90 Day Fiance Recap 01/26/20: Season 7 Episode 12 “I Do and I Don’t”

90 Day Fiance Recap 01/26/20: Season 7 Episode 12 "I Do and I Don't"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs with an all-new Sunday, January 26, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 7 episode 12 “Syngin considers going back to South Africa; Mursel feels he made a mistake; Mike consults a lawyer.

Angela rethinks a Nigerian wedding; Jasmin & Blake’s families meet; Stephanie makes Anny an offer; Michael & Juliana and Emily & Sasha’s wedding day

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It’s Michael and Juliana’s wedding day. They’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time and it should have been perfect. The entire day should have been, but Juliana couldn’t help feeling like she was alone in all of this. She didn’t have her family there. They also hadn’t texted her or message her in any way and so at first Juliana missed her family. She wanted them to be there. She was surrounded by Michael’s friends and family and that could be daunting to a young woman just barely out of her teens.

Yet, Juliana managed to pull herself together. She walked down in the aisle in a beautiful dress and everything was perfect there on out. His kids played a part and even his ex played a part in the ceremony as well. His ex-wife officiated the ceremony which would have been odd for anyone else, but not for these two. They were all pretty close. Sarah was also willing to poke fun at herself and so she’s probably the best ex-wife these two could have hoped for. And anyways the kids were probably to see their mom included. And so it worked out for everyone.

Then there was that other Michael. Michael and Angela faced off against his family. His family wanted to know what would happen if the K1 Visa didn’t work out because they thought the couple should marry in Nigeria. They also thought Michael could move on to someone else if it didn’t work out with Angela and so their main mistake was saying this to Angela because usually, she’s explosive. It didn’t matter the who, what or when to her because she’s that explosive. So, she must have been chanting to herself because this time she didn’t blow up.

Angela waited for Michael to come to her defense. It took him a while, but he eventually got around to it and so there was hope for the couple yet. Michael said he wasn’t going to move on to someone else. He added that Angela was his woman and that he was happy with her. Michael has to shut down his family in the past and he proved tonight he was going to keep doing so as long as his family tries to push him into having kids with someone younger. It’s not what he wants and hopefully, they’ll get that one day.

Another couple facing problems were Syngin and Tania. Tania confessed she didn’t see Syngin as her soul mate. She said she still considers her first love as her soulmate and then she acts surprised when her current fiancé blows up. Syngin was pissed when she told him that. He considered her his soulmate and so now doesn’t want to do. He luckily had a friend from back home that was nearby. Syngin met with his friend and he told what was happening and his friend acted a good friend would. He asked if the relationship was over.

It sort of has to be once Tania basically admitted she was in love with someone else. Like, what was she thinking? She should never have said that to her fiancé. Not when they’re building something and, hell, not even in anger. Tania may have ruined the future of her relationship with that comment. Did she do it on purpose? She couldn’t honestly believe she could say something like that and not have it affect her relationship. Tania put her boyfriend in a horrible place. Syngin could either stay around and look stupid or he could go back to South Africa.

Over in Oregon, Emily and Sasha were preparing to get married. They rented a house on the beach and they were going to be married there in front of the family. Emily’s sister Betsy even drove up with them. Betsy has been critical of Sasha in the past. She knows how he keeps leaving his wives for younger models and she didn’t want that to happen to her sister. She talked to Sasha. She told him that all he has to do is promise to love her sister forever and that things will be good between them. And so he promised.

He made that promise to Betsy. He eventually promised to Emily herself and so finger crossed that this relationship will the final one for him. The same should also be said of Robert. Robert and Anny’s courtship has been rocky. He was warned beforehand about how she could be after money and she’s certainly shown a lack of awareness when it came to his funds. She thought he could afford the nice things for her. She also wanted to move to a bigger apartment and so Anny was in a rush.

Robert’s friends and family could see that Anny was in a rush. They all thought negatively about her and they’ve questioned her motives when they do get around to meeting her, but Anny was getting sick and tired of them. She told Robert how she didn’t like everyone questioning her motives. She didn’t even want to be around those people if they were going to act like that and so she wanted some distance. She wasn’t in the wrong for wanting that. People in his life have been downright rude to her and Robert doesn’t help. Robert tends to take their side and it leads to another fight with Anny.

Mike and Natalie were yet another couple in trouble. Mike left Natalie unsure about whether or not he wanted to marry her and so he spoke to his lawyer when he got back to the states. He asked his lawyer if he could cancel the visa. She told him that it was still possible and she also warned him how now is the time to do it. He couldn’t cancel it once he got married. He also admitted to his lawyer that he did get into a fight with Natalie that left him unsure and it didn’t help that the K1 Visa was being stalled like it was.

Mike called their office in Ukraine. He tried to ask them what was going on and they kept using the word “classified”. He didn’t know what that meant and neither did his lawyer. She thought that word could mean something bad and so she was warned Mike to proceed carefully. He needed to think about what he wanted. If it was Natalie, even after everything, then he should go ahead with the visa. And if that wasn’t what he wanted, then he should speak now or forever hold his peace.

Then there was Jasmin and Blake. Blake was disappointed when Jasmin failed to go with him to a friend’s birthday party. She knew how he felt about it and what he feared would happen did happen. Everyone at the party kept asking him about Jasmin. He couldn’t exactly tell them that she didn’t want to come when it’s an important birthday and these people are like family to him. Blake managed to fob them off, but he was still upset and so he talked to Jasmin later. He told her how it felt to show up alone and he asked her if she would have felt the same if it had been her sister’s birthday.

Jasmin admitted she would have gone if it was her sister. Its where she went on the night of the party and so Jasmin has been unfair to Blake. But he let it go. He let that go and then they had lunch with both sets of parents. They were discussing the wedding and what was next and Jasmin said she didn’t want to work. She didn’t think work was important. She mostly wanted to focus on her wellbeing and Blake’s mom didn’t like that. She didn’t want Blake to be wholly responsible for their lifestyle because LA was expensive. And she didn’t like Jasmin’s blasé attitude.

Jasmin meanwhile thought it was rude that her future mother-in-law kept harping on the money. She didn’t like it and she reiterated again that work wasn’t important to her. Her parents thought that maybe she just needed to find her vocation and so they thought she would work more down the line, but that’s now where her mind was going. Jasmin may not want to work at all and she thinks Blake could be the breadwinner because that’s what he’s been telling her. Blake hasn’t told her how expensive it’s going to get and so how should she know?

Later, Sasha and Emily were married. Their wedding was small compared to his other two weddings and so that was perfect for him. He liked the smaller wedding. It was more intimate and what’s important was that they had their son there. He was sleepy for most of it, but he was there, and it helped Sasha adjust after not having his other sons there because he really did miss his kids. And it turns out they weren’t the only ones getting married.

Anna and Mursel were getting married as well. His visa was approved and so now they have to get married within two days of him landing. Mursel’s family was even onboard. His mom wanted him happy and so she pushed to get him what he wanted. Which in this case is Anna. Anna told her boys that Mursel was coming back and her eldest didn’t seem to like the idea. He didn’t think Mursel loved his mother and he didn’t like how Mursel treated his mother. And so Anna’s eldest boy didn’t want to show up at the wedding.

And with fourteen days to their own nuptials, Robert took Anny to see Bryson’s grandparents. It was supposed to help them put past grievances behind them and yet that’s not what happened. Bryson’s grandparents couldn’t stop themselves from bringing up money and they tried to buy Anny off. Stephanie was the first one to reach for her checkbook. She was also the most insulting and so the real problems lies with her. Her husband sorta backed her up after the fact and to make things worse they pretended like they weren’t being offensive when they were.