The Fix Recap 04/22/2019: Season 1 Episode 6 “The Fugitive”

The Fix Recap 04/22/2019: Season 1 Episode 6 "The Fugitive"

Tonight on ABC their new legal drama The Fix airs with an all-new Monday, April 22, 2019, episode and we have your The Fix recap below.  On tonight’s The Fix season 1 episode 6, “The Fugitive,”  as per the FOX synopsis, “Sevvy is nowhere to be found before he is due to appear in court; Jessica Meyer’s sister Lindsay meets with Maya and wants Sevvy behind bars; the police receive a report that Maya is being stalked.”

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The Fix begins tonight with LAPD at Sevvy Johnson’s (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) with an arrest warrant. Maya Travis (Robin Tunney) is on the phone confirming he isn’t at the Malibu house as CJ (Merrin Dungey) finds out he isn’t at the Desert estate too. Maya tells LAPD to look at all his favorite spots, but they bet that he ran as the last known location of Sevvy’s car was at the airport; Maya decides to call Ezra Wolf (Scott Cohen).

Meanwhile, Ezra is getting his black eye covered, when Maya reveals she has a warrant for his client and his car is at the airport; something Wolf feels is a misunderstanding as innocent men don’t run. He tells Maya that Sevvy had said something about going to Napa for a wine tasting while she orders him to produce his client; Ezra hangs up and informs his assistant that Sevvy is on the run!

Sevvy is given champagne by Marie (Bianca Lopez) while they are in flight; he certainly believes he is free until Wolf calls him on his phone but he rejects the call. He looks at a website about Dubai, smirking.

Alan Wiest (Breckin Meyer) holds a press conference, praising the prosecution team for having Sevvy Johnson charged for the murder of Jessica Meyer (Taylor Kalupa). They are actively searching for him, revealing which airport he left from but cannot comment on the specifics of the investigation but are obtaining the flight plans. Maya stands in front of the microphones and tells Sevvy he should turn himself in because wherever he is; they will find him and anyone assisting him will be charged as being an accessory. Marie sees the press conference as Sevvy begs the pilot to land as fast as he can.

Matthew Collier (Adam Rayner) walks with Wiest, Maya, and CJ while they review their plan. CJ offers to call her ex to see if he can gather any info. Matthew is called into Wiest’s office, questioning his reasoning behind putting the entire staff through lie detector tests; he reminds Matthew whose photo is sitting in the lobby, and this is his house; something Matthew keeps forgetting. Wiest demands to have a report of what was discovered as soon as Sevvy Johnson is in custody.

CJ lets Maya know that if Sevvy is heading to a place without extradition, he would have to stop in the East to refuel; she is certain someone will report him because he is a famous guy. In the plane, Sevvy asks Marie to get him another drink but when she leaves she takes a photo of him as Wolf is desperately trying to get a hold of Sevvy. Julianne “Jules” Johnson (Robin Givens) barges into Ezra’s office demanding to know where Sevvy is. He openly admits that she is the only one Sevvy will listen to but she insists that she has no idea where he is. He holds her arms, saying Sevvy is a fugitive and he is going to need her to stay; she agrees.

Matthew rushes into the room with the photo the flight attendant took of Sevvy, saying they are landing in Atlanta so Maya wants US Marshalls and Atlanta PD to meet the plane when it lands. Wiest is calling the local DA to bring him up to speed; they have 25 minutes to get it done. The news comes on revealing that Sevvy is landing in Atlanta; something he has no idea about as he asks Marie about the refueling, she tells him the pilot needs to know his next destination so they can file a flight plan. They all watch the news which shows Sevvy’s plane descending at the airport and police are on the ground.

He is furious when he sees the plane surrounded by squad cars. Sevvy pleads with the pilot to not open the door when he takes a call from Jules. She instructs him to put his hands on top of his head and walk out like a man because their beautiful children are not going to lose their father today. He apologizes and hangs up. The plane door opens as Sevvy comes out with his hands in front of him and surrenders to the police.

Angela Ashley (Skye P. Marshall) walks up to the tarmac, saying Sevvy Johnson is her client and she would like a moment alone with him. They board the plane as Maya asks, “Who the hell is that?” Ezra asks the same question to Charlie (Kj Smith), who tells him that Sevvy didn’t hire her, but Jules likes her. Ezra receives a call from Sevvy where Angela explains she can get Sevvy out of this, saying he flew to Atlanta to pick up the newest member of his defense team – her! She’s spent 6 years in the Innocent Project and she reminds him that he has no choice as it looks right now that Sevvy is a flight risk. Ezra welcomes her to the team.

Angela answers the questions of the press, but Maya can’t believe the press is buying into it. She now worries if a Judge will buy what he is saying because if the Judge does, they are completely screwed. They are encouraged to get some sleep and deal with the arraignment in the morning.

Ezra walks Jules outside the building when Buck Neal (Robert Neal) arrives. Buck reveals that Jules wasn’t having any income until Jessica died and suddenly she is back on the payroll. Ezra believes that is a motive, telling Buck to dig deeper with the neighbors. Ezra reminds Buck if Sevvy knew what was good for him, none of them would be there.

River “Riv” Allgood (Marc Blucas) reviews all the footage of the house and spots the stalker walk up but covers the camera with his glove. He is about to snoop through the boxes but Maya walks in, kissing and missing him. She’s a bit nervous about being back in court and goes to bed; Riv says he will join her in a minute.

The next morning, Maya tries to convince CJ that she is okay and could do an arraignment in her sleep. Lindsay Meyer arrives, telling Maya that her parents are not coming, apologizing for her father’s words. Maya knows it won’t be easy to see Sevvy in court, but they are going to make him pay for what he did. Sevvy’s handcuffs are removed as Ezra says Mr. Johnson is ready to give the court’s his plea. Maya informs Sevvy of what he is being charged with first-degree murder. He says he is absolutely NOT guilty!

The Prosecution sits in a room, where they learn the bail hearing is set for tomorrow. Wiest cautions them because his Angela Ashley story is gaining traction. CJ is going to check if Sevvy made another flight plan. Maya says they have Gabriel “Gabe” Johnson (Alex Saxon) who is released and in a safe house; Matthew feels having the defendant’s son sitting on their side makes a big statement. Maya asks Matthew to walk her out, telling him the bail hearing is everything because if Sevvy walks tomorrow it sends a message to a potential jury that their case is weak. She wants him sitting at the counsel table with her; which he quickly agrees to.

Ezra welcomes Angela to his office but she wants to get right to work, saying the devil is in the details. He gives her a desk in the lobby as that is her stature. He makes it very clear that he is Sevvy Johnson’s lawyer and she can have her 15 minutes of fame but he runs the show as he is the show! She feels he is “all show” asking again for the files, something Charlie gives her, unwillingly.

Jules visits Sevvy in jail, ordering him not to lie to her. He admits he was scared when he abandoned a 9-year-old child. He needs a favor, needing her to ask Vic, who is an NBA star to post bail. He insists he didn’t kill Jessica; she produces Power of Attorney paperwork, telling him if he signs those she will talk to Vic. She says she needs to protect the family because no one knows what is going to happen to him and he needs to do this for her, then she will help him.

Buck returns to Ezra’s office, saying he had a productive day, showing him a video of Jules; Ezra points his finger at the screen calling her a very, very bad girl. Ezra comes to see Angela, calling her “Georgia”. She questions his good mood and he informs her that he has the silver bullet that he needs to win the hearing, confident that it might not even make it to trial. He won’t reveal the information, asking her how her babysitting skills are?

Sevvy continues to protest his innocence when he meets with Vic; saying it would mean a lot to the judge if he posted bail; promising not to run. He talks about his kids but Vic tells him not to use the kids to manipulate him. Vic says he will think about it as Sevvy thanks him. Angela explains that Wolf is shutting her out as he plays “Master of the Universe.” Sevvy tells her that Ezra saved his life and knows what he is doing.

Maya and Matthew talk about their strategy in the hearing when Wiest walks in, asking to speak to Matthew in private. Maya receives a call, letting her know that Riv called the LAPD, reporting she has a stalker. She figures out that CJ told him but she doesn’t have time to deal with it right now. Wiest confronts Matthew about the janitor being fired and wants to know why there was no polygraph test, even though he confessed. He questions why there wasn’t an officer present when Matthew questioned him, but he felt the man would be more honest with him alone. Wiest calls him on his lies as the man had been transferred and gives him 5 seconds, to tell the truth. Matthew stands up, is persistent that it was the janitor who made one mistake but if Wiest wants to overrule his decision and ruin the man’s life; go ahead!

Maya is sitting at home when Riv comes in, she is upset that he filed a police report without telling her. He knows how dangerous the situation is, to the point that CJ put up cameras outside the house. Maya feels it is just some poor sap; Riv informs her that LAPD disagrees, saying he is obsessive. She doesn’t want Riv to protect her, saying she isn’t a woman who needs saving as she can do it herself. Maya reiterates how important tomorrow is to her so Riv says she is as obsessive as her stalker. He gathers all the gifts this sicko has left her and wants to bring them to the police station. He opens the desk but everything is gone; Maya terrified, tells him the stalker was there in the house!

The following morning, Maya doesn’t want to hear any news about Sevvy Johnson’s case; admitting to Riv that he was right to bring the cops in. She just wants him to put it away until after the hearing. Her ride arrives, she squeezes Riv’s hand when he offers her good luck. She gets into Matthew’s car, both ready to do this.

They walk into the courtroom, reassuring Lindsey that Sevvy won’t get out; Gabe is sitting directly behind her. Sevvy walks in and meets Angela and Ezra, nodding to Vic and Jules, but angry when he spots his son, Gabe there. The Judge arrives, wanting to hear from the people first. Maya says they have it all, including motive when a video of Jessica telling them Sevvy beats her and she was planning on going to the police. His opportunity was when he had a secret entranceway to his property. His consciousness of guilt was him trying to destroy evidence as soon as he knew a search warrant was imminent. They have evidence from the crime scene and DNA evidence that proves he was there in the morning of the murder. Matthew takes over, claiming he is a flight risk which is what half the nation already knows.

The defense stands up as Ezra doesn’t feel like fighting them on every point, but he can provide an affidavit from the pilot of Sevvy’s plane who was making the flight plane to come back to LA. He has trust and support of the community as Vic Marshall, 5 times NBA champion agreed to post his bail. Judge Song reminds him that he was going to keep it short. He says he did his homework and has evidence the prosecution would have found if they didn’t have such tunnel vision; evidence that proves in fact that Julianne Johnson is the murderer.

Sevvy is shocked as Ezra shows them a video of Jules driving down the highway away from the crime scene; Jules and Vic leave the courtroom. Maya stands up saying there is DNA evidence that Sevvy was at the crime scene, not Julianne’s. Sevvy encourages Angela to take over so she stands and addresses the court, revealing that 22% of the DNA evidence that was taken by the State has not been analyzed; another 17% gave inconclusive results but if they were all done, they would find out if Jessica’s killer was at the crime scene. Sevvy is granted bail but is furious with Ezra because he brought the mother of his children into this; informing Ezra that he now works for Angela.

CJ and Maya lounge in their office as they fret over this happening all over again; CJ was certain bail wasn’t an option as he killed two people now. Matthew brings in booze, wanting to toast to Wolf’s face when Sevvy demoted him to the second chair. CJ is going to leave this to them as she has a little girl at home. Maya knows Wolf has a flair to the dramatics but they need to be ready. CJ reminds them not to drink and drive.

Jules is outraged when she barges into Sevvy’s house, confronting him on Ezra Wolf calling her a murderer and he let him. He defends Wolf’s actions as he was only protecting Sevvy and got him out. She doesn’t think he has any sense of morality after all he has done. Sevvy throws it in her face the things she has done, including driving on the highway. She confesses she was screwing Vic Marshall as it was going on for months, the kids and everyone knew but him. Sevvy accuses her of only caring about money as she reminds him she is the mother of his children and has earned every penny she has gotten from him.

Sevvy realizes this was Jules’ plan the whole time, she throws salt in the wound saying on top of that she gets a man who is thoughtful, kind, gentle and unlike him, he has never raised a hand to her. Sevvy rages as she begs him to hit her because she is sick of covering up for him. She tells him to take a swing as the reporters outside are his judge, jury, and executioner and if she leaves there with so much as a single hair out of place, then it is his ass. Sevvy grabs her, saying if she goes down for this, no money, house nor kids will save her from going behind bars. She tells him she is not afraid of him anymore and calmly walks out.

CJ comes to Riv, revealing to her that the stalker was in the house, messed with the cameras and then broke in to take all of the boxes back. They are both suspicious with the timing, right after Riv went to the police. CJ believes he was listening, and they are going to find out how.

Angela moves to the upper office; she tells Ezra to get some sleep as they have a lot of work tomorrow and she likes to start early; smiling widely as he leaves. Matthew and Maya are throwing darts at Ezra’s picture as they continue to drink. She snuggles up to him on the couch, saying she is the one who left for a normal life. He remembers, saying if things were different. He is about to kiss her but she tells him she can’t. Meanwhile, Riv and CJ check the house for bugs; finding one on the wooden beams in the living room. Riv shouts that he is a sick son of a bitch and this is over and he is coming for him. It is the security guard, Leo Foster (Erik Palladino) who did it and is listening as Maya tells him “good night” before leaving the building.

Matthew is cleaning up when Wiest returns, saying he should have fired the janitor because then he would have never figured it out that Loni Kapoor (Mouzam Makkar) is the leak. He remembers that Matthew brought Loni in and mentored her but took the biggest case in her career away from her; something that pissed her off. Wiest wanted to confront her, but she conveniently called in sick. Matthew swears he had his reason, but Wiest now has to figure out what he is going to do. He could fire him, have him arrested or tell Maya who will never forgive him; but he won’t because it was the right play because the office couldn’t take another hit as they are trying to win. Matthew is glad they see eye to eye on this.

Sevvy turns off the fire by the pool, dimming the lights when he goes upstairs. He overlooks the city when Lindsey raises a gun to him, saying he murdered her sister and now he is going to pay.