90 Day Fiancé Premiere Recap 12/06/20: Season 8 Episode 1 “I Think You’re My Future Wife”

90 Day Fiancé Premiere Recap 12/06/20: Season 8 Episode 1 "I Think You're My Future Wife"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé premiere with an all-new Sunday, December 6, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiancé recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiancé season 8 episode 1 “I Think You’re My Future Wife,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Brandon’s parents’ strict rules surprise his Russian fiancee, Julia. Yara isn’t impressed with fiance Jovi’s hometown.  Rebecca and her Tunisian beau, Ziad, await via news.  Mike and Natalie’s relationship takes an unexpected turn.

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Brandon is a fresh-faced newbie. He was a real cutie. He is twenty-seven years old and he’s a pest control technician. He loves his job. He loves that he doesn’t have to spend every day of each minute in an office and it wasn’t something he saw himself in forever. He hopes to one day take over his parents’ dog breeding company. His parents owned and operated their very own company in which they breed dogs. They were also getting up there in age. They will most likely retire soon and so Brandon is willing to step up. He couldn’t join the company now because he finds his mom a little too bossy and his parents were overly involved in his life.

His parents once set him up on a famers’ dating app. The family did live on a farm after all. Brandon’s parents were worried for their son because he was a late bloomer and he didn’t really date a lot once he did bloom. Brandon was shy. He was quiet. He only met Julia because a friend had introduced them and during their first video chat he had told her he was looking at his future wife. Brandon really loves Julia. Julia was working as a go-go dancer when they first met and it was a great fit for her because she loves to dance. Julia was warned that Brandon didn’t have the money to get his own place.

Brandon was living at his parents because the financials were right, but he’s not sure if Julia truly understood that because Brandon has been living the high life recently and that’s because he’s been using up his credit cards. He spent almost ten thousand dollars in seven months. He spent it on trips to France and to Iceland with Julia. His family also traveled with him to meet Julia and her family in Russia. Brandon spent a lot of money traveling. He doesn’t make a lot and so he has no savings left. His cards are all maxed out. There will be no more trips abroad for a while and that’s why he’s not sure how much Julia understood how tight things are for him.

Brandon told Julia that he has to stay living with his parents. He believes she got that part and so it’s the rest she might have a problem with. Her in-laws didn’t quite trust her. They were worried she was after a green card and so they were expecting for Julia to help around the farm to prove she was there for the right reasons. They thought this city girl was going to be helping with the chores on a farm. Brandon hasn’t mentioned talking about that with Julia and so truthfully his family seem like they were about to dump this surprise on her. With no warning. Julia as a city girl who loves the city and who loves traveling is suddenly going to find out she has to make a life for herself on a farm.

Brandon wasn’t thinking that one through. Then again neither was Jovi when he chose to make a similar mistake. Jovi is from the south where he goes hunting and fishing for fun. He met Yara online. Yara is a makeup artist from the Ukraine. She was around the same age as him and was young and pretty. Only Yara likes to travel as well. She first met Jovi when he traveled to see her in some place in Europe and that wasn’t their first nor the last vacation together. They traveled to Europe often. The couple doing well until Yara became pregnant and Jovi doubted her motives. He came to suspect that she got pregnant on purpose. He thought she was trying to use him to get to America.

It wasn’t until Jovi calmed down that he realized he still cares for her. They again traveled around the world and he later proposed. Unfortunately, the couple lost the baby. Jovi wasn’t upset at first because his first thought on the loss was to believe he dodged a bullet and he wondered if he could back out of the engagement. Jovi later changed his mind. He chose to go ahead with bringing Yara over and he was going to bring her to his small town. He was another one who was expecting a city girl to make do with a small town. Jovi thought it would be okay because he and Yara were both family-oriented and he thought she would be happy spending time with his family.

This is also why he wasn’t worried about leaving for thirty days. Jovi has to go away for work for thirty days and that cuts the time he has with Yara in the United States by half. They only have ninety days before they can get married. They was the wedding planning and her meeting his family. The same family that was suspicious of her. They apparently heard about Ukrainian women and how women from there only want to use American men to get green cards. Jovi’s family was therefore worried about Yara’s intentions. Yara has been with him for months. She suffered a miscarriage and has flown to see him several times. Not once did his family choose to visit her or get to know her before forming these thoughts about her. And so that a point to Brandon’s family.

Mike otherwise known as Big Mike lives on a ranch. He lives on a ranch with his cat and his Uncle Beau who was his only farmhand. Mike loves working the land. He was happy doing so and he wants nothing to change, but there is one thing that was about to change. His fiancé Natalie was coming. The same Natalie who he fought with so badly last year that she ended up giving him back the ring and the two of them broke up for a while. They broke up because Natalie couldn’t tell him she loved him. She didn’t want to after she found out that Mike had slept over a female friend’s house alone and when that woman’s husband wasn’t home either.

Natalie doesn’t trust Mike. She doesn’t love Mike. She gave him back the ring and so it was weird when they got back together. They started to date again. Mike was being cautious with her because he couldn’t quite trust her after everything that happened and so again it was weird between them when the visa came through. They had applied for that visa from before the breakup. It had taken them so long that it had given Mike pause and now he wasn’t ready to get married. He thought he and Natalie still have some things to work through. Yet, the visa is now in play. She has to travel to the United States in the next twenty days and she has to get married in the next ninety days or they’ll never be allowed to get married. And so that sucks for Mike.

Rebecca and Zied were waiting for their visa. Rebecca is a forty-nine year old woman who was marrying a twenty something year old man who was young enough to be her son and this is not her first marriage nor even her second. This will be her fourth marriage. Rebecca was an American woman who was working as a private investigator when she met Zied online and fell in love. She traveled to Tunisia to meet him. She fell even more in love once she got to know him face to face and he proposed to her. He proposed to her with a ring he had to borrow money to pay for. Zied’s work history was sketchy. It was unclear where he worked or for how long and again she was a private investigator. She looked into him. She couldn’t find anything and so she still had questions.

Rebecca has questions because her last husband was Muslim man she met online. She brought him over with the K-1 visa and they got married. It just wasn’t long before she realized that he was using her. Her ex used her to get to America and so Rebecca left him. Rebecca says she learned her lesson. Then she meet another younger man from a foreign country and she gets engaged again. She also needed to find a new job because she needed to show the visa people that she has longterm employment. Which being a private investigator couldn’t help her with. Rebecca worked for herself as a P.I. and so she wasn’t exactly settled or at least settled enough and so now she’s a manager at a fast food restaurant.

Rebecca was doing everything possible to bring Zied to United States. She’s invested somewhere between fifteen and twenty thousand dollars and so financially she was strapped. Her daughter saw this. Her daughter offered up her apartment. She invited her mother to live with her and her boyfriend while she rebuilt her savings, but Rebecca had to turn her down because Zied didn’t like that option. Zied didn’t want to live with an unmarried couple because he thought it would be right if Rebecca was seen in her pajamas by another man and so his possessiveness worried both Rebecca’s daughter and her boyfriend.

Tiffany wanted better for her mother. She felt the past was happening again and that her mother was making a mistake by marrying Zied. Only Rebecca told Tiffany that she would get it once she met Zied. Zied was nothing like Rebecca’s ex-husband. Rebecca didn’t even have ninety days with her ex-husband. She married her ex in his own country and so she never got to see him in a setting she was familiar with. He didn’t come into the United States until after they were married. After it was too late. Rebecca would never have married him if she had been given ninety days and so she’s counting on those ninety days to reassure herself with Zied.

Brandon’s fiancé Julia was flying in. His parents were eager to see her and they opted to be there at the airport when she got in. Brandon’s mother was so bossy about it that he was only allowing her to come because she agreed to pay for a mini-vacation for the couple in Washington D.C. The couple were going to stay in a hotel down there. They’ll take in the sights and it will give them some much needed privacy before they drove back to the family farm. It turns out there will be little privacy at the farm. Brandon’s parents still own the place and they don’t want the couple to be sharing a room before they get married. And so separate bedrooms for the younger couple.

Brandon’s mother also asked about birth control. She asked if Julia was on birth control and Brandon said “no”. He explained that Julia didn’t like the pill. She didn’t want to put chemicals into her body and so Brandon’s parents asked him if he was using birth control. They were asking about condoms. They thought their son was using condoms and he wasn’t. Brandon doesn’t like the feel of them. He thinks they’re less fun. He prefers to not use any birth control at all and so he and Julia have just been winging it. They run the risk of getting pregnant. They couldn’t afford to get pregnant anytime soon because the wedding was costing Brandon his last penny.

Brandon’s parents were concerned. His mother especially couldn’t believe that the young couple weren’t taking any precautions and so she interfered. Brandon has explained that his mother is bossy, but it wasn’t until she was making an appointment with a gynecologist that it be cleared how bossy she was. She thinks she can convince Julia to take a pill she doesn’t want because her own son refuses to wear a condom and that was wrong. The full responsibility of a baby shouldn’t be just on the woman. Brandon is right there and his job is much easier. Like why couldn’t she talk to Brandon about a condom?

Brandon has no excuse for not using one. He told the cameras it was less fun. He told his parents that he didn’t want to take on that responsibility and if he was too immature to remember to use a condom then maybe he was too immature to be getting married. Another immature one is Jovi. Jovi is the party boy. His friends and family don’t think he’ll change for Yara or give up his strippers and so why is getting married. Also, was he seeing those strippers while dating Yara? He did say that after the miscarriage he felt free and so the question is how free? Did Jovi sleep with strippers after Yara lost the baby?

It was unclear for now. Only the truth will out itself and Yara was flying into town. Yara was flying into New Orleans. Its where Jovi got his new apartment and so thankfully she won’t be living in a small town. She also won’t have to work on a farm. She’ll still be left for thirty days but she can use that time to explore the city and to get to know everyone. Yara was the first fiancé to arrive in the United States and it soon became clear that she was a little immature as well. She said what she loved most about him was his body. Not the body he has now. The body he had before and Yara’s first night in New Orleans was a let down because all she wanted to do was sleep.