All Rise Recap 12/07/20: Season 2 Episode 4 “Bad Beat”

Tonight on CBS their new series All Rise airs with an all-new Monday, December 7, 2020, season 2 episode 4 called, “Bad Beat,” and we have your All Rise recap below. On tonight’s All Rise season 2 episode 4 “Bad Beat,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The husband of Lola shows up in her courtroom in his FBI capacity.”

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Lola isn’t sleeping. She has insomnia. This was normal for pregnant woman because they deal with things like heartburn, back ache, and the occasional leg cramp and so everyone was very understanding of Lola’s condition. They sympathize with her. They tried to make her life easier. They sometimes went too far because often they forget Lola isn’t an invalid and she likes to handle things on her own. She was very independent. She was still struggling with asking for help and her new law clerk needed to remember this. Ness was eager. A little too eager. She found out her judge might suffer from cognitive issues because of the pregnancy and so she set about lessen her workload without being asked. And she ended up ticking off her judge.

Lola is an adult. She believes she knows what’s best for herself and she didn’t need a clerk doubting her cognitive status. Lola is fine. She believes she was fine. Therefore, she was fine and she could handle her cases. Lola was the judge overseeing a case against trucker. This trucker helped in the theft of his 18 wheeler and he had Emily representing him to state that he only helped because his life had been threatened. The man’s name was Lakshan and he went by Lucky. Lucky said he hear about the thieves for a while now. He did his best to keep his head down because he needed his job and so he just prayed they wouldn’t come to him next, but that’s exactly what happened. The brothers approached and Lucky didn’t know what to do.

Lucky said he agreed to help them as long as he wasn’t seriously hurt. They did rough him up a bit when they stole the truck because they had wanted it to look like a mugging and not an inside job. Lucky was also paid five thousand dollars. He took the money and the hits and he tried to claim his truck was stolen. It wasn’t until the police began sniffing around that he confessed to everything. He told he police about the brothers that approached him. He told them about the money and he even mentioned the text messages he received to set this all up. Lucky told the police everything. He was now walking back that admission because he didn’t want to go to prison for years and his lawyer was helping him.

Emily was doing her best to represent her client. She had made a big showing at the office about sticking to the District Attorney’s Office and no longer accepting deals and so she didn’t want to accept deals now. Emily was being aggressive towards the Deputy District Attorney on the case. She went after him several times and the case wasn’t about him. The DDA was also hitting back at Emily and at one point Lola had to tell them to cut it out. She was just reprimanding her when her husband walks in. Lola initially believed that Robin was there for her and it turns out he was there in an official capacity. Robin was there as an FBI agent because this wasn’t the first time that Lucky has gotten in trouble.

It also wasn’t the first time that Lucky assisted in the theft of his own truck. He did it several years ago and at the time his case had been handed over to the FBI because the FBI wanted to go after the freight brokers. They turned Lucky into an informant. They asked him to infiltrate the organization behind the thefts and he chickened out at the last minute. He had been too frightened of getting injured. Well, now he’s in more trouble. It wasn’t going to look good for Lucky if his past came out in court and so he told Emily to make a deal. He asked her to make a deal with the FBI. He was willing to be their informant again if it meant he didn’t have to go to prison and so he was now prepared to infiltrate the organization behind these truck thefts.

Neither Emily nor the DDA liked where this case was going. They also didn’t think Lola should stay on the case if her husband was the FBI Agent in charge of Lucky and so Benner asked her to recuse herself. Benner came to her office. She advised Lola to let another judge handle this case and Lola turned her down. She wanted to continue. She also said there was no bias because her husband wasn’t a party in the case and him being with the FBI didn’t affect her ruling. Not that she had anything to rule once Robin was done was through with Lucky. He and his partner agreed to offer Lucky immunity in exchange he wears a wire for them and collects information for them. He’ll also have to testify at a later date.

Lucky would be safe from prison. He can also go into witness protection with his family and his mother is even going to receive health insurance. Emily got him a great deal. Lucky just has to follow through this time and Benner was overseeing personally. She removed Lola from the case. Lola couldn’t look like she had given this case to her husband in order to get a defendant off and so Benner took over the case. Benner was harsher than Lola would have been. She pushed Lucky and thankfully he didn’t fall apart. He went ahead with his agreement with the FBI. He got them the information they wanted and Lola watched from the sidelines. Lola wasn’t happy. She later snapped at Benner and she forgot that Benner was both a friend and a boss.

Lola was hormonal. She wouldn’t have acted like that if she hadn’t been pregnant and she was angry with more than just Benner. She snapped at Robin as well. She thought Robin was coming to town to spend time with her and it turns out he was working a case. Lola had been very upset to find Robin in her courtroom, but not for her and so the only person she wasn’t snapping at was Mark. Mark had gone to her for advice. He wanted to know what she would do if she found out the Sheriff’s Department lied to her and that they shot an unarmed man. Mark had already been given idea of what to do from his girlfriend Amy and so he went to Lola too because he often places her opinion above everyone else’s. And that includes his girlfriend.

Lola advised him to follow Amy’s advice. He needed to build an army around himself if he meant to go after the Sheriff Deputy that shot an unarmed man and so Mark built up his army. Mark brought in Tony Carver and Sam who he works with at District Attorney’s Office. Sam was definitely on board. She had seen police cover ups and she wanted to stop them. She was therefore the perfect person for Mark’s army. Sam comes from a family of cops. She even has a card to show whenever she gets pulled over and she’s used that card. She became part of the problem. She didn’t want to be like that anymore and so she’s glad she took the case with Mark even if she couldn’t tell her quarantine hookup about it.

Luke understood. He went behind Head DDA Thomas Choi’s back to give a defendant a second chance and he was glad that he did it. He was later reprimanded but it had been worth it.


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