Billions Recap 5/17/20: Season 5 Episode 3 “Beg, Bribe, Bully”

Tonight on Showtime the show Billions airs with an all-new Sunday, May 17, 2020, season 5 episode 3 called “Beg, Bribe, Bully” and we have your weekly Billions recap below. On tonight’s Billions season 5 episode 2 as per the Showtime synopsis, “Chuck returns to his alma mater to pursue an opportunity. Axe’s big venture is sidelined by a family crisis. Taylor asserts independence with a risky play. Chuck puts Wendy in an awkward position.

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Axe and Wags are standing in front of three paintings, Axe says he sees the power. He points to the middle one and says it is “the one.” They see a business card that reads Nico Tanner and a red dot, meaning it is sold. Axe says there was a pre-pre viewing, to hell with the dealer, they are going to see the source. They head in the gallery, and they find the artist, Tanner.

Axe introduces himself, Tanner says that he wishes he could sell him something. Prince is there, he is the one who bought the paintings. Axe tells the artist that he would love to buy, he says he doesn’t paint for money or on-demand. Tanner leaves with Prince. Axe tells Wags that he needs to buy the artist if he can’t buy the art.

Axe still wants his bank, he gets a call from his son, Gordie, he needs to head home.

Taylor goes in to see Wendy regarding a potential investor. They found a way to get underneath his words, he knows he just divests his school from fossil fuels, he hates that the pressure to do so is coming from students, and if he does it the wrong way, he believes he will be fired. Wendy tests Taylor, $10 for her eternal soul, does she take the deal? Taylor pauses. Wendy tells her that that pause means everything. Then she tells her to make the man fear inaction and regret if he doesn’t make a move. Taylor ends up signing the note and taking the $10.

Axe arrives in the dorm, he asks him why he was bitcoin mining in his dorm. Gordie tells him that it was going to work but the wiring in the dorm was crap. The headmaster comes out and tells Axe that his son wiped out the power in the whole town. The headmaster wants Gordie to leave, Axe says no – he should be there. Axe offers to make a generous donation to the school along with any cost that was incurred by what his son did. The Headmaster won’t accept it, he tells Axe that his son is dishonest and has no respect.

The Headmaster tells Axe that he is leaning towards expelling Gordie, and he will not allow him to put a price on his son. He excuses the two of them.

In Gordie’s dorm room, he asks Wags if the Headmaster has any dirt on his record, Wags says no. Wags says he can leave this place and go somewhere else. Axe says if they can’t squeeze the Headmaster, then they squeeze the donors. Axe tells his son that he is now they have to ruin the Headmaster, a good man, because of him. Wags call Paul, tells him that he has a job for him, and he also wants to find out what his older children are doing, what they have become.

Chuck is with Dean Walker, applying for a job at his alma mater. He says he was in hell there, but it all made sense. He had a sense of purpose, and he learned to fight the evil in this world. She tells him that they would be thrilled to have him. And as a member, his father has agreed to a $100,000.00 donation and is in a bit of arrear. If he can help, that would be great. But either way, they will be happy to have him.

A man shows from Governor Sweeney’s office, the cheque for five million. Kate tells him that he has waisted himself a trip, the funds are theirs to use as they see fit.

Taylor meets with her potential investor, he asks her if she can guarantee that they will make money. She says he will be out of his petroleum positions, and seen as responsive to the legitimate concerns, and he will be on the cutting edge of financial thinking; that’s a win. He says the student body will think they won and bullied him into it. She tells him that he will wake up the next morning with ease because he protected the long-term. He says he will take it to the trustees.

Axe tracks down a donor that is recorded as giving 800k to the school every year, but get this, he gives a million. Axe thinks perhaps the Headmaster is keeping the $200k.

Alex creates a studio of sorts for Tanner, who calls him and tells him that he is really not into it.

Taylor’s potential client, the Chancellor calls, the Admiral gets on the phone, he says they are not going to let the students tell them how to invest their endowment. He thanks her for her interest in their university and hangs up. Taylor goes to see Lara who offers to help.

Lara has an idea for Taylor to solve her problem with the university, but she won’t go for it. Instead, Chuck goes ahead with the same idea, and Lara quits because it could have been her and Taylor’s win.

Chuck is with his father, he asks her if he wants to hold his sister. Chuck says it is not a social visit. He tells him that he would do good to fulfill his pledge to the school. His father won’t do it because the family, doesn’t act like family.

Axe tells Gordie that they are going to walk into the Headmaster’s office and let him know that they know about him. But before they leave, they find out that he took the 200k to fund Sirian refugee families. Gordie asks if they still have to destroy him, Axe looks at him like he said something idiotic.

Gordie thinks if he fixes this with Gordie, he may screw him up even more.

Chuck goes to see Wendy, he tells her that he has accepted their status. She asks him what he needs. He tells her that he will be good, he just wants the family to get to know each other, and he wants her there too.

Kate goes to see Chuck and tells him that the governor is trying to claim the funds. She tells him that they should designate them before the government gets their hands on it, Yale law. This way she solves Chuck’s problem with his dad not giving his pledge.

Axe, Wags, and Gordie go into the Headmaster’s office and tell him what they know. He tells Axe he doesn’t care what it looks like, he is helping these people. He asks Axe if he is really going to destroy him, to keep his son from being expelled. Axe tells him to clear his son, and give him the chance to fix his son’s reputation.

Axe takes the mic at the morning session, he gets cheers from the students and a disapproving look from the Headmaster.

Wendy, Chuck is at dinner with the kids, his father arrives with his sister and introduces her to the children. Chuck’s father turns to him and tells him that the cheque is in the mail.

Chuck is with his son, who tells him that he has a personal relationship with Jesus Chris and he is ready to share him.

Tanner tells Axe that he doesn’t want to be a part of a pissing contest with him and Prince. Furthermore, he doesn’t paint on commission. Axe wins over Tanner with pizza.


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