’90 Day Fiancé’: The Other Way Recap 10/25/20: Season 2 Episode 17 “Bris-Fully Ignorant”

'90 Day Fiancé': The Other Way Recap 10/25/20: Season 2 Episode 17 "Bris-Fully Ignorant"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs with an all-new Sunday, October 25, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 2 episode 17 “Bris-Fully Ignorant,” as per the TLC Synopsis “ri makes a dramatic choice about her son’s future. Deavan has suspicions about Jihoon’s job. Kenny and Armando disagree on parenting style. Sumit faces criminal charges in court, and Brittany finally gets news about her divorce.

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Jenny was proud that Sumit stood up for her with his parents. His parents have been pressuring him to leave her and he refused to. He loves Jenny. He’s tried to move on and nothing works. He wants to be with Jenny. Jenny wants to be with him. Jenny showed him her appreciation in bed one night and she didn’t stop things there. She also later gave him a ring. Jenny wanted the ring to act as a promise ring and Sumit sorta shot it down. He didn’t mean to. It’s just the thought they should wait to exchange rings until they have a ceremony to go along with it and he also has to check in with his lawyer. He has to find out if it’s okay to get engaged while he’s going through a divorce.

Sumit was still married. He married his now ex-wife because that’s what his parents wanted him to do and he’s regretted ever since. He doesn’t love his former spouse. He doesn’t want to be with her and he was ready to start a new life with Jenny. Jenny was a little put out that Sumit didn’t want to get engaged yet. She’s been ready to get engaged for years now and there was always something or another that prevented. Last time, it was finding out Sumit was married. He also couldn’t get engaged now until his divorce went through and so Jenny is hanging on. She believes they’ll get engaged one day. She’s just waiting for it to happen.

Ari and Biniyam were still working on their relationship. They were a vacation fling that they both wished would turn into something more now that they’re parents to a little boy. Only sometimes their culture clashes. Ari is an American and so she hadn’t wanted to take the baby home in a car without a car seat. She knows the dangers of it. Ari asked Biniyam to take the baby home on foot and he did. He also complained about it the whole way. He said the sun was very hot. The air wasn’t as clear and he thinks it would have been safer to bring the child home via a car. This was just one thing that the two couldn’t agree on because of their cultures.

Another thing was when Biniyam’s family welcomed Ari and the baby home. They killed a sheep in front of her as apart of their ceremony and Biniyam didn’t really explain it to Ari. All he would say is that it’s part of his culture. He probably thought that would be enough for Ari and instead, Ari was wondering why she had to watch a sheep die because of someone else’s culture. She was a little disgusted. She didn’t say she was disgusted because she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but she really wished she didn’t have to watch that, and constantly butting heads with Biniyam was getting tiresome. They couldn’t even agree on a baby’s name.

There was also Biniyam’s family to contend with. The whole family came to visit Ari and the baby on the day they left the hospital. No one realized that Ari needed some time to herself. Or that some space would help as well because she did get C-section and she was in pain. Ari wasn’t up to hosting anybody. She was laying in bed while everyone was visiting. Biniyam also asked about the baptism again. They want the baby to be baptized in their faith and Ari wasn’t sure how she felt about it. She thought the situation had been solved when a priest told her she couldn’t baptize the baby into Biniyam’s faith because she wasn’t of their faith and so hearing differently from Biniyam’s family meant she now has to seriously think about whether or not she wants to baptize her baby.

Biniyam’s family eventually left. It gave Ari the chance to talk to Biniyam and she told him she wasn’t sure if she wanted to baptize the baby. It wasn’t her faith. She was Jewish and she didn’t think baptizing him into the Ethiopia Orthodox Church was fair to her. Ari wasn’t used to Biniyam’s church. She doesn’t know what makes it different from every other Christian faith and so Biniyam told her they could talk about it. He was going to explain his faith to her. He was hoping this would convince her that the baby should be baptized and so far she’s leaning the other way. She’s leaning towards “no” right now.

Deavan and Jihoon were working on their trust issues. Jihoon has been known to lie in the past because he doesn’t want to worry Deavan and so Deavan has a reason to mistrust him. She believed him when he said he got a job only for her to show up in South Korea with two kids and he was working part-time as a delivery man. Jihoon has since quit that job. He went back to selling an old cell phone. It’s more money and this helps his family because there a one income household. Jihoon did get in trouble with selling black market phones in the past. His business was shut down and he was given such a large fine that it put him in actual debt.

Deavan was worried about that happening again. She followed Jihoon to his job and that’s where she learned Jihoon could be making more money if he just fixes the phone himself. He brings it someone else to fix. It cuts down his profits and it just doesn’t make any sense. Jihoon could find out how to fix a phone by taking a course or checking YouTube videos. Deavan as much told him so. Also, the guy fixing the phones for him had also said he could easily learn how to do this himself. It was just Jihoon’s lack of ambition that was stopping him. Jihoon was embarrassed he brought his wife to work with him tonight because he knew she was checking up on him and he didn’t like it. He said he prefers to work alone.

Brittany was back home in Florida. She was waiting there while she dealt with her divorce and so she should have told her boyfriend Yazan what was really going on. He doesn’t know that she’s still married. He thought she handled that a while ago and that they were ready to begin their lives together. Yazan wants to marry her. He also wants to live with her in Jordan and he’s putting a lot on the line for her. He had a falling out with his family over her. His family doesn’t want him to be with Brittany because they all believe she’s a slut after seeing one too many revealing photos of her on social media and so they want Yazan to end things with Brittany.

Yazan refused to do that. He said he loves Brittany and he wants to stay with her. He, therefore, had to face the repercussions of that decision. His family told him to choose between them and Brittany. He chose Brittany and so his family kicked him out of the house. They also fired him from the only job he has. He has nowhere to turn to. He’s broke and he lived on the street for a while. He hasn’t told Brittany this happened. She thinks everything is okay over there and so she doesn’t understand why Yazan was pressuring her all of sudden to change. She doesn’t want to change. She likes herself exactly as she is and if anything she thinks its him that needs to step up.

Brittany paid for her many trips to Jordan. She paid for her move there and the house she rented. Britany has paid for every single thing about Jordan. She now wants Yazan to step up because she said she wants to see if he could provide for her and the new family they were creating. Brittany mentioned it in a phone call to him. He got upset because he knows his situation is worse now than it was before and still he didn’t tell Brittany what was going on. He’s keeping secrets from her. She’s keeping secrets from him. The second the truth comes out it will unravel their whole relationship. As things stand, they were living on borrowed time.

Yazan was never going to raise enough money to buy Brittany the return ticket to Jordan. He also couldn’t purchase the apartment she was asking him to rent and so the delay has given her the excuse she needed to stay in Florida. She gets to catch up with her dad. She gets to play with her dog Max and more importantly, she gets to work on that divorce of hers. She never really wanted to return to Jordan right away. She wanted to work on that divorce and that could take months. Brittany has to stay in the States for her divorce. She has gone to court for it and she wasn’t telling Yazan about any of it because she didn’t quite trust him with the truth. And that’s okay because he didn’t trust her either.

Sumit is now facing charges. His ex-wife has pressed charges against him because she was both emotionally and physically abusive towards her during their short marriage. His wife is threatening him with these charges because she wants Sumit to pay her extra money per month. Sumit and Jenny were living on a strict budget. They couldn’t afford to pay off Sumit’s ex-wife much less the lawyer Sumit needs to fight the charges and so Sumit is dreading what comes next. He’s going have to face off against his ex-wife in court. He has to prove to everyone that he wasn’t abusive and that she was just making things up to better her position in the divorce.

Sumit barely spent any time at home with his ex. He was running off behind her back to be with Jenny and he was even living with Jenny when it all came out about his marriage. His in-laws had tracked him back to the apartment he shared with Jenny at the time. They came storming in and they dragged him out of the apartment as a way of threatening him to return to his wife. Sumit didn’t want to go back to her. He only did so because his in-laws were scary and so of course no one believes these abuse allegations. They all remember how frightened he was of his father-in-law. And now he has to fight this allegation in court.

Sumit later had his friend take him to court. He went to fight the allegations and it turns out he didn’t have to. His ex-wife and her father dropped the allegations. The charges were later dropped as well because there was now nothing to sustain them and Sumit didn’t have to pay her off either. He doesn’t have to pay her the additional five hundred. He still owes her thousands of dollars that he already owes her because of the divorce and he was getting help for that one from his parents. His parents were paying for the divorce. They still didn’t want Sumit with Jenny, but they also didn’t want their son to be unhappy and so luckily Sumit doesn’t have to come out of pocket.

Ari and Biniyam finally chose a name for their baby. Their baby is Aviel Biniyam. Ari really wanted Aviel as his name because she loved the meaning and they chose his father’s name as the baby’s second name as a way to honor Biniyam. Biniyam also got the baptism he wanted. Ari came to change her mind about how she felt because she said it was a silly thing and she didn’t want to argue against something that means so much to Biniyam’s family. She felt slightly railroaded into the decision. She knows she was pressured into it and she was going along with it anyway because it’s the one thing that truly matters to Biniyam.

Armando and Kenneth returned to their apartment with Armando’s daughter Hannah. Hannah loved her new room and she couldn’t wait to live with them. Hannah was happy with her life. She has two fathers she adores and she also knows she can get anything she wants. Armando tends to give in to her demands. He never stops to question if he’s spoiling her or not and so Kenny saying something was a shock. Kenny has raised four kids. He knows that sometimes he has to be the bad cop and say “no” to them. He knows that’s better for them in the long run. Therefore, seeing Armando give Hannah everything she wants had been a shock to him as well.

Kenny never expected to see Hannah negotiate with Armando on what he can buy her. He thought that was a step too far and so he said something. He told Armando that he shouldn’t let Hannah push him around. He said Armando should take a firmer approach and Armando chose to be offended. He thought Kenny had said those things with a tone. He said it’s hard to take advice from someone who had a tone and so Kenny pointed out he never raised or lowered his voice. He said what he said with a casual demeanor. He thought Armando was being played. He told Armando so and Armando came back with how he has to give Hannah what she wants because for a long time he was the only parent.

Hannah’s mother died. She died years ago and so it’s just been Armando that’s been parenting the little girl. He thinks his daughter is a good little girl. He gives in to her because he doesn’t think it spoils her all that much and at the same, he now has to get used to something else. He now has to co-parent with Kenny. Kenny was going to offer his advice on whether Armando was willing to accept it or not. Kenny was trying to help with the advice. He also didn’t let Armando push him into a fight talking about his tone. He knows what he said as well as how he said it. He let the argument because he believed it and so Armando was just going to have to accept his opinion on things.

Deavan and Jihoon were having a second ceremony. They got married the first time in a rush because they had a small child and she needed a visa to stay in the country. Only their wedding wasn’t what Deavan used to dream about as a little girl. She wanted a big wedding with her family there and his family there. She wanted it to be fancy. She wanted a beautiful venue and unfortunately, she left the venue in her in-laws’ hands. They found a place. It wasn’t what Deavan wanted because it looked like a stage production and so she had some complaints. She also had some demands.

She wanted the wedding to be Americanized. She wanted the wedding to have as many elements of her culture as it would have of his and that was a problem for her in-laws. They thought the wedding should be Korean. It also looks like they’re paying for it and so it was hard to argue against them. Deavan later settled for a few things. She got the father/daughter dance and she was making peace with that. Meanwhile, Brittany was still complaining about her potential in-laws. Yazan’s family wanted her to convert and she didn’t want to. She didn’t want to convert to Islam. She also said Yazan didn’t bother to mention things to her before she moved there.

Brittany wouldn’t have moved to Jordan if she knew she was expected to get married right away or convert.

Ari also realized Biniyam tries to control her a lot and she hates it. She was pushing back some when they ended up disagreeing on the circumcision. Ari didn’t want her baby to have a procedure just because she says so and she ended up canceling the circumcision because she thought it should be up to Aviel on what he does with his body. Ari went against both her own culture and Biniyam’s when she did that. And so there is going to be some fallout from both of their families.