The Village Recap 04/09/19: Season 1 Episode 4 “Heart on Fire”

The Village Recap 04/09/19: Season 1 Episode 4 "Heart on Fire"

Tonight on NBC their new series The Village airs with an all-new Tuesday, April 9, 2019,  season 1 episode 4 called “Heart on Fire,” and we have your weekly The Village recap below. On tonight’s The Village episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Katie faces key pregnancy decisions while tracking down an art thief. Sarah and Patricia spend a night out to clear their minds. Nick’s memory plays tricks on him. Gabe and Ava look for outside help with her case. Enzo lets a lovely lady slip away.”

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Patricia starts her chemotherapy wearing a strange hat to try and save her hair. To make her feel better Ron wears a Jets helmet. They laugh. Time passes with the gang all taking turns sitting with Patrica during her therapy. After her first round, Ron makes her a green smoothie in celebration. She is tired and doesn’t feel well. She heads upstairs to ask Enzo for some herbal help.

Sarah and Katie talk about their options when it comes to the baby and art school. Meanwhile, Nick wakes from a bad dream. He heads to the bathroom and stares in the mirror. His eyes are red. He starts to break things throughout the bathroom and doesn’t stop until Sarah comes in. Amy arrives to help. They leave and end up kissing.

Sarah sees a crying baby at the nursing home with his grandmother. It makes her think of Katie and the baby. She runs into Patricia and Enzo at the elevators. She tells them she is going to be a 35-year-old grandmother. They offer her a cookie before they all get high.

The father of Katie’s baby approaches her in the hall. His mother wants to know what she plans to do. Katie jokes with him. She doesn’t plan to tell anyone it’s his.

Ben knock on Nick’s door to see if he wants to play basketball. On the court, he tells Nick he could hear him breaking his bathroom. Ben cannot possibly understand what he is going through until Ben shares he lost his own son who was just 2 years old.

They sit and talk. Ben shares how he lost his family but saved himself. Nick tells him how he spooks easily and comes to think he is still in combat.

Sarah dresses up to go out with Patricia. Katie has plans to go to a gallery with her friends. Ron is happy to see Patricia heading out for fun.

At the gallery, Katie finds Liam who stole her art. She confronts him. Meanwhile, Ava’s ex-husband knocks on her door drunk. He wants to see their son. Ben and Nick come in the building and see them talking outside the apartment. The ex makes a comment about her new boyfriend Ben and how she is whoring herself out to a cop. Ben punches him. He tells Ava he plans to press charges.

Sarah tells Patricia she is overwhelmed. They talk about Nick and Katie when her name is called. Patricia signed her up for karaoke. She heads up to the stage.

Katie and Liam talk. She tells him he stole her art and made money on it. She walks away angry. He chases her.

Nick turns on the water to listen to it drip, facing his fears of all those little noises. Patricia collapses on stage while she sings. Patricia returns home and tells

Ron, she is done chemo. Ava visits Ben and tells him she loves him but he can never do this again. Sofia is going inside her home when Ava’s lawyer shows up. He needs her help to keep Ava in the country.

Enzo meets a lady. They talk and flirt the night away. She leaves and doesn’t tell him her name. She leaves a library book behind.

Liam walks Katie home. She brings him by the baseball field to see her art. They kiss.

Nick looks out the window to see snow falling. He heads out on the fire escape to stand in it when he has a bad moment, envisioning it as ash. He wakes to Sarah. She holds him when he begins to cry.


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