; first up is Bri.

Bri makes a crispy skin Salmon with core puree, candied bacon, roasted dark carrots, and pickled shallots. She is forced to explain how the skin got stuck and she had to start over again but is confident. Gordon cuts open the salmon and it is completely raw; the puree is delicious but Daphne says she missed the whole cast iron skillet of the challenge. She feels the protein being raw is pretty much an automatic out.

Sarah brings up her filet mignon with sauteed broccolini, fondant sweet potato and Cabernet pan sauce. Joe feels they were looking for more sophistication and it will be all about the sauce. Aaron cuts the steak and it is perfectly cooked. Joe says it is perfect in its simplicity and she nailed it. Aaron loves everything about it, as well as Daphne who loved the sweet potatoes, feeling it added perfectly to the salty dish.

Subha walks up to his dish of Shrimp Biryani with apple cucumber and date salad. Gordon feels it is one of his best platings, saying it is delicious as he has an incredible DNA of flavor brought to the kitchen. Daphne tells him he should bottle the sauce as it was fantastic. Joe tells the remaining 8 that Subha is one to watch as of right now.

Noah describes his dish as Chinese Frittata with anchovy and black bean paste and broccolini rub yogurt sauce. Joe calls the plating horrendous and wouldn’t be served in any restaurant, anywhere. Pork is supposed to be the protein, Gordon respects the Chinese culture but very little knowledge makes it very dangerous; making the dish bizarre. Joe says the flavor is unsophisticated, the sauce is unbalanced. Aaron feels the only way this could have been saved is to make a burrito or taco, as Daphne says. Gordon reminds him tonight one person is going home and he has one foot out the door; thanking him for the dish and feels there is so much more to Noah than this. He feels like he disrespected his girlfriend’s family and feels like a total idiot.

Dorian isn’t happy with her dish, unsure if the rice is done. She made a smothered herb peach chicken with rice. Aaron likes everything about the dish visually but is also concerned about the cooking of the rice. Everyone tastes the dish but the rice is slightly undercooked. Aaron likes the exotic flavor and all the little spices while Joe loves the taste of the vanilla, but this dish isn’t up to Dorian standards. Daphne wanted more texture, something that makes it elevated and authentic. Gordon tells her this was one of the flattest dishes she has done.

Nick brings up his clam chowder, something he grew up making but wanted to stick to something he made. Daphne feels this is her favorite plating of the night as everyone tastes the dish. Daphne feels it tastes like a New England Chowder. Gordon feels he made it a bit too thick but it was a smart use of the pan. Joe tells him he knows his way around chowder and it was great; Aaron agrees.

Shari presents them with an Indian Style Chole with Garlic Naan. Visually it looks good to Gordon, saying this is a Tuesday night dish at her house. Daphne likes it but feels it needs a little yogurt to cool it; the only thing the dish is missing. Joe wants to know what she makes Wednesday night because he is coming Tuesday night and staying Wednesday too, but jokes about coming back to New York as he can’t stay in Minnesota for more than a day and a half.

Micah gives them his dish of pepper-crusted filet mignon with fingerling potatoes, braised kale and cipollini mushrooms with a bourbon shallot sauce. Daphne feels the dish is very one dimensional. Joe cuts the steak and it is definitely rare but the pepper is burnt. Each taste the dish, Daphne says the sauce came together but she isn’t getting the rich fatty feeling from a charred, salty steak. Gordon tells him he has seen Micah cook much better. Joe reminds Micah that this dish is a series of mistakes. Micah feels he let himself down and there is nothing good said about his dish and is upset he could be going home tonight.

Gordon informs all the cooks that they know it was a tough challenge tonight and the Judges now need time to come to a decision.

They quickly come to a consensus and tonight one of them cooked for the very last time in the MasterChef Kitchen, but the one person who created the dish that will be in the Family Circle magazine was cooked by Subha. Subha heads to the balcony, joined by three other cooks they were impressed by – Sarah, Nick and Shari, thoughtful and good dishes. Dorian wasn’t at her best performance but enough to stay; all four climbing the stairs to Subha.

Bri, Noah, and Micah are the three remaining cooks; Gordon telling them each their issues and based on tonight’s dishes alone tonight going home is Bri; an utter shock to all 3 MasterChefs. Gordon promises her that she has a future in food, but tonight is the end of this year’s MasterChef. Noah and Micah hug her before they head up the stairs.


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