Prodigal Son Recap 10/21/19: Season 1 Episode 5 “The Trip”

Prodigal Son Recap 10/21/19: Season 1 Episode 5 "The Trip"

Tonight on FOX their new crime franchise Prodigal Son airs with an all-new Monday, October 21, 2019, episode and we have your Prodigal Son recap below.  On tonight’s Prodigal Son season 1 episode 5 called, “The Trip,” as per the FOX synopsis, “Malcolm searches the depths of his mind to unravel the mystery of “the girl in the box,” but with his night terrors and lack of sleep increasing, his real-life becomes more and more of a blur.

When the NYPD investigates a homicide they assume is linked to a drug cartel, Malcolm discovers a secret about Dani’s past that draws them closer together.

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Prodigal Son begins tonight with Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) is unable to sleep again and decides to wander the streets where he spots a car, with fogged up windows and a woman screaming for help from under a sheet. He can see that she is chained to the vehicle, but when he calls for help, he realizes it is a dog inside the car and the owner orders him to back away from his vehicle.

Malcolm goes to see his mother, Jessica Whitly (Bellamy Young) in the morning, learning she feels he is right and she shouldn’t be so “cloak and dagger” about her donations and has decided to be more open about who she is giving money too. She notices his tremors and wants to know what is going on with him. He reveals he hasn’t slept in days and his memories are becoming more vivid. He confesses the only thing that really helps him is a new murder so he goes to the police station to go see Gil Arroyo (Lou Diamond Phillips) who tells him there is no work for him as a profiler right now.

He insists he is okay, but Gil tells him he looks like hell, as does Dani Powell (Aurora Perrineau) and JT Tarmel (Frank Harts) who are off to a double homicide but it is a drug case and Gil feels they do not need Malcolm for that. Malcolm inadvertently tells him that he needs homicides as it is the only thing that is keeping him sane and Gil gives in.

Malcolm walks into a diner, where JT brings him into the “speakeasy” in the back, where the boss and bodyguard are dead with their throats slashed. The owner, Jack is known as a pusher of Molly, he is a frozen snowglobe, and upon closer inspection, Jack’s tongue has been cut out. Dani believes this is the work of Saulo (Robert Montano) and if they are not quick to collar him they will be looking at a drug war; something Malcolm feels this has nothing to do with the murders, feeling the killer was a friend and not an execution. He insists it is not the cartel, showing Dani there is a lot of cocaine still at the place, why would the killer leave the drugs on his victims. Dani persists that Malcolm is wrong and Gil tells her to make the call as Gil reminds Malcolm to let her make the call as most people are not so willing to revisit the past.

The NYPD detectives go with Malcolm to the local church where they meet with Saulo. Gil promising if he came for the owner he will come after him and his product but he insists neither him nor his people were involved. He points them in the direction of Estime (Hampton Fluker); something Dani insists is not true. Malcolm is distracted, telling himself to ignore the sheet with the chains and body underneath it but he cannot resist and reaches for the chain, quickly jumping up and making everyone edgy. He swears he only saw a bug. Malcolm asks why the tongue was cut out and Saulo is religious so he wouldn’t have done this. He says he doesn’t need anyone’s ghost following him around, something Malcolm agrees with.

Back at the precinct, Malcolm is deep in thought when Dani comes to him, insisting that Saulo is the killer and not Estime. She tells Malcolm to back off on his profile if it doesn’t point to Saulo. She tells him not to profile her but he simply wants to help her, but can’t until she helps him understand Estime. It wasn’t cocaine on the body but mushrooms and ecstasy. The guard was clean like he was wearing on the outer layer as Malcolm reveals the guard was killed second and obviously knew him. Dani reluctantly agrees for them to speak to Estime; Gil telling her that she cannot talk to him as she is too close to this, they are to all sit tight until they have a warrant.

Jessica calls for Kimberly (Meredith Garretson), asking her to clean up the dinner table as none of her guests arrived, knowing they want nothing to do with her husband “The Surgeon, serial killer Dr. Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen). Just as Kimberly is about to clean up Eve Blanchard (Molly Griggs) arrives, saying she is there for her money. She is an attorney, crashing the party who is focused on fighting human trafficking. She knows about Martin but hopes she won’t judge her either and wants to make a tangible impact on the world like she does.

Dani goes to a club, where Malcolm stops her, wanting to know why she needs to talk to Estime. She reveals she worked undercover for 2 years with narcotics. They are called by one of Estime’s guards, saying he would like to see the two of them. Trini (Pascale Armand) takes the girls out of the room, giving them some privacy.

Dani confronts him about being the killer and he wants to know where his sweet girl went that used to party down, but quickly admits he had nothing to do with the murders. He reminds her of everything he did for her. She insists if he doesn’t tell her the truth, the cops are going to be all over him. Malcolm has done many questions, but they are for Dani. He demands to know what she is to Estime, as he is 100% sure that he isn’t the killer and he is looking scared, just by his posturing. He sees it with his own eyes that Estime isn’t a killer. He says Jashere was his friend and he loved him like a brother and to tell the cops he didn’t do this, but their talks is interrupted when gunfire erupts in the club. Dani is concerned whether Malcolm is alright.

NYPD is all over the club as Gil chastises Dani for disobeying a direct order but Malcolm stands up for her. He asks why everyone is moving in slow motion, grabbing Gil’s shoulder, saying when his father was arrested he showed him what a good man looked like. Gil realizes that Malcolm is higher than a kite as the stash exploded on him during the gunfire. Dani promises she is fine so Gil tells him to take Malcolm home and babysit him until he comes down as Gil and JT have work to do.

Malcolm doesn’t want to relax, loving how he feels. He grabs Dani, asking if she wants to dance but she tells him she is about to kick him in the biscuits. She suggests they make food as that is what friends are for; causing him to be happy that they are friends but he is out of practice with friendship. She admits she also has issues with trust. He runs to the fridge and says they can make grilled cheese, she tells him to wash up and she will make it. While in the bathroom, he suddenly sees a body hanging in the shower, but when he looks again there is no one.

Dani asks Bright if he is good, but he sees the chest his father stored the body in and then sees the body moving under the sheet with the chains. She asks him again if he is good but the body under the sheet suddenly grabs him and he rushes into the bathroom, petrified. He leans against the wall and suddenly finds himself in his father’s jail cell, but it is him dressed in his dad’s cardigan; asked if he would like some flannel Pjs and a warm glass of milk. His double orders him to stop ignoring him, as more and more of his memories come back. He recalls hiding a box from his mother underneath his childhood bed and he must find it. Dani breaks into the bathroom and is forced to knock him out in order for him to break the psychosis.

The following morning, Malcolm wakes Dani up, offering her coffee after she slept on his kitchen counter. She reveals that she punched him and that is why his jaw hurts. He laughs, saying she should slug him every night because he slept for 5 hours. Dani explains how she met Estime, but they got too close and kept it a secret that she was a cop; he even saved her when she overdosed; that was why Gil was concerned about the drugs. She says when she hit bottom it was only Estime who cared enough to take her to the hospital and that is why she knows he didn’t do this.

Dani returns to the precinct, confirming with Gil that Malcolm is as normal as he is going to be. She insists she is fine. Gil says they know it was Saulo who ordered the hit, as it was a girl named Islande (Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut) who saw the hitman and offers to go to speak to her.

Jessica donates to Eve but is concerned about putting the Whitley name with victims, but she takes the money anyway. Malcolm interrupts them, saying he needs to grab some old stuff from upstairs as he reveals a good deal of drugs exploded in his face last night and he had an epiphany. Jessica tells him if there was a shoebox with mementos of his father, it went up in smoke in the chimney with the rest of his things. Malcolm is not pleased, but Eve seems intrigued by Malcolm working in law enforcement.

Dani meets with Islande in the interrogation room, revealing she is a cop. She asks about Estime staying in the drug business. She confesses he fell for one of the club’s hostesses who did their hair and she was very hot. Dani wants to know what happened to her. Fabiola died from a heroin overdose; she was right that Estime wouldn’t kill for drugs nor money, but he killed for love. She says Gil was right as police work is patience, Malcolm smiles saying he used to say the same thing to him as a child. Dani admits that she always thought she and Malcolm were so different, but not so much. Suddenly, Trini, one of the hostesses arrives and she calls it into Gil, who orders them to wait for back up. She feels she needs to face Estime alone.

She walks into the hair salon, confronting him about Fabiola. He admits he used to have big dreams until he met her and only wanted to make her little dreams come true. Dani doesn’t want to bring in Estime but says he made his choice. Malcolm realizes that the bodyguard was wearing one of the salon capes when he was killed. Trini takes a straight blade and is ready to slit Estime’s throat, revealing she is Fabiola’s mother. Estime begs her, saying it wasn’t his fault, but she feels she has nothing. Dani reminds her that Estime knows where Fabiola’s body is, and she will finally be able to rest in peace.

Several trucks arrive and they are Saulo’s vehicles. Dani asks Trini what is more important – revenge or burying her daughter? Saulo says the first person to walk out the door is to get shot, but it is Dani who walks out and Saulo says he is only there making a social call. She reveals that Estime is dead as Fabiola’s mother seeking revenge for her daughter’s death. She asks if they want to stick around for a statement, but they just want to get out of there as the ambulance and NYPD arrive.

Estime shows Dani on the map where Fabiola is buried. Trini is going to jail but she promised that her daughter would get a proper burial. She tells Estime that Saulo thinks he is dead and this is his one chance to get away from life. She confesses she was able to get completely out and now it is his turn. He thanks her and leaves the room, while Malcolm walks in with a peace offering of Earl Grey tea. Malcolm talks about how his grandmother used to make it. He calls her his friend, asking her why she isn’t celebrating. She says she was pulled out of the sting operation in August and Fabiola arrived in October. He reminds her that she was a cop and not a social worker and she couldn’t have helped Trini nor Fabiola; that is the part that kills her. He suggests that Freud would have said to “drink more tea with friends!”

Malcolm checks his messages and it is his mother who dropped off the box at his house; saying she doesn’t know what she is doing with it, but it is his and for him to have a good night. He finds pictures of his dad with him, where his dad is smiling as his father asks him, “what can he remember?” and he realizes the woman under the sheet in the car is real.