All Rise Fall Finale Recap 12/14/20: Season 2 Episode 5 “The Perils Of The Plea”

Tonight on CBS their new series All Rise airs with an all-new Monday, December 7, 2020, season 2 episode 5 Fall Finale called, “The Perils Of The Plea,” and we have your All Rise recap below. On tonight’s All Rise season 2 episode 5 “The Perils Of The Plea,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The holidays descend upon the Hall of Justice. Lola begins her first jury trial in the COVID era. Also, Mark digs deeper into his case against a police officer.”

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Emily stops by Juanita’s house, she says she doesn’t know how much longer she can manage these kids with Leon on in jail. Emily reassures her that the trial starts tomorrow and it won’t be much longer. Juanita says if you told her that her son would be in jail for protecting his little girl from a creep, she wouldn’t believe it. Emily brings the children new outfits for trial. Roxy shows up with food for the family.

At court, Lola speaks to the jurors, she tells them they must come to a verdict without any reasonable doubt. Lola is excited that it is one week and she will be reunited with Robyn for Christmas.

Amy meets up with Callan the Christmas tree lot, he finds the perfect tree.

Emily speaks to Leon, she tells him that Levi wants to know that he loves him. Leon tells her that he wants to say his peace, he wants to testify. She tells him it is not a good idea, their defense is strong, she tells him to trust her.

Emily is on the phone with Joaquin, she invites him to the Christmas party.

In court, Sherri is directing everyone on where to sit to be COVID safe; she tells Lola they are going to get through this in one piece. Mrs. Palmer calls her first witness, the victim says he blew a kiss at a cute girl and was attacked by Leon. And, then rushes him with a gun and shoots him. Emily asks if he knew the age of the girl, he says no. And, he admits he was drinking with his buddies. Emily tells the man he shot himself with his own 9 millimeter gun.

Callan goes to see Head DDA Choi and says the deputy Raschel said that he shot Omar to protect himself, but a screen shot says otherwise. Choi tells him that he will try to get him a meeting, but be careful and quiet. Later Callan speaks to Amy about deputy Raschel, she tells him to take it slow and don’t put himself at risk. The two are decorating the Christmas tree.

Back in court, a woman is testifying. She says that both men fell to the ground kicking and punching, and a gun went off; she called the police. Emily asks if she knows either man, she says no. Then the woman says the younger man pulled the fun from his pocket, it is the man who claims to be the victim. A juror has a question, Lola says she will review and provide her answer shortly but she doesn’t look pleased.

Callan leaves a third message for Omar. Samantha has an update, Raschel’s transfers, each happened after he was reported for excessive use of force on duty; but it is not admissible in court. So, Omar was not his first victim.

The juror’s question, he wanted Lola to clarify pre-meditated murder allegation. Lola tasks Sherri with getting Roxy to leave the courtroom. Ness tells Sherri she will do it, and when Roxy says she won’t leave, Ness calls the bailiff.

Emily tells Leon that they are in great shape, he doesn’t need to testify. He says he does, if he doesn’t speak for himself, he will not have done all he could to be home with his children. Leon is in the box. He says he told the alleged victim not to blow kisses at his teenage daughter. He says the man pulled out a gun at him, he managed to snatch it away, and in his defense, he pulled it away from him. He was trying to keep himself from getting killed. Ms. Palmer asked if he was angry that he blew kisses at his daughter, he says he was concerned.

Leon didn’t report it to the police, he says he didn’t think anyone would believe him. He disposed of the gun. He says he felt his life was threatened and that is the only reason he pulled the trigger. The same jury member has a another question, “can intent to kill be proven by circumstancial evidence?” Lola responds yes.

Leon gets some time with his kids before the final arguments and the jury takes the case.

Lola gets a call from Roxy who asks her why she is being kept away from Ben. Lola gets upset, she says she is going to show her face at the party, and doesn’t want any more of her guilt trip.

Sara and Emily are talking, Emily tells her that she seems more concerned about loss of property because of the protests than loss of lives. Emily says she was just looking for her friend to talk to, she gets up and leaves.

Lola tells Callan about her case, she says if it were a bench trial, she would find him not guilty. Callan says it ain’t over until it is over.

Time for the party, Emily and Joaquin show up in ugly sweaters. Callan asks Amy why she didn’t want to put the angel on the Christmas tree, she says it is complicated. Everyone seems to be having fun at the party, taking photos and toasting together. Lola gets a third jury question, “can the willfill deliberate and premediated allegation be proven with circumstancial evidence?”

Lola has serious concerns that the jury is not listening the evidence properly. Lola asks about her offer for a plea deal. Emily tells Leon that it is a risk to not take a deal right now. Leon does not want to be a felon, but he pleads guilty. He is sentenced to six years in jail.

Callan is with the DA Bravo and Choi, Bravo tells him to get a statement from Omar and they will proceed.

Callan arrives home, Amy tried to get the angel off the tree and knocked it over. She tells him she doesn’t have good memories about that angel and doesn’t want it on the tree. Callan gets a call from Omar, he tells him that he is in.

Ness is cleaning up and finds the juror’s note, Leon was found not guilty.


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