Blue Bloods Recap 01/31/20: Season 10 Episode 13 “Reckless”

Blue Bloods Recap 01/31/20: Season 10 Episode 13 "Reckless"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, January 31, 2020, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Bloods Season 10 episode 13 “Reckless,” as per the CBS synopsis, Frank must uncover the truth when an undercover officer accuses a fellow cop of police brutality.

Also, Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a famous photographer recently accused of assault by his former models, and Erin struggles to protect a witness as new justice reform laws go into effect.

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A motorcycle gang is outside the courthouse chanting to free their president. The cops are there and one cop gets in the face of one of the bikers, which causes one of the officers to take him down – then a fight breaks out between the bikers and the cops.

A woman walks into the station and demands to speak to officer Janko, she says a doctor is badgering her by calling her house after her car accident last week. She says that Janko filed a report and caused all this. The woman says she thinks that Janko sold her accident report to the doctor.

Erin and Anthony are interviewing a woman who robbed her, she is afraid that the man can find her. Erin says that a new law went into an effect, the fairness law, and she is obligated to hand over witness’ contact information to the defense attorneys. The witness wants to know how that is fair to her, as a victim.

Mrs. Hodge is there to pick up the information on the Goodman case, Erin tells her to treat it like it is, confidential, since her client is a convicted criminal.

Frank is going over his schedule, Henry walks in and says a lawsuit has been filed against the department claiming excessive force was used during an arrest, the plaintiff is an NYPD detective who has been undercover, the officer didn’t know he was taking down a fellow cop.

In the city, a man in his 50’s was found dead, Danny and Mary are on the scene. Mary says this guy has been all over the news lately, accused of sexual assault, it is up to 20 women now.

Danny and Mary go into seeing the victim’s wife, she says the last few weeks have been hell. She asked her husband to stay at a hotel for the last few days until everything blew over. Their nanny walks in, she says she has been working for them for about a year. She says she stays with them sometimes. Mary asks if she heard anyone entering or leaving the apartment, she says no. Furthermore, she says the accusations were all lies and he wasn’t the monster they tried to make him be.

Jamie asks Eddie if she wrote the report for the woman who had the car accident, she says yes, he tells her it got into the wrong hands. He says he is trying to help her out to get to the bottom of it.

In Franks’ office with Sid and Garrett are talking about the case with the motorcycle gang. Sid says he will talk to the cop, Conner, he knows him and he is a good cop. Frank tells him to just get a read and report back to him.

Erin and Anthony are on the way to the hospital, their witness was attacked. She tells them that they are not getting any more help from her. As Erin and Anthony are leaving the cop who found the woman hurt to say that this was not a random attack. Erin is upset, they owe to the witnesses to keep them safe.

Danny and Mary are discussing the case, the victim apparently had sex with his wife during a photoshoot, right on the studio floor, and that is the same exact move the women are accusing of, making the same move on them. Mary says, the wife could have been jealous and had enough. Danny says he has heard crazier motives. They go back to see the victim’s wife, her husband, Felix, would have gotten custody of their kids if they divorced, so she killed his reputation, but she did not kill her husband. According to the nanny, the wife was in the apartment all day when her husband was killed.

Sid goes to see Conner, who says they were on orders to keep them back. The biker came after him, so he got a grip for five seconds. Sic asks if there was any chance that he was a little too aggressive, and every guy in the precinct has his back. Conner asks Sid what happened to him, he used to be one of them.

Jamie figures out that one of the cops in the precinct was feeding accident reports to a doctor.

Danny and Mary go to see the nanny’s father, who says he never approved of her working for that man, and now she is mixed up in that murder investigation anymore. They had a fight, she left. She told him that was pregnant, and wanted to get rid of it.

Sid is back speaking to Frank, he says he thinks Conner used appropriate force. Garrett walks in, two more citizens at that arrest, made similar complaints. Frank reminds Sid that the first complaint comes from one of their own.

Eddie meets with Jamie and tells him to just drop this, it is bigger than he knows, multiple cops, multiple precincts, and all these guys think that she is a rat.

At the Reagan dinner, Frank talks about his case; he says he is conflicted because he has to believe one office over the other. Erin starts to talk about the new law, that she has to give up victim’s info. Then Jamie mentions the officers who are giving the accident reports to a doctor.

Late that evening, Erin is sitting with Frank for a drink; he says he is not going to do this again, he knows that look. Erin tells Frank that she needs his help. Erin says their victims and witnesses are at risk with this new law. She says her fight is for the innocent people at risk. Frank tells her that she needs to work out flaws in the system in her office, not his.

The next day, Jamie is with officer Long, he says he knows that he thinks he has to turn this over, but do him one favor, he hands him a business card and asks him to meet him there at the end of his tour. Jamie says one condition, lay off Eddie she had nothing to do with this.

Sid and Fletcher bring the undercover cop who made the complaint to Frank’s house. He says he should have taken his word that he was taken by force by an NYPD officer. Frank says that part of his job is to protect his cover, but he has to get both sides. He tells and shows Frank the marks from the confrontation with Connor. Frank asks why did he have to file a complaint, the guy says he had to do it, if he lied, the gang would have seen it. The guy slides a USB over to Frank, it is a cell phone video of his arrest.

Frank and Mary are still looking for the nanny, the find her in a gynecologists’ office. Melissa sees them and tells them that it is none of their business. Franks asks if it was Felix (the victim) baby. Mary says if this is Felix’ baby, half the estate is hers. Frank urges her to tell who killed Felix, she says it was her father.

Frank goes after Melissa’s father and arrests him.

Sid is still defending Connor, after watching the video, Frank is not impressed that Sid wants to give Connor a slap on the wrist. Sid is reluctant to agree, but he says that Connor should be suspended to prove a point.

Jamie meets Long at Dr. Mehta’s office, finds other officers there, the doc helped them all out. Jamie says they are not allowed to refer business to the doc. Dr. Mehta was about to close shop, they came to their rescue. Long says they will do it the right way, refer people to him and not use the reports. Jamie says there is nothing to see there and walks out.