’90 Day Fiancé’: The Other Way Recap 11/29/20: Season 2 Episode 22 “Never Stop Fighting”

'90 Day Fiancé': The Other Way Recap 11/29/20: Season 2 Episode 22 "Never Stop Fighting"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs with an all-new Sunday, November 29, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 2 episode 22 “Never Stop Fighting,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Sumit is backed into a corner. Kenny and Armando receive some surprising news. Ari’s life takes an unexpected turn. Deavan’s wedding day doesn’t go how she imagined it would. Brittany makes a dramatic choice for love.”

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Before tonight, Jenny hadn’t seen Sumit’s parents for eight years. She met them eight years ago and back then they had all gotten along. His parents hadn’t known that Jenny was dating Sumit or that they were having sex after everyone else went to bed. But Jenny and Sumit love each other. They’ve loved each other for almost a decade and now they want to get married. They want to live together in India so they have to get married else Jenny would be sent back to the United States. Jenny and Sumit both want his parents’ blessing on their marriage. It was very important to Sumit and thereby to Jenny as well. The couple had even canceled their ring ceremony for their engagement because they first wanted the parents’ blessing. And the parents were refusing to give it.

They were also being revisionist because they claimed they had never liked Jenny. Like she didn’t spend months at their house and like she never became one of their dear friends. Jenny still has photos from that time. She reminded Sumit’s mother that they used to get along and they used to go shopping together. Sumit’s father had also liked Jenny and the couple only stopped liking her once they found out she was dating their son. The couple thought Jenny was too old for their son. They knew she could never give them grandchildren and even if she miraculously could there would still be the age difference. Jenny is older than Sumit’s mother. His mother and Jenny were friends because they were in the same age group and so Sumit’s were feeling betrayal not delight when they found out Jenny was dating Sumit.

Brittany used the translator’s services again. She was still in Jordan. She wanted the translator to be there for the moment she talked to Yazan about his parents. Yazan hasn’t always been truthful with her about what’s going on and she thinks a big part of it is the language barrier. There were words that best described how Yazan was feeling and he didn’t how to translate it himself and so he left it to the translator. The translator broke down for Brittany. He explained to her how there was an overall tribe that Yazan belongs to and how this tribe believed they were already married. The tribe believed the young couple was already having sex. The tribe also believed that Brittany is a porn actress and they’re prepared to kill Yazan to protect their “dignity”.

The tribe were going to want Yazan dead if he didn’t prove to them that he hasn’t gotten married yet nor was Brittany a porn actress. Yazan looks bad for them right now and he didn’t want to pressure Brittany. He wanted her to only marry him for love and so he asked her to forget everything he told her. He didn’t want that to play into her response. He wanted Brittany to choose him for him and unfortunately, Brittany couldn’t give him that right now. She needed time. She needed to take in everything he told her and how that might play for their future together as a couple. Brittany hadn’t known about this tribe. She was just told so tonight and so she was going to need time to think.

Brittany also couldn’t get married right away. She was still married to someone else and therefore she knew she couldn’t give Yazan’s extended family the wedding they want. She also has come clean herself with Yazan. Yazan doesn’t know about her entanglements. He was told early on that she was married and he thought she had resolved it by now. He thought she was divorced. Only she’s not divorced. She’s still married. It could take months for her to have a divorce and she would need to fly back to the United States for it. She also couldn’t get married in the meantime. It would be bigamy and that’s illegal in Jordan as well as the US. Brittany has come clean to Yazan because he’s being honest with her now and it was only fair that she returned the sentiment.

Brittany took some time to think. She eventually came up with an idea and she later talked about it with Yazan. She told Yazan that she doesn’t think Jordan is the right fit for them. She thinks it will be too dangerous to stay in Jordan and so now she wants them to move to the United States. Yazan originally suggested that he come over to the US. It was Brittany who spoke against it because at the time Brittany hadn’t known him that well and she wanted to check out his intentions before she brought him over. She’s changed her mind about it now because she doesn’t know how long the K-1 visa will take. She wasn’t ready to marry Yazan now because she wasn’t in the position to be marrying a second person and so by the time the visa goes through she thinks she’ll be ready to marry him then.

Armando and Kenneth reached out to the Human Rights Office after their marital license was turned down. Their license was rejected for no other reason than them being a homosexual couple and so it had been unfair. Gay marriage is legal in Mexico. The office they went to had no right in turning them down because they were gay and so they fought that. They fought it even as they went into lockdown. Mexico was closed off during the early stages of the pandemic and so Kenny couldn’t receive visits from his family. They had to video-conference him. Kenny also got to spend a lot more time with Hannah because now that school or traditional school was suspended it meant she was around the apartment more. And so that was one good thing that came out of lockdown.

The couple never forgot about their license. They kept calling the Human Rights Office in Mexico until they were told to stop bothering them and so it’s a good thing the office sided with the couple. They can now get married. Kenny just has to sign something and that would be it. They were free to get married. They also have all the time in the world now to plan a wedding. They can plan their dream wedding and Hannah can help. Hannah was so happy for them. She was the first person they broke the news to and the little girl was ecstatic. She was probably dreaming of the flower girl dress she gets to wear. And while the couple is glad to have their children on their side, they both knew that getting Armando’s family to the wedding was going to be harder.

There still some time for that. The wedding wasn’t going to be happening anytime soon. First, the couple had to focus on each other and they did when they finally left lockdown. Kenny and Armando went to the beach for the first time as just them. They didn’t go with Hannah and so Kenny used the opportunity to set up some horseback riding as a special treat for Armando. Armando was so surprised. He loved the horses and the couple got to ride horses on the beach. They got to relax and decompress after everything. They put the pandemic behind them. They focused on each other and they had a beautiful day on the beach. And later they returned home to their daughter who loves very much.

Over in South Korea, Deavan got married for the second time. This second ceremony is supposed to be her dream wedding and yet it wasn’t working out that way. Deavan was married in a factory-like venue. She and Jijoon only had forty-five minutes at the venue before it was someone else’s turn and so Deavan hated the place her in-laws chose. It was beautiful. She just wished she had more time while she was there and thankfully the wedding still turned out great. Deavan had the chance to dance with her father for the father/daughter dance. It’s what she always dreamed of and so she was glad to have that. Her husband Jihoon also danced with his little stepdaughter for that dance as well.

Everyone was happy at the wedding. The family had put all the drama behind them and even the couple seemed happier. Deavan had had doubts about marrying Jihoon because they’ve been through so much. There was Jihoon’s lying and the incident with her daughter running out into the street, but Deavan married Jihoon because she wanted to and because her mother was finally coming around to Jihoon. Jihoon had impressed his in-laws. He got his family a better apartment in a good neighborhood and he got a great job that’s able to support them all. Jihoon was doing good for once. He was being what his family needed and Deavan appreciated it. She and Jihoon laughed a lot both during the wedding ceremony that had to be translated for her and afterward when it was just the two of them.

Then the pandemic hit. South Korea had the second record high out of every country at the time and so they went into lockdown. They went into lockdown as a nation. It was hard on the kids who wanted to go outside and play. It was also hard on the couple because their relationship took a hit. Jihoon withdrew from his wife and he began focusing on video games. He left everything else to his wife. She was the one taking care of the kids and the house and the stress eventually got to her. Deavan had needed an escape. She needed to get away from Jihoon and so she booked a flight back to the United States. She booked a flight because she said she needed to go else she was risking her marriage and so the only one who wasn’t falling for that was Jihoon. Jihoon was worried that if she left with the kids for a month that she wouldn’t come back.

Ariela and Biniyam were not a happy couple. They fight all the time and Ari still says she was pressured into the baptism for their baby Aviel. Little Aviel was a month old. His parents have fought over his circumcision as well as his baptism. They fought again tonight because they went to the park to celebrate an orthodox holiday and the crowd had been too much for Ari. The crowd kept pushing to be splashed with holy water. Ari found herself pulled and pushed out of the way and so she told Biniyam that she was done. She was ready to leave. Ari didn’t think their son should be in that type of crowd and that annoyed Biniyam. Biniyam always seems to be annoyed with Ari nowadays because there were parts of his culture that she just didn’t understand. Nor did she want to want to understand them.

Ari wasn’t Ethiopian. She was American living in Ethiopia and she didn’t really try to fit in. She didn’t turn to Biniyam’s sisters for advice. She didn’t even turn to Biniyam for advice and he didn’t offer up the information anyway. The couple doesn’t speak to each other unless it is to fight about something. They fought about Ari wanting to leave before being blessed by the holy water. Biniyam thought that was annoying and so they got into a fight about it. Technically, Ari won because she brought up the baby. Ari said she had to feed the baby and so she demanded him back from Biniyam who was wearing the baby in a carrier. And Biniyam handed over little Aviel without complaint because he didn’t want to get into another argument with Ari.

Biniyam had been thinking about proposing to Ari before this. Before they went out on the holiday, Biniyam had been thinking about proposing and he told himself that he was ready to marry Ari. He didn’t always agree with Ari. They fought too much for their home life to be amicable and still he was seriously thinking about marrying her. He just wished Ari wouldn’t freak out so much. It was a part of her character the way she freaks out so much and she knew this. She also explained that she didn’t do it because she was seeking out conflict. She did it because she was thinking about the wellbeing of their son and after she finished feeding Aviel she went looking for Biniyam. She grabbed him in a hug. She told him she loves him and so Biniyam did propose to her. He proposed and she said “yes”. The couple will now be getting married.

Back in India, Sumit’s parents threatened to commit suicide if Sumit marries Jenny. They told their son that either he picks them over Jenny or he’s responsible for their deaths and so Sumit couldn’t marry Jenny. He loves Jenny. He just also loves his parents and he doesn’t want to hurt them. Sumit told Jenny they couldn’t get married now. He told her that they would have to find a different reason to keep her in India and Jenny wasn’t so sure. She and Sumit have been here before. She was forced to return home before and she won’t be coming back if she returns home now. Jenny has given Sumit three chances to marry her and each and every time he couldn’t because of his parents. His parents will always stand in the way.

Brittany wasn’t done with using the translator just yet. She still needed him for a meeting between her and Yazan and Yazan’s brother. It was Yazan’s brother who told Brittany how bad things are in Jordan. He told her that the family has turned against Yazan and that they were even threatening to kill Yazan. He made it out like Yazan would never be safe if he stayed with Brittany. Brittany took that to heart and so now it’s their plan for Yazan to come to the United States. They told Yazan’s brother the plan. He seemed a bit taken aback when he heard. He asked Yazan if he knew what he was getting into and Yazan made it clear to him that he was choosing Brittany. Brittany and Yazan wanted to get married.

Yazan’s brother hadn’t been too sure about Brittany. He had listened to what his family was saying and so he came to doubt Brittany’s feelings for Yazasn, but now that he knows differently, the brother said he’s willing to speak up for the couple. He was going to speak up for Yazan to their dad. He was going to try and make Jordan safe for Yazan again and so the couple did thank him for that. Only it didn’t change their plans. Brittany was going to return to the US and she was going to file for Yazan to come over. There’s no guarantee that they’ll get approval. Their application could be turned down for any number of reasons including, you know, Brittany’s marriage to someone else. And so first Brittany needed to take care of that.

Sumit later gave Jenny a ring. He still couldn’t marry her because of his parents and, while she knew his parents wouldn’t change their minds, Sumit was remaining hopeful. He thinks his parents will come around to the idea one day. Until then, they were going to file for an extension on Jenny’s visa. Sumit also gave Jenny a promise ring because he does want to marry her one day and so this ring is simply a placeholder.