New Amsterdam Recap 10/29/19: Season 2 Episode 6 “Righteous Right Hand”

New Amsterdam Recap 10/29/19: Season 2 Episode 6 "Righteous Right Hand"

Tonight on NBC New Amsterdam airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 29, 2019, season 2 episode 6 called, “Righteous Right Hand,” and we have your New Amsterdam recap below. On tonight’s New Amsterdam season 2 episode 6 as per the NBC synopsis, “When a group of women on a retreat end up in the ED, Max gets some troubling information that could put a patient in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Sharpe and Kapoor work together to mend fences between two feuding sisters.

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New Amsterdam begins tonight with Dr Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) walking into the ED, surprised how quiet it is. She hopes it is because NYU is on break, but she is barely able to make coffee at 5:05 am when she begins to read her reflections for addictions, bored out of her mind. She hobbles back to the ED, drinking her nasty coffee when suddenly incoming arrives. She calls for Casey (Alejandro Hernandez) to help with intubation. It is clear Lauren spoke too soon when another patient comes in who was on her way to a church convention and involved accident; several women are brought in due to the accident. Lauren attempts to deal with her first patient’s broken nose but her niece comes in.

The patient keeps coming in as Dr. Bloom is called to another patient who is complaining a nurse cut off her blouse; Lauren calls for someone to get her cane as more and more women arrive. Casey rushes to Dr. Bloom as her first patient in Trauma 1 needs to have her heart shocked back into rhythm. She finds a shadow on her chest in the Xrays; asking them to page Dr. Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims). Lauren walks out of Trauma 1 and the ED appears to be totally back in order by 5:14 am, so she attempts to add creamer to her still warm coffee and smirks.

Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) arrives at New Amsterdam with baby Luna, only to be greeted by Dr. Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) at the elevator. She feels he is trying to avoid her, suggesting she could help him with Luna so he could have some much needed “Me” time, but he declines and rushes off.

Reynolds agrees that they are looking at a mass, but based on the size she has had it a while. Dr. Vijay Kapoor (Anupam Kher) is sent to a patient who has nerve damage to her leg. She jokes that just because she is a black woman, doesn’t mean she is automatically with all the other women on the spiritual retreat. He appears shocked but she admits it was a joke. She reveals that she owns a soybean farm, and only sits down when her leg/foot gives her the blues. She has been riding it out, but he feels that it is no longer an option.

Dr. Helen meets with her patient, Miss Verdine revealing she doesn’t have cancer but the reddish lump shows an infection in her lymph nodes. She learns she has diabetes, admitting she hasn’t had a medical checkup in a very long time. Verdine zones out, making Helen believe she just had a seizure. She quickly calls Vijay and they switch cases with each other. Meanwhile, Dr. Reynolds listens as his patient sings away in the OR. He reminds his other doctors to stop singing and to get his head into the game.

Dr. Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine) is on the phone, agreeing to meet tomorrow at 4 pm; saying he looks forward to meeting whomever he was speaking to. He quickly goes to see Shauntee, admitting he has some questions for her. She is a patient who has Downs Syndrome, quickly asking why he doesn’t wear a white coat. He feels it intimidates people and they are less stressed when they see him without one. She laughs, calling him crazy. He says they cannot give her an x-ray because she is pregnant; explaining Xrays can harm a fetus.

She wants to know if she is in trouble for having a baby in her. She confesses that she might know she was pregnant. She doesn’t understand, saying sex is great and who doesn’t consent to sex. He says there is nothing wrong with her liking sex but they need to make sure no one did anything to her without her agreeing. She admits she wants to have an abortion, making him question if she understands what that means. She quickly tells him that she doesn’t want to have a baby.

Dr. Reynolds is desperate to get through the surgery, but Dr. Duke (Ian Duff) speaks about his mother and church; causing him to remind Duke that he is fully aware of the relationship of black women and church; everywhere but the pulpit. He needs him to focus on the surgery and demands to know where the EKG he asked for. He feels he needs to remove the heart to complete the surgery and then place it back in at the end.

Max meets with Ms. Kaye Henry (April Matthis), informing her about everyone in her church group. She is a bit unsteady on her feet and Max voices his concern. He tells her that Tamala Robeson (Isabelle Pierre) has a tumor that has been there for a long time before the crash, which has penetrated her heart. She needs to know that her friend is facing a high-risk operation. She admits they knew it was coming and shows him that they all signed the insurance to make sure they have the very best car. She asks Max to pray with her, but he says he isn’t a prayerful guy; agreeing to do it anyways.

Back in the ED, Max comes in with Lauren saying some are calling the accident an act of God. She only knows half of the women came in with preexisting conditions. She is a cynic but maybe it was divine intervention as Max wonders if the crash was possibly done intentionally.

Max returns to see Ms. Henry, telling her a story about an amazing woman who loved her friends more than anything, and she decided to help her friends and did something dangerous to make sure they got that help. He won’t give her the name as he respects her and doesn’t want to get her into trouble. Kaye appreciates that as Max wants to know how things could have gotten so bad that she had to crash the van to save them.

She talks about a woman who had a friend who used to love to go for walks and now cannot breathe, only sitting in a wheelchair. People praying for hospitals to lower the cost of medicine. Maybe this woman prays for something different but doesn’t get a sign until a nice young man in a van rental office offers to sell her supplemental accident insurance. She talks about how all she had to do was one scary thing and all their prayers were answered. She quotes the Bible to Max, meaning sometimes you have to wait for the right hand of God but sometimes that hand is you.

Verdine learns that her losing her concentration is a seizure, which is from uncontrolled diabetes. She explains that she has no one to rely on to help her get to doctor’s appointments in order to maintain her diabetic problems. Helen returns to Vijay’s patient, informing her that she is not dying but the swelling in her leg is her kidneys, as they are failing. She needs a new kidney, a blood relative would be preferable but she could get a kidney potentially from one of the church members. Verdine opens the curtain after she says that she has no family there, calling her a “Liar!” and informing Helen that she is her much younger sister. The two sisters begin bickering, the one absolutely refusing to take the kidney from the other.

Reynolds has two hours, as Dr. Duke continues with his education, explaining what Floyd is doing. He asks Dr. Reynolds if there is enough time for him to do this whole procedure. He orders the entire OR to listen to him as he explains that this is an A-Typical surgery for them but what is typical is their precision and efficiency and he demands they use that today as they may have a chance to save a life; everyone kicks their actions into high gear and begin to work extremely hard to save the patient as Floyd removes the heart from the patient’s body and into an ice bath. He orders them to start the clock.

Kaye Henry comes to see Shauntee, extremely shocked that she is pregnant. She knows the baby is Mario’s and had warned her about being with him. She learns the baby is unharmed and sits down beside Shauntee saying they will figure it out, but Shauntee says she doesn’t want to be a mother. Kaye tells her that she is there and will support her as Iggy informs her that Shauntee has expressed more than just not wanting to be a mother; giving Shauntee the opportunity to express that she wants an abortion.

Kaye demands to know if Iggy put her up to this; informing him that she is her legal guardian and in charge of her decisions, including her medical ones. Iggy is only there in support of Shauntee and it seems like the pregnancy would be a burden on her. Kaye wants to know if he thinks that because he feels they cannot take care of a baby, but that is not what he said. Kaye reminds him every child in this family is loved and cared for, same with her baby. He wonders if that is what is best for Shauntee? She tells him this black family is not going to be anyone’s crusade!!

Helen spots Max, offering to do some cooking for him, but he insists he is good, eating most of his meals at the hospital. He refuses, saying when he wants her help he will ask for it. He returns to the ED, where Lauren informs him that most are recovering and she is setting up an after-care plan for the most critical ladies. NYPD detectives arrive and want to speak to the driver, Kaye Henry, both doctors cover for her, saying she is recovering, but the detectives aren’t taking “No” for an answer.

Max finds Kaye in the chapel, informing her that the police are there to speak to her and she needs to understand there will be repercussions if they find out the accident was intentional. She knows the only option, to tell the truth, but he doesn’t want her to go to jail. He reminds her that if she reveals the truth, all her friends will lose their insurance. She really thought she was doing the Lord’s work but she was all wrong. He asks her what she is going to tell the police as she feels none of this was ever in her hands, but she grabs her purse and walks out to meet the police.

Helen stops, telling Vijay that she continues to be thrilled that she is the only child as she explains Verdine and Alfreida who are bickering, which is infringing on their health. She doesn’t understand how one sister is holding their kidney hostage from the other. Vijay and Helen argue over who is right as Vijay says it is all about RESPECT. The sisters start to giggle when they see the doctors arguing.

Iggy and Lauren come to see Shauntee, feeling she might be more comfortable speaking to a female doctor. They also spoke to some lawyers at the hospital and if she wants to have the abortion, she can. She is concerned that Kaye said no. She doesn’t want her aunt mad at her, but Lauren tells her about her own personal choice she had to make. Shantee again makes it very clear that she wants to have an abortion, and since she is under guardianship they need to ask more questions. She is informed that her relationship with Kaye may change and it may be possible that she can’t live with Kaye if she does this. She suddenly feels like she doesn’t need a plan as she cannot lose Kaye.

Max chases the police outside the hospital, demanding to know where they are taking Kaye, but he is told it is none of his concern. He says she is his patient and she has said nothing, simply that she lost her way and that is why they are taking her down to the precinct.

Back in the OR, Floyd, and Duke work together, only having 5 seconds before the heart is no longer viable. Floyd shocks the heart, and they have a heartbeat and pulse; unfortunately, they believe she may have brain damage but won’t know until she wakes up.

The police return with Kaye Henry, revealing they were driving away and she started seizing. She wakes up as max explains that Kaye has diabetes and this is what happens when her blood sugar spikes. She looks at him as he nods, and tells the officers that this very well could have been what caused the accident.

Vijay meets with his patient, Alfrieda who will have to wait to see if she is a match for her sister. Verdine joins her in her room, and says she could say thank you; but does relent and thanks to her, both giggling. Vijay admits to Helen that he really wasn’t upset with her, it was an act to get the sisters speaking.

Max finds Helen, saying he needs to learn to accept a blessing when it is offered to him and shouldn’t be such a jerk. She smiles, telling him it was about time; giving him some other ideas like his very own car service. He tells her that would be great and she can surprise him.

Shantee comes to see Kaye, hugging her, admitting she doesn’t want to lose her. Iggy informs Kaye that the courts have restored Shauntee’s right to make her own decision but she hasn’t made one yet because she is a little scared of how it will affect her relationship. Kaye promises she will love her no matter what but the baby is a blessing. Shantee said she prayed to God for no baby as Kaye admits she crashed the van and God had nothing to do with it. Kaye reluctantly confesses she doesn’t know if God is in her and hugs her niece tightly.

Duke finds Floyd with the patient and learns there is no change; Floyd admits that she reminds him of his own mom too and they haven’t talked much lately because of family stuff. Duke asks him if this was his mom what would she want right now, and it couldn’t hurt. Floyd begins singing church hymns to his patient, hoping for the best.

Shantee is prepped for her procedure with Kaye by her side. One by one, the patients heal as Floyd goes to the roof and calls his mother simply to tell her he loves her. Iggy is at the adoption agency, saying his husband isn’t going to make it but they are both excited about the adoption process.

Lauren says goodnight, saying this shift is exactly what she needed. Max checks on Luna when there is a knock at the door; it turns out it is Tidy Town Cleaners who were sent by Helen. They reveal they have been paid, including tip from his friend Helen. He hesitates, initially letting them in, but then kicks them out; trying to catch his breath as he closes the door. He picks up Luna from her crib, carrying her to bed with him as he stares at the carpet where there is still the bloodstain from where Georgia gave birth and nearly died. His phone rings and it is Helen, but he cries, holding his daughter; not answering the phone.