Mayans M.C. Premiere Recap 09/03/19: Season 2 Episode 1 “Xbalanque”

Mayans M.C. Premiere Recap 09/03/19: Season 2 Episode 1 "Xbalanque"

Tonight on FX their hit biker drama, Mayans M.C. premieres with an all-new Tuesday, September 3, 2019 premiere episode and we have your Mayans M.C. recap below.  On tonights Mayans M.C. season 1 episode 2 called, “Xbalanque,” as per the FX synopsis, “The Reyes family is divided and the M.C. uncovers an internal leak.”

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The Mayans, MC begins tonight with Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes (JD Pardo) defying his brother, Angel Reyes (Clayton Cardenas) orders to turn in his cut to the President of the Mayans MC and leave town. EZ informs his brother that he is staying as he earned his place in the MC. EZ glances up and gives a hard stare at Happy Lowman (David Labrava), who witnesses the uneasiness between the brothers.

Two boys race through the cemetery as the run away from an approaching school bus, driven by EZ and Johnny “Coco” Cruz (Richard Cabral), who is smoking in the back with some of the children, who call him, “Uncle.” The mood suddenly gets much more somber on the bus when sirens are heard behind them, but the squad car passes by and they carry on their journey. Meanwhile, Angel travels with Luisa “Adelita” Espina (Carla Baratta); smiling at each other just before they unload their van.

EZ speeds down the streets, where he drops off Coco, the kids, and a woman. EZ is forced to sit back and watch as Coco and the students enter the building and hand over their backpacks individually. Coco retreats to the back while EZ watches two young boys bickering over a toy, recalling a time of him and his brother, Angel fighting; Coco startles him back to reality and they walk through the back room where they watch the drugs being packaged up and placed in the children’s bags.

Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) sits reading at his table, when his wife Emily Thomas (Sarah Bolger) joins him, presenting him with the last of the paperwork their lawyer walked her through. He scoffs that created a mythological creature like the Phoenix would probably be cheaper than them rebuilding their house and compound. Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) walks towards his boss’ table as Emily learns that her husband might be headed towards Mexico, promising to check on his son.

Alvarez informs Miguel that the merchandise is ago and he hasn’t spoken Lincoln “Linc’ Potter (Ray McKinnon), only the woman. At the Mayans MC table, sits Obispo “Bishop” Losa (Michael Irby) where they talk about whatever killed the junkies came from them and if they screw up to the Rebel Shadow place feeding Arizona it cannot happen if they lose it. He asks for the room, wishing Alvarez was still in the seat of power; they want to see who turns blue also waiting to hear from Angel and to tell the Prospect to do his thing. Bishop reminds them that Angel doesn’t control things and the only way for the brothers to solve this is to be in each other’s faces.

Coco gets the call, informing him that EZ and Coco are to pick up Bishop in the Bronco instead of what they were supposed to do to. Bishop tells Michael “Riz” Ariza (Richard Cabral) to pick up Cruz and stay on the transport until it is in the air.

Angel and Luisa work together with the church to feed the homeless, Angel mentioning how he hasn’t seen this kind of famine since Afghanistan. Angel watches carefully as Luisa meets with some suspicious people. Bishop arrives as Alvarez introduces him to his military partners, who tells him everything they found out at recon and feels it is time to shut them down. Marcus Alvarez reminds his men to watch their sixes and they move in, surrounding the home. Gunfire erupts, but Alvarez takes out everyone who runs out of the house as the military barges in; Bishop destroying the computers. They clear the house, killing everyone who was there. Bishop checks the house, saying he recognizes some of the people, one of them looking like Pablo (Salvador Chacon), but the military wants to collect any of the intel; EZ giving them some stuff. They have hard drives and paperwork they found throughout the house but they get a call.

Angel and Luisa, who is clearly pregnant get a call from Mini (Melany Ochoa); the call is hung up and she is released from gunpoint. Mini is brought inside, revealed to be their little bird and have found Delgado. They are told to find out what she knows, and remember she is not a kid but a killer.

Felipe Reyes (Edward James Olmos) gets a visit from Potter, who says he is there to see him about his days as an Inspector. They are interrupted when Potter is told they have heard from their team.

Mayans wonder what Mini is doing there, other than thinking she is part of a child trafficking ring; Coco concerned they are going to torture a little girl and they decide together they are not going to allow it to happen. They return, claiming one of them lost their phone. EZ walks in, attempting to talk to one of them about them having kids as Bishop spots them heating up metal on the stove. They take out the military men, one at a time; Bishop allowing EZ to kill one of them himself. EZ stares at his hands, as Bishop helps him up; Alvarez looking awfully concerned.

Emily sits with Dita Galindo (Ada Maris), who feels that her grandson should have his father; but Emily feels that he looks fine. She smugly says the boy should have a mother too.

Potter finds out they have taken down pretty much all of Galindo’s communications, but it is Dita Galindo who is pretty much still completely off the grid; possibly shifting her priorities. Potter wants them to be absolutely certain of things, suddenly concerned about her fingernails being real or not. He talks about his own small victory of biting his nails.

EZ confesses that he is okay and was simply doing what he needed to do; Alvarez says it makes him happy to think that Ezekiel did it because he didn’t want to see him dead; appreciating it. Chuck “Chucky” Marstein (Michael Ornstein) questions Happy on why Sons of Anarchy (SOA) is still in the gun business when Jaxson Teller (Charlies Hunnam) fought so hard for them to be out of it. Happy admits it is taking them longer than anticipated. They are interrupted when Felipe rushes into the yard, asking Chucky if he has seen EZ or Angel at all? He wants EZ to stay off his phone but he needs to speak to him. Once he leaves Happy questions Chucky, but wants silence from him when he finds out.

Everyone is back at the Clubhouse when they are ordered to the table; EZ smiles when he gets a message to go join them; Chucky happy for him. Miguel tells Emily the numbers won’t change the more she looks at them. She says there are so many variables from the wildfire but he encourages her to enjoy this as the wildfire was all her. He married her for her brains as they are really sexy. She reminds him that he needs to take his mother to the doctor as she is getting worse; something he denies but Emily says his mother makes her too anxious. He promises they will figure things out together; Dita approaches them quietly before informing him that he had company.

E Rogan (Curtiss Cook) gives EZ some intel but tells him not to get him mixed up in some bad things as he is a police officer. He calls EZ a “dirtbag” and they joke about things. EZ returns to the trailer, where he reviews the box his father had, beginning to write things down when his father arrives at the trailer. He hides everything before coming outside. Felipe informs him that Potter came by the shop, didn’t have much to say but needed information from his past, but is concerned that potter is fucking with him. EZ says nothing Potter does is random, but Felipe feels as long as everything is okay with EZ he doesn’t care.

Felipe promises it will make sense to hear about Felipe’s past but it has been 8 months since he has heard from Angel. EZ says things have been getting easier around there but the club stuff has given him those marks on his hands; suggesting they can make sense of it together.

At the table, the crew is concerned this f*ck up could blow up on the club as they still feel they have Galindo by the balls; having no idea about their own deal. Angel is very worried it is going to be Adelita who is going to face all the problems, but Bishop explains this has nothing to do with EZ as he did exactly as he was told; Angel is furious and bolts from the table the second the meeting concludes.

Potter is told they believe using the kid was a trap and it was planned, but he believes the 12-year-old was a rebel killer. He looks at the picture of Luisa again, thinking she could have the baby any day now; the Major saying he wants the bitch not caring whose dime it is on.

Luisa aka Adelita is worried about Mini but they are confident she is ferocious and will survive and be fine as she sits there. Alvarez travels with Miguel, revealing that Adelita is back to work and turning up the heat; bringing in more Mercs and more drugs.

The clubhouse seems to be getting busier when Angel walks in. EZ tells him that Potter was in their dad’s shop last night; something Angel firmly places all the blame on EZ. Angel refuses to help EZ at all, storming out; EZ tells Chucky everything is okay. Coco tells Bishop the only thing he knows about this beef is that EZ says it is “old shit” and “family wounds”; they are told this is all they can take and need to know everything. Newcomers walk into the clubhouse and some are not pleased.

Emily meets with the building inspectors, where Dita walks in telling Emily they need to leave soon. Emily says she can sit down as Miguel is the one who is taking her, but Dita says Miguel has important things to do. She looks at her watch, saying she will get Nestor Oceteva (Gino Vento) to take her but it seems like she is getting worse. Emily excuses herself as Dita walks to her car. Emily calls Miguel, who declines the call as he is just about to meet with Adelita.

All cellphones are placed in the basket, along with firearms outside of the clubhouse meeting room. Shot callers are all inside; EZ watching as the doors close; Bishop revealing they are all there as they have hit an ugly bug in the prisoner pipeline and how the last shipment had 3 overdoses and they cannot have that on them. They are ordered to call in the prospect as Che “Taza” Romero (Raoul Max Trujillo) brings out a testing kit. EZ reveals to Bishop that the charter and date have been switched. The test proves the drugs have been cut; they find out who the greedy fucking pig is and are told they knew they didn’t know about it but have to handle the problem before they leave.

One the room clears, Angel looks at his brother and EZ asks if he can head out. Bishop tells him the shit between him and Angel needs to be fixed. His patch vote up soon and they don’t have an equal table so they need to figure it out; he agrees. He kisses the Virgin Mary, walks to his bike as the other charters kill their associate by overdosing him in the neck.

Miguel returns home very late and apologetic to his wife, who demands to know where he was. He says there were complications with the Rebels, but he quickly admits him and Alvarez were with Adelita the whole time. She suggests he should get some sleep as he is exhausted. They kiss as his mother listens to their conversation. Emily wants to know if Adelita told him who the father of her baby is yet, him saying he doesn’t think she has told anyone who he is yet. Dita finds that intriguing as she removes her wig, revealing the severe burns all over her back and head.

EZ reminisces about his mother kissing his head when he and his brother headed off to school, just as he turns his bike out of town. Happy opens his own wooden chest, throwing things out until he finds a page with Marisol Reyes on one and Felipe Reyes on the other. There is a knock at the door, and Angel tries to tell EZ there is nothing to say but he tells him this is nothing about the vote, it is about their mom. EZ produces the box and that he knows who killed her.