S.W.A.T. Winter Premiere Recap 01/03/19: Season 2 Episode 11 “School”

S.W.A.T. Winter Premiere Recap 01/03/19: Season 2 Episode 11 "School"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, January 3, 2019, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 2 episode 11 Winter Premiere called “School” as per the CBS synopsis, “The SWAT team faces difficult reminders of a past school shooting when they receive a warning that a copycat plans to re-enact the crime. As the team races to stop the new threat, they flashback to the day of the tense first mission.

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SWAT begins tonight with students sitting in class when they suddenly hear repeated gunshots; the entire music class hides behind their musical equipment. Meanwhile, SWAT is in training when they go over a house they are set to raid; he makes them start it all over, telling Robert Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit) that it wasn’t a bad entry but he doesn’t want the hot shots to get too cocky. Deacon (Jay Harrington) reveals Annie is about to pop any day as Hondo (Shemar Moore) complains he can’t get himself a second date. Luca (Kenny Johnson) mocks him, wondering if Deacon is ready for a girl.

Suddenly SWAT gets a call that there is an active shooter inside Riverhill High, as they listen to live feed; they learn they will be first on scene and it could be 5-7 minutes before any backup arrives. They are reminded they are sheepdogs who are protecting everyone from the wolves. Jay stops a resource officer who reveals there are two shooters and SWAT splits to surround the area as they shout for everyone to keep moving. Hondo goes in to rescue a victim, asking Buck (Louis Ferreira) to cover him.

Hicks meets with the parents, saying there is an active shooter and there are casualties but they can only give them information when it becomes available. He calls two parents over, revealing one of the shooters was caught alive and the other is dead; she is devastated to learn her son, Jeff was one of the shooters and the one who was killed. He demands all of his personal belongings, including computers and cell phone.

PRESENT DAY Six years later, Jeff’s mother is interviewed and she says when Jeff left that morning there was genuine sadness in his voice and that will haunt her. Jeff was experiencing mental distress and she didn’t know the warning signs; if she knew then what she knew now, she could have prevented Riverhill. What he did that day, made him a monster, but he will always be her son, even though she is sorry for what he did. When she returns from the interview, she receives a disturbing written letter.

Deacon and Hondo work out but Chris (Lina Esco) stops them as they, along with Victor Tan (David Lim). They find out that the letter she got was part of Jeff’s manifesto, something Jessica Cortez (Stephanie Sigman) and Hicks read out loud. It threats to honor Jeff and by having a much higher body count – last time 7 kids and they know for sure whoever it is planning another attack for today.

SWAT attempt to narrow it down, only knowing it will be in the Los Angeles area. The kid isn’t looking for revenge but also notoriety. It’s too late for them to shut the schools down and this isn’t about classmates fearing a specific event; he simply wants them to fear for their lives. Hondo reminds Hicks that by the time some call comes in, it will be too late. Wendy says this guy looks up to the Rieverhill shooters like most people look up to athletes. Hicks tells Hondo he is right about not allowing Riverhill to happen again.

At the prison, Hondo, Luca and Jimmy Street (Alex Russell) want him to talk about his admirers; but when he recites the victim’s names, Luca orders him to stop as he doesn’t have the right to say their names. Street finds a photo of someone carrying the same gun and gathers the intel. The prisoner, Patrick thanks Luca from preventing him from killing anyone else.

JANUARY 13 Deacon and Luca chase towards the shooters, continuing to bring kids out; Deacon shares that the shooters have separated and a student named Anna is able to tell them where she is but the shooter walks into the room. The hall is foggy from some smoke bombs, they take some fire but find a victim who was just killed. Luca pauses and places a red stick on him.

TODAY – Alex feels Patrick appears to be genuine but Luca can’t defend this guy because of all the kids he murdered and they will never get that chance. He feels Patrick should have died just like his buddy.

At HQ, Jessica confronts Ainsley about all her followers on social media and how the killer’s mother would idolize their son. She could use her influence, hoping he will respond and she can keep him busy. Hicks returns with the name Kurt Wilson, who was on the school’s threat address; Hicks orders them to the house and issues a BOLO on the truck.

SWAT surrounds the truck at a gas station, but when he reaches for something they shoot rubber bullets. They find a gun but he refuses to tell them were the Tec -9 gun is, but it is obvious he has no clue what they are talking about. Meanwhile, a teen named Vince retreats to his room and reads Ainsley’s letter on social media. He loads up his gun while his mother says if he is suddenly feeling better than he can go to school.

In interrogation, Kurt won’t say a word and his lawyer is telling him to remain quiet. Hondo promises him if he sits in the chair and remains quiet and when this kid kills his classmates, they won’t be charging him with felony gun charges but he will be charged with an accessory to mass murder. Kurt stops them, looks at his lawyer and says he doesn’t want any kids hurt. The suspect’s name is Vince so Ainsley shows one of the messages and it is confirmed Vince is the shooter. She tries to keep talking to him, but he says that he doesn’t have time.

Jessica and Hicks are able to get a warrant immediately as the team comes out and Hondo says let’s take care of business and confront the wolf. He shares with Jimmy that it was something Buck used to say

January 2013 SWAT cleans out the library, where one of the teachers is alert enough to reveal who the shooter is and exactly what he is wearing; they rush off to the cafeteria and find it empty. Hondo and Buck find the teacher and her students who confirm the shooter is in the kitchen. They move in to engage, screaming LAPD.

PRESENT DAY SWAT cannot find anything as Ainsley continues to read what Vincent is saying to her about the original killers and how wise they were. She tells him that her son was wrong and Vince doesn’t need to make the same mistakes.

SWAT breeches Vince’s home, as Ainsley reads the only thing her son did wrong was he should have killed her first; the way Vince just killed his mom. Tan confirms that she is dead. Jessica learns Vince left his phone behind so they can’t track him; she confirms to Vince is not at school. His sister arrives and they learn that Vince was expelled from a different school. Jessica calls and tells them they should not evacuate as it will cause panic; instead, she is to lock all the students in the gym. The teachers try to remain calm as they escort students quickly into the safety of the gym.

Deacon explains how Buck talked about wolves and the flock and Buck called them Sheep Dogs as they are the ones sent in to protect the flock from the wolves; as for those who were there last time he wants things to end differently. Chris says, “Protect the flock!”

JANUARY 2013 Chris was there with the LAPD canine unit and she traveled with Hicks, they find several students and release them. Hondo confirms that suspect 1 is down and they are looking for suspect 2. Before Deacon is able to shoot the door, he gets shot in the face and Chris released the dog to capture the suspect.

Back to present day, Chris and the team listen to Jessica’s orders. They find Vince’s car, realizing it is clear and he’s already on campus. Vince walks into each room but finds them and the closets empty. All the students are in the gym when SWAT finds Vince and he begins shooting. The students cower inside the gym as he approaches the gym; a shootout takes place in the area between buildings. Tan throws a flashbang and they are able to arrest him with any further incident.

JANUARY 2013 Deacon watches as Luca arrests Patrick. Deacon tells Lila that it is Officer Kay and it is safe. He slides his badge under the door in order to prove it is him; but when they open the door, he finds it wasn’t Lila he was talking to, as she had stood in front of the door to prevent him from shooting anyone else and she is badly wounded. Deacon carries her, yelling for a medic.

It’s clear how the shooting deeply affected the entire SWAT teams as Buck calls it “such a tragedy”. Hicks praises him for having a strong team. Hicks tells Chris that she showed a lot of courage doing what she did. She asks if there is any women on SWAT; Hicks says there isn’t but there is no rule against it. Hicks says there are 6 dead and informs Buck the youngest was 14.

TODAY Hondo and Deacon say this was by the grace of God. Jim tells Luca that its a good thing he didn’t kill Patrick, or they wouldn’t have found out who it was today. Chris approaches the K9 Unit, saying she used to have him before they retired him. His handler Hinks recognizes her and says everyone knows who she is.

Hicks tells media and parents that the armed suspect has been apprehended with no student nor facility member casualties on site. He will bring out the students in groups after they have spoken to the police. The parents thank Hicks when he reiterates that no one was hurt.

Ainsley feels guilty that Vince killed his mother because of her, but Jessica and Hicks tell her it is not her fault at all. Ainsley talks to Hondo, knowing he is the one who killed her son, but over the years she has come to terms with it; knowing it was necessary. She tells him he is the reason there weren’t more than 7 victims and hugs him in appreciation.

Deacon returns home, and Lila surprises him in bed. He tells her to pick a book but she wants to hear a story instead. Deacon begins to tell her the story of how she got her name from a young girl he once knew named Lila; revealing she helped Daddy save a lot of lives before she was born. Deacon reveals that Lila is in heaven with her aunt and baby Jesus. Deacon is sure it makes her parents sad as Lila thinks she should draw them a picture to make them feel better.

The actors from SWAT talk about school violence and how everyone has the right to stay safe. Every parent should remain involved in their child’s lives and get help from school administrators and local law enforcement. Be kind to other students. Everyone is encouraged to be the generation to end school violence.


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