SEAL Team Recap 04/17/19: Season 2 Episode 18 “Payback”

SEAL Team Recap 04/17/19: Season 2 Episode 18 "Payback"

Tonight on CBS their new military drama Seal Team airs with an all-new Wednesday, April 17, 2019, episode and we have your Seal Team recap below. On tonight’s Seal Team season 2 episode 18, “Payback,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Bravo Team is out for revenge as they search for the person responsible for the surprise bomb attack that left one of their own in peril.”

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Clay was left in critical condition. He had to be airlifted back to the states where he received the best treatment possible and so eventually he got better. Clay woke up again and he survived a brutal terrorist attack, but the nerve endings in one of his leg were left permanently damaged. He was told that he would never be fully operational again and with the last thing in his life taken away, it caused depression. Clay was depressed. He didn’t want to talk to his teammates or even see anyone. He just wanted to stay in his hospital bed and so it’s a good thing he couldn’t get rid of Swanny. Swanny had dedicated his whole life to the job and when that was gone he didn’t want to do with himself. And so he knew where Clay was coming from.

Swanny went to go see Clay every day and he stayed even when Clay didn’t want him there, but Swanny was the one keeping the team up to date on Clay’s condition and after a month the team was beginning to get worried. They wanted to be there for Clay and if they couldn’t be then they wanted to avenge him. The team wanted to know who planned the bombing in the Philippines and they were itching for the fight. Some of them were also getting into fights during their time off because brass still wanted to treat their deployment as a Gucci trip. The team was getting so fed with up with their orders that didn’t involve Clay that they were all either flirting with strange women at bars or fighting whichever guy that tried to come onto Mandy.

The fight got back to Blackburn and he wasn’t pleased. He warned when they had been re-stationed in Guam that they couldn’t afford to get into trouble and now there were consequences because they didn’t listen. The team was informed that they had to go to mandatory counseling sessions. These sessions were a direct order from General Shaw and he didn’t care about anyone’s complaints. The team all had to book a session with Dr. O’Brien and so Jason decided to be the smartass by going to his session with bother Ray and Sonny. The three of them toyed with the doctor and the doctor got his own back. He told them that the team was based on familial dynamics and so Jason was leader, Ray was the caregiver, and Sonny was the goof-off.

The guys quickly clammed up when the doctor began diagnosing them, but their itch was finally given an outlet. They all later went to a briefing where Mandy told them they found the leader behind the bombings. His name was Armand Pacada and he was the top dog with the New Resistance Force in the Philippines. He was also potentially a great asset and so everyone (besides the team, that is) wanted him captured alive. Pacada could become their source on this latest terrorist cell and so brass wanted him alive while the team wanted revenge. They returned to the Philippines where they were told that Pacada was hiding out in a molasses factory and all the Americans had to do was grab him.

Pacada’s people put up a fight of course, but the team had been expecting that and so they pushed through until he left the terrorists all but dead. Pacada was alone when the Americans reached him and somehow they were looking the other way when Pacada “fell” several times. The man was otherwise okay and so the team was going to transfer him back to base when they got word that the rest of the terrorist cell was heading their way. The team went and back forth over what to do until they ultimately left it up to Jason. Jason agreed with them that they should take their chances now and so he agreed to set a trap for the cell. It wasn’t what base had asked them to do and it annoyed Mandy yet she couldn’t stop the team from getting their pound of flesh.

They convinced themselves that killing off the cell would help make the islands safer, but the truth is they wanted to kill those people because of what happened to Clay. Clay was recently sent home after passing a benchmark in his rehabilitation and going back home wasn’t easy for him. He was still struggling to do things he’s always done before and once he got over himself he noticed that Swanny was also suffering. The man was popping more pills than Clay and talking about people that used to be in his life. So Swanny was a mess too. He also found his own way of dealing with it and he didn’t want that for Clay. Clay saw Davies and he told her that she needed to get her head right before she turns her back on the Navy. And so now it was time for Clay to follow his own advice because he shouldn’t turn his back on Bravo when he doesn’t have to.

His team wiped out the terrorist cell and they handed over Pacada, but Jason finally confronted Ray because he wanted to know how Picada “fell” on Ray’s watch and Ray wasn’t talking. He didn’t want to admit that he beat up the man because of what happened to Clay and he also didn’t want to talk about the phone calls he’s been getting.

Only Jason saw his new female friend at the bar in Guam and it turns out she had been transferred there as well.

So sooner or later Ray is going to have to admit he’s playing with fire, but until then the team welcomed a video call from Clay who was finally ready to talk to his friends.


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