The Amazing Race Recap 5/22/19: Season 31 Episode 5 “I’m a Bird, I’m a Plane, I’m on The Amazing Race!”

The Amazing Race Recap 5/22/19: Season 31 Episode 5 "I'm a Bird, I'm a Plane, I'm on The Amazing Race!"

Tonight the CBS series The Amazing Race airs with an all-new Wednesday, May 22, 2019, season 31 episode 5 and we have 1your The Amazing Race recap below. On tonight’s season 31 episode 5 called, “Teams take a leap of faith when choosing which detour challenge to take on, and a split-second decision may make or break one team’s life in the race.

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Eight teams remain, who will be eliminated next? Colin & Christie are the 1st to depart, they are heading to Dubai, 3500 miles away. Teams will find their next clue at a supercar tailgate party.

Nicole & Victor are the 2nd to depart, they have a trio of second-place finishes and hoping for a first-place finish on this leg. Chris & Bret were on the leg of elimination and now they are in third place. Becca & Floyd are excited to be going to Dubai. The last time Tyler & Korey ran this race, they went to Dubai and raced camels. Leo & Jamal are thrilled to be going to Dubai, Jamal says they are getting closer to the motherland. Janelle & Britney struggled in the last leg and need to press a restart. Rachel & Elissa are in the last place.

Everyone is on the same flight, so it is actually a restart for the teams that were lagging behind. All teams arrive at this place in the desert and there are luxury cars everywhere. The clues are in the cars. Teams must travel by taxi back to the city to the Dubai Frame. Once they are there, they must make their way to the top to find their next clue.

When the teams get to the top of the frame by elevator, they walk on a glass floor. Its a Detour, teams will choose Fall; it requires the teams to jump off Dubai’s tallest building, they will first travel up the tallest and fastest elevator. Once at the top, they will parachute down to get to the bottom and get their next clue. Or, Find, where in the world’s largest dinosaur park, teams will have to search for five different colored eggs and return them to their nest.

Leo & Jamal are in 1st place, they choose Fall, and so do Colin & Christie, Tyler & Korey. Chris & Bret go to Find, along with Janelle & Britney. Nicole & Victor have fallen behind, but Rachel & Elissa are stuck in a taxi that is lost, Janelle & Britney are also lost, while other teams are lagging behind.

Rachel & Elissa are at the dinosaur park and when they find out they are to wear dinosaur costumes, they change their mind and head over to the tallest building to do the jump.

To the surprise of the teams on the top of the tallest building, the challenge is actually virtual reality, there actually is no physical jump. After the quest, the two teammates have to answer five questions and both get them all right. If any are wrong, they have to repeat the quest.

Chris & Bret are in 1st place, they have found all their eggs in the dinosaur park and received their next clue, they have to take a taxi to Soho Garden to get their next clue.

Colin & Christie are the first teams to finish the jump.

Next, its a RoadBlock, “Who Can Feel The Beat.” In a night club, everyone is listening to different music with their headphones, only a few are actually listening to the DJ’s music. Teams must figure out which people are dancing to the DJ’s music.

Leo & Jamal are going from being first, to being the worst when they fail the questions in the virtual quest, over and over again.

Rachel & Elissa are currently in the last place. Becca & Floyd are leading and got their next clue, they have to head to the pit stop in Dubai Marina. Although, there are a few teams just behind them. At the Pit Stop, teams have to go to the top of a building and zip line into the Pit Stop area. Becca & Floyd are team number 1, and they both have won $5,000.00 each. Chris & Bret are team number 2. Colin & Christie are team number 3. Tyler & Korey are team number 4. Nicole & Victor are team number 5. Janelle & Britney are team number 6, Leo & Jamal are team number 7,

Rachel & Elissa are the last teams to arrive, but it is a non-elimination leg.