Prodigal Son Recap 10/28/19: Season 1 Episode 6 “All Souls and Sadists”

Prodigal Son Recap 10/28/19: Season 1 Episode 6 "All Souls and Sadists"

Tonight on FOX their new crime franchise Prodigal Son airs with an all-new Monday, October 28, 2019, episode and we have your Prodigal Son recap below.  On tonight’s Prodigal Son season 1 episode 6 called, “All Souls and Sadists,” as per the FOX synopsis, “Bright uncovers a photo of himself and Martin from when he was a kid, which forces him to focus on the repressed memories from his childhood psyche.

Meanwhile, he finds himself bonding with a young boy connected to the NYPD’s latest homicide. Also, Jessica and Malcolm finally agree on one thing—they must put a stop to Ainsley’s idea to interview “The Surgeon.”

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Prodigal Son begins tonight… One Week Earlier: Ainsley Whitly (Halston Sage) meets with her father, Dr. Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen) at his prison cell in the psychiatric facility. He says he misses her, but she is there for an interview, pleading that she has never asked for anything else from him, demanding to know how he could kill 23 people, when did it start and why? She backs up as he tells her the most important question is that deep down there is something she desperately needs answering but he wonders if she is brave enough to ask him.

Present Day: Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) is at a car dealership, looking at a station wagon like the one his father used when he was a child. He tells the dealer that the hunting part for the car would have been his father’s thing and this car is the wrong one as he is looking for one with an anchor bracket in the back; something someone could be chained to. He reassures the salesman he is a cop, sort of. Meanwhile, Ainsley is in bed with Jin (Raymond Lee) who knows that she is thinking about her father, acknowledging that she has been acting strange since she went to see him. He is sure her cameraman will make sure she stays safe. She asks him if there is any chance he can save her from her mother, Jessica Whitly (Bellamy Young), who is very much against her interviewing her father.

Malcolm sits with Dr. Gabrielle Le Deux (Charlayne Woodard), feeling he needs to find the car as it is the missing piece. He is certain the memories are real so she wants to explore the possibilities are real, feeling its as bad as his mind is in a fragile state and if he follows his trauma to its source he could return to that frozen, broken down child. She warns him of the signs, making him lose contact with reality; ordering him to be careful.

Gil Arroyo (Lou Diamond Phillips) brings Malcolm to a stabbing scene in the park. Dani Powell (Aurora Perrineau) gives them the details on the victim, Gavin Parker, who was stabbed over 100 times. JT Tarmel (Frank Harts) says there is no sign of passengers, only one way in and out of the area. Dr. Edrisa Tanaka (Keiko Agena) informs them he died a couple of hours prior and choked on his own blood. Malcolm knows it is a classic case of overkill, suggesting overwhelming hatred. He broke his ankle, as it appears that someone was chasing him. The murder wasn’t planned, it was an opportunity and the killer enjoyed this immensely. Malcolm believes this is the person’s first kill, the various depths of stabbing are revealing how much he liked it.

At Gavin’s home, Crystal (Katie Kreiseler) is busy cleaning when Malcolm asks about them getting a divorce, she admits no one knows they were separating. She tells them their son, Isaac (Clark Furlong) is outback and she is desperate to protect him. Malcolm walks to see the son, having flashbacks to when the police came to his house when he was a child. Malcolm bonds with him, saying his dad was the best when he was a kid, but he lost his dad when he was Isaac’s age too. He tells Malcolm that he was told to be brave by his mother, but Malcolm tells him it is okay to be sad. He admits that he doesn’t think his mother is sad as she didn’t need his father, but only needs Isaac. Malcolm is told that Jake (Charlie Semine) stays at the house sometimes when he has been drinking and doesn’t really get along with his father. Malcolm tries to assure him that things will be okay and offers him a lollipop like Gil did to him as a child.

Malcolm and Jessica learn at family dinner that Ainsley has decided to interview her father. She admits she has seen Martin and she is fine. Jessica feels this is insane and forbids her from seeing her father again. She had hoped they could have a calm conversation about this and abruptly leaves, despite Malcolm’s protests; Jessica promises this interview will never happen, something they both agree on. Jessica later is shown a photo from Malcolm, taken a week before dad was arrested. She doesn’t know much about the hideous car but says the clothes and everything make sense as he loved to go camping. She walks away and Malcolm sees his father standing there, telling him they are going to have a guys’ weekend and his mother doesn’t need to know. Malcolm puts his hand in a candle flame to make sure it is not real, setting his jacket on fire. He insists to his mother he is okay.

Martin informs the therapy group that he is happy to see his daughter, who really wants a relationship with him. Dr. Higa (James Saito) challenges him and he is reluctant to talk about anything but her. Other patients encourage him to tell his story, like Tevin (Matthew Maher) who shouts that he needs to tell his story on camera. Martin jokes that Tevin obviously has signs of aggression like the session was supposed to be about.

Malcolm asks Dani to run partials of a license plate. Gil interrupts them, asking Bright to bring him up to date on the profile. It is unlikely that it is a random murder, there have been several domestic calls to their house, but it is Gavin who has the black eyes from Crystal. Malcolm explains that Crystal is obsessed with Isaac, but not sleeping with him. Gil wants to know how Malcolm would know that Jake is a sadist. He doesn’t know yet but goes to the gym to meet Jake.

Jake challenges Malcolm to take him down, but Jake quickly puts him in a submission hold, teaching him that his moves are to rely on maximum aggression. Malcolm wants another shot which causes Jake to come at him; Malcolm takes off his jacket and smashes him in the nose. Malcolm spooks him out when he demands him to submit but Malcolm only looks into his eyes and grins. He introduces Jake to Gil, saying he is a profiler and Gil is a cop.

JT and Dani jog, the following Crystal right up to the crime scene while Gil interrogates Jake. They know he got off on nearly breaking Bright’s arm and are also sleeping with Gavin’s ex, Crystal. Dani speaks to JT on the phone, while Crystal is digging in the ground; but she suddenly loses sight of her. Jake admits 4 months earlier that Gavin demanded custody of Isaac and Crystal was furious about it; he simply taught her how to use that anger. Crystal is physically assaulting Dani in the meantime.

Crystal almost has Dani choked unconscious when she sprays her in the face with mace, ordering her to never sneak up on a cop. JT arrives, finding the bloody sweater that was buried; Crystal is under arrest for suspicion of murder.

Back at the precinct, Malcolm tells Gil and Dani that the profile doesn’t fit. Dani feels maybe his profile is wrong as Gil reminds him there is a child involved almost the same age and cautions him not to beat himself up. They suggest he comes to the interrogation room, so they can find out together. Crystal quickly admits she killed Gavin, admitting she didn’t plan to but he was taking her son and she had to stop him. Gil tells Dani to place her in holding and call family services. Malcolm again tells Gil that this doesn’t fit but Gil reminds him he is a profiler, not a psychic. He is upset that he promises Isaac he would be okay, and now that is a lie, so none of this is okay.

Ainsley is sitting in the living room when Jin convinces her to take a little break. Jessica walks in and interrupts them, asking him to give them the room, Jessica almost flirting with him. Ainsley is upset that she thought she took her only key and that her interview with Martin is not happening. Ainsley is furious because she doesn’t know anything about her father as her mom made him only out to be a monster. Jessica demands to know exactly what Martin said to her.

Ainsley recalls her interview, asking if he really loved them or was it all just a psychopathic act? Martin says he thought about her every day since his arrest; even making her giggle about how her mother would be abhorred by what he thought of her debutante dance. He reminds her that the imaginary life he thought for her is the most real thing he knows; its the one place he gets to be her father. He admits he will never forgive himself for not really being there and neither should she as she deserved so much better than him. Ainsley recounts the conversation to her mother, who is terrified that Martin made her love him. She expected to find a monster but instead found a father who loves her. Ainsley promises her mother that she raised a strong woman and she can do this; Jessica walks off in a huff, saying, “Maybe you can!”

Malcolm Bright is back meeting with his therapist, who notices that his tremors have worsened. He explains the case and how it is messing him up. He wants to help the child but everything he is doing is only making it worse. She says what makes him a good profiler is seeing the worst in people but he really wants to see the best in him; this causes Malcolm to pause feeling he may have a blind spot and rushes off to see Isaac.

He goes to the backyard where Issac’s bunnies were and notices that they are both gone. He recalls their conversation and spots several holes dug in the ground, realizing Isaac has been killing his pet rabbits for a long time, saying they were sad after they lost their dad. He runs back to the precinct, demanding Crystal doesn’t sign the confession, revealing that the bloody sweatshirt is Isaac’s. Gil is shocked as Malcolm explains everything that happened and Crystal is still protecting him.

Malcolm says she does what a good mother does, protecting her son at any cost. He demands that she tells Gil what is all over their backyard, but she refuses; causing Gil to ask if that is a rabbit in the bag. Crystal says Gavin came over and found Isaac suffocating one of his rabbits and told him he was taking him to a psychiatric hospital. He ran, Gavin fell, breaking his ankle and Isaac felt he needed to kill him. Crystal reveals that Jake is with Isaac at the house. Isaac wants to go trick or treating, but he says a social worker is coming and he is leaving. He decides to go pack Isaac’s stuff up as Isaac stares at the knives in the kitchen.
Malcolm is finally able to get through to Jake on the phone, telling him that Isaac is very, very dangerous, but Jake screams as Isaac, dressed in a wolf costume, slices his heels. Isaac picks up the phone, telling Malcolm that he needs to hide upstairs, but he worries that Jake is too strong and will hurt him. Gil calls for backup and for medical, trying to contain the situation as children are out for Halloween.

Dani finds Jake who is still alive. Malcolm asks for 2 minutes to talk to Isaac, going upstairs to find him standing in the middle of the room with a knife. Malcolm insists to Isaac that he can still change and needs to go to a special hospital where they can help him. Malcolm reveals how he shut down when his father was taken and he knows what it is like to not be okay and feel like something inside is not broken. He says he got help from his friends, the doctor and the cop who is there. Gil demands for the police to stand down as he is just a kid. Malcolm tries to convince Isaac to believe him, when he says he can see his mom and Isaac does give him the knife.

Malcolm is added onto the list of visitors for Isaac in the hospital, but he feels troubled after everything he has been through as a kid he wonders if he could have turned out like Isaac. Dani stops Malcolm with all the information she found out on the station wagon, causing him to go off in search of it. Malcolm recalls his father’s words, suddenly spotting the car hidden under a tarp. He opens the back of the car, finding the hooks he was looking for. He spots blood under the black light, all over the back of the car, causing him to tremble.