The Village Finale Recap 05/21/19: Season 1 Episode 10 “I have Got You”

The Village Finale Recap 05/21/19: Season 1 Episode 10 "I have Got You"

Tonight on NBC their new series The Village airs with an all-new Tuesday, May 21, 2019,  season 1 episode 10 called “I Have Got You,” and we have your weekly The Village recap below. On tonight’s The Village episode 10, as per the NBC synopsis, “The Village family comes together during a time of need. An unexpected event brings Katie, Sarah, and Nick back into each other’s orbits. Patricia deals with her diagnosis, which leads to an unexpected chance at re-connection for Ron. Enzo enlists Gabe to pull off a grand gesture. Ben faces his future and his past.”

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The Village Season 1 finale begins with Nick Porter (Warren Christie) walking back to The Village with his bag and dog; staring up the stairs he returns inside. Meanwhile, Sarah Campbell (Michaela McManus) enjoys her date night out, completely unaware of her daughter, Katie Campbell (Grace Van Dien) trying to get a hold of her. Patricia Davis (Lorraine Toussaint) wakes up startled, climbing out of bed, leaving Ron Davis (Frankie Faison) in bed sleeping soundly.

Enzo Napolitano (Dominic Chianese) wakes up his grandson, Gabe (Daren Kagasoff) to inform him that he wants to get married; something they both smile about. Liam (Ben Ahlers) is in a cab with Katie, saying he keeps getting voicemail and Katie tells him to call Patricia as she frets about her pain. No one notices the phone vibrating beside the bed. Patricia is about to head down the stairs when she notices Nick’s door open. She smiles broadly that her favorite squatter is back again. She wants to go to the roof, because “cold means numb.” She is glad that Ron told him about the surgery so he has someone to talk to.

Patricia admits she has a bad feeling, as Nick says he had the same thing before the battle but he always made it home. Their conversation is interrupted when his phone rings and it is Liam saying Katie is in the hospital, thinking it might be contractions but she is in pain. When the doctor takes Katie in the wheelchair, Liam says he is the father so he can stay by her side.

Sarah continues her date with Ethan, the mysterious building owner (Austin Nichols), revealing what they do for a living; Sarah admitting she is a “bad mother.” He doesn’t buy it because he has 5 older sisters and knows a good thing when he sees it; she thanks him, saying it was nice to hear. A bar patron sits on the stool next to Sarah, giving her the purse; she notices that Katie, Nick, and Patricia have all called her and says she needs to go. She rushes off to the hospital, demanding to see her daughter, but Patricia takes her before she gets too frantic and reveals that Katie was hit by a bike messenger earlier and Liam brought her in. The baby was fine and a couple of hours ago she started contracting. Sarah learns Nick is in the waiting room but hasn’t seen Katie. Sarah checks in on Katie who is sleeping. She sits beside her and breaks down in tears, holding Liam’s hand.

At Mercy Hospital, Nick tells Sarah’s first date he is there for a family thing, while the gentleman says his first date said he could leave but she looked very upset and it didn’t seem right for him to go; Nick advises him to stay as she would appreciate; neither having any idea who each other is.

Ben Jones (Jerod Haynes) is drinking his sorrows away when his wife walks in. Meanwhile, Ron joins Patricia at the hospital, chastising her about leaving him a message. He feels her defenses are down, but she insists they need her. Ron says it will be weeks before she can reschedule and she cannot wait even a few days. She will do the surgery but won’t let cancer make her live with regrets; he offers her some coffee. Sarah wakes up, looking at both Liam and Katie. She quietly leaves the room.

Enzo begins looking at rings for his beloved Gwendolina Ferrari (Mary Beth Peil); he immediately picks a ring making Gabe question whether he should really do this. Enzo says it is right and for him to call his father, Angelo Napolitano (Paul Ben-Victor) because he only gave him a $300 limit on his card. He wants his money and won’t take no for an answer.

Ben receives a text but before he leaves, questions his wife on giving away all their deceased son’s things, including his clothes. She tells him if he is looking for memories, she has many of them, like the night she got a call at 3 AM to finding him almost dead on the floor. She orders him to be gone by the time she gets back.

Sarah wanders into the waiting area, where Nick and her date were sleeping. She introduces Nick to Ethan; Nick jokes that they spent the night together, making Patricia smile. Sarah gives a quick update to Nick, then asks Ethan to go with her so they can talk. Nick allows Patricia to say, ‘The plot thickens” only because she is minutes away from surgery and then asks if she feels better? He reminds Patricia that he and Sarah are just friends and Ethan seems great, but she is not pulling for Ethan because Nick is family.

Sarah explains everything to Ethan, sorry that he stayed. She tells him to get some rest on anything more comfortable than a bench. Ethan says, “this doesn’t feel like a bad mom to him!” before he walks out.

Katie wakes up to see Liam, but when he asks if she is okay; she says her stomach hurts and as he looks around for a vomit bucket, she pulls the blanket down to see blood all over her. Liam races for help. Sarah sits with Nick but then the alarms sound; Sarah rushes in leaving Nick confused on what to do. Katie is terrified but happy to see her mom, but they learn that Katie’s placenta may be detaching and already at 7 cm, this baby is coming right now!

Enzo argues on the phone with his son, Angelo as Gabe tells him this call is not going to end well so if he wants his money, Gabe will sue him for it, but in the meantime, he already has a ring. He refuses to propose to another woman with Rosemary’s ring. Patricia messages them, saying Katie is having her baby.

Outside the hospital, Nick asks Ron when Patricia is due for surgery; but he tells Nick it wouldn’t matter because she will not go until she knows Katie and the baby are safe. Ron confronts Nick about his new job, never pegging Nick as the “cut and run’ kind of guy. Nick feels he is giving Sarah her life back as Ron asked how that worked out the first time. Ron walks away to hug Ben, leaving Nick to return inside.

Patricia goes to the chapel, giving God an ultimatum. Sarah is with Katie, working through her contractions; Katie full of tears and worrying that she doesn’t have an overnight bag and there should be candles. Sarah shows her the warming station as the baby will be little and need some help. Sarah touches her daughter so sweetly, encouraging her to breathe through the pain. Patricia asks God to do what he wants with her, but let Katie and her baby be safe, or she will come after God. Liam comes in with ice chips but Katie demands him to leave; Sarah is much calmer asking him to go light a candle.

It is time for Katie to push and Sarah counts with her. Patricia sits in the chapel, while mother and daughter breath through everything together, pushing. Katie says she doesn’t want to do this as Sarah tells her the baby needs her. The baby’s heart rate drops and she needs to deliver immediately; Sarah helps Katie push with all her might and the baby is out. Sarah is concerned about the baby after Katie has a brief moment of laughter. Their happiness turns to worry when the baby isn’t breathing; Katie tells her baby to breath right now, holding her own breath until they hear a newborn baby cry and he is alive. Patricia cries in the chapel before releasing a huge breath!

Patricia joins everyone when the doctor is talking to Sarah about the baby’s scores; something she is willing to discuss with the potential adopted parents. Patricia tells the doctor who called Katie a brave girl, that she takes after her mother. Sarah says she hasn’t called the adoptive parents nor has she spoken to Katie about it in weeks; not knowing what she even wants. Patricia walks with Sarah.

Enzo, Gabe, Ben, Ron, and Liam are all with Katie, who thanks them all for being there; when Sarah and Patricia walk in. Ron says he needs to take Patricia upstairs but he will be back. Liam is about to leave the room when Katie asks him if he meant what he said after she got hit by the bike. He reminds her that he is still there. Patricia raves about Katie, asking “Supergirl” how she is doing but she learns that Patricia is on her way up to oncology to take her cancer out; saying it isn’t anything compared to what Katie did. They exchange “I love yous” and Ron promises they will be out vandalizing before they know it.

Sarah tells Katie the baby is breathing like a champ but she worries that he is so little; Sarah says she once was too. Sarah is proud of Katie for saving him, as Katie wants to know how she did this alone. Sarah says she was never alone, she was with Katie; both agree to a “do over.” Sarah tells Katie she missed her so much.

Enzo talks to Gabe and the brand new life, as Gabe says he will grow up, fall in love and propose. He shows Enzo the ring again, saying him and Nona Rosemary was pretty tight and would want him to give the ring to that woman of his. Enzo accepts the ring.

Sarah finds Nick in the waiting room, saying Katie is exhausted, but brave as hell and wants to see him; not because she pulled strings but because he stuck around. Nick thanks her as he walks towards the room, each missing glances at each other. Nick arrives in Katie’s room, not thinking he would make it past the waiting room. He is at a loss for words, but she reminds him that he stayed. He says she is right that he wouldn’t be there if he hadn’t lost his leg, she is sorry for saying it and maybe the two of them know each other better than he thinks.

He reminds her that she isn’t his consolation prize but what gives his tragedy meaning! Him meeting her meant his teammates and best friend didn’t die for anything. She wants to know what his best friend’s name was, and he says “Cooper.” She invites her dad to sit beside her on the bed, saying it is nice to have a dad. Sarah joins them asking if Katie wants her to call Claire (Katrina Lenk), but Katie wants to see the baby. Sarah tells her that Patricia suggested not seeing him in order to make passing over custody easier, but Katie wants to see him.

Ben is in a chapel, where his wife apologizes for being hard on him that morning. She says he is human and so is thinking that they might come back around. She feels she deserves to be happy and no one is stopping him from going to Canada. She gives him a bag of their son’s clothes, asking if they could split this is two. She tells him that his son would want him to go after the woman he loves and for him not to let her walk away.

Ron sits by Patricia’s bedside, calling her the most beautiful cancer patient ever and she could make the cover of the brochure. She has a few more minutes as she is grateful for his patience, and their baby had a baby. He knows Patricia always wanted to have her own baby, but he reminds her that she gave it in many other ways; she gave him life. It is time and Ron pats her hand, kissing it as she is wheeled away. Patricia thanks him one last time.

Enzo goes to see Macklemore who is in the seniors’ home. They don’t like each other, but Enzo knows he plays music and since he knows how much he misses his wife and Enzo has a second chance of love. He says he never played Lincoln Center, he played Carnegie Hall.

Sarah brings Katie to the nursery, where her little boy is in the corner. Katie is ready to touch him and the nurse helps her, giving Katie time with the tiny guy; saying it is nice to finally meet him. Sarah watches with conflict in her eyes. Katie tells Sarah she can do this, but Sarah tells her the doctors are worried about how long he didn’t breath and this could be really hard. Katie looks at her mom, saying hard and happy aren’t mutually exclusive. Sarah smiles, telling Katie she has a beautiful son as Katie wonders what she will say to Claire. Sarah promises they will cross that bridge as she encourages Katie to touch and be with her son. Katie leans in and tells him that he is not broken. She is his mother and “I have got you!”

Katie sings songs to her little son as the nurses ask where her mother is. She is willing to help Katie with the skin to skin bonding; shocking her that she can hold him. Sarah runs outside, stopping Ethan. He brought them food, feeling laughter must mean everything is okay but she kisses him; something Nick witnesses while holding a bouquet of flowers.

Outside Gwendolina’s place, Enzo is singing with several of the men from the seniors’ home and Gabe. She puts on her coat and listens as he sings, “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”. He tells Gabe to give him the ring, but he reminds him not to be nervous. Gabe helps him to his knees as Enzo asks Gwendolina to marry him and she says, “I will!” Gabe helps her to her knees as the two kiss.

Gordon (Guy Lockard) finds his dad, Ron in the hospital wanting to know if everything is going okay. He reveals that Patricia left him a message about the surgery, just in case. Gordon asks if his dad would like someone to pray with. Nick sees Katie holding the baby and walks in. He says he doesn’t know how to hold him, but Katie tells him to hold him to his skin so he knows that he is his.

Ben wraps himself in his son’s blanket in the chapel, while Ron and Gordon pray. Enzo and Gwendolina kiss and everyone celebrates. Patricia begins the countdown to her surgery as Sarah promises Ron they will all be there when she wakes up. Both smiles as Nick holds his little grandson. Ron pushes Sarah to join them as he watches from the window, smiling. Nick kisses his grandson on the forehead as Katie reveals his name is “Cooper”, Nick winks saying it is a good name. Sarah asks if she can hold him, making both Katie and Nick extremely happy.