Blue Bloods Recap 02/14/20: Season 10 Episode 14 “The Fog Of War”

Blue Bloods Recap 02/14/20: Season 10 Episode 14 "The Fog Of War"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, February 14, 2020, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Bloods Season 10 episode 14 “The Fog Of War,” as per the CBS synopsis, “”Danny and Baez work with Texas Ranger Waylon Gates when they are put on a case to find the Lone Star Killer.

Also, after Eddie’s partner, Officer James Addison, mistakenly shoots an undercover cop, internal affairs accuses Jamie of not supervising properly, and Frank speaks with Officer Addison about why he shouldn’t turn in his shield.

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Shots are fired, Eddie and her partner, James Anderson, are on patrol, her partner sees someone coming at him with a gun and shoots, the person falls to the ground. Eddie runs after another person and manages to catch up with him and tackle him to the ground. The woman who was shot was an undercover cop, Brenda Price.

Erin and Anthony are watching a video, it is of a man named Oliver Landry, he says he was walking home from work when two guys tried to rob him. One man took a bullet to the stomach and he is ok, the other guy might have spinal damage. Landy had a permit for the gun. Erin says the video shows that the two men who were shot do not look like they were a threat and she wants Landry in her office asap.

Danny and Maria are on their way to the courthouse when a car swerves in front of them and blocks their vehicle, Danny slams on the breaks. Two masked men get out of the car and start shooting at an SUV that was in the front. Shots are fired everyone, Danny and Maria are in danger of being shot as other armed officers are shot who came out of the SUV. A prisoner in an orange jumpsuit jumps out of the SUV, still in handcuffs and manages to get away in the car.

At the hospital, Brenda’s husband Jason is there, he wants to know what the hell happened. Jamie says there was confusion at the scene. James admits to shooting his wife by accident.

Garrett and Sid go to see Frank and tell him that they lost their fellow officer, she died on the operating table.

Frank holds a press conference, Garrett says that she is a profound loss to her family and to the department. She died in service to the city and its citizens, and they owe her their deepest thanks. Frank says that the investigation is ongoing but preliminary results prove that the fatal shot came from an officer’s weapon. Frank will not identify the officer who made the fatal shot. He says what happened was a tragedy, pure and simple. The officer who made the fatal shot is not the perpetrator, the drug dealers selling their drugs in that park are the perpetrators. In closing, Frank asks the media to stick to those facts. Garett then tells them that a little courtesy goes a long way.

Danny is still on the scene of the shooting and the prisoner escaping when Texas Ranger Waylon Gates walks up to him, in cowboy boots and a cowboy hat; it was his prisoner that escaped. Danny reminds Waylon that he has no power in this city. Danny suggests he go back to the Ok Corral while he goes to find the prisoner, Travis Wiley. Waylon tells Danny that even a blind hog finds an acre now and then.

At the station, Landry and his lawyer are in an office with Erin and Anthony. He says he walked home the evening before because he wanted fresh air. He says he was attacked six weeks ago, that is why he was carrying a gun. And, when they threatened to kill him, he felt he had no choice.

Danny and Maria are down at the docks, one of the vehicles that was in the shootout to breakout Wiley is abandoned there and Waylon is on the scene too. Danny decides it is better at the end to team up with Waylon, together they can find Wiley.

Anthony is worried that he may be wrong and Erin may be right. Anthony figures out that Landry was not walking home when he was attacked like he said, video surveillance shows he was walking away from his house and Erin is wondering why he lied about that. Anthony was wondering the same thing until he noticed that the description of the two perpetrators was the same as the guys who attacked Landry six weeks ago. Looks like Landy found them, they didn’t find him.

Sid is called in to speak to Jamie, Sargant Price’s death was considered an accident. Anderson is in the clear, but they are looking into the planning decisions, and Jamie is the one who made them.

Eddie and James are walking, he says he keeps running through it in his head, what he could have done differently when a cop passes them and says, ‘don’t shoot I’m a cop.” Eddie asks him what he said, the cop says that everyone is thinking it. Eddie tells him to take it back or the two are going to go, he tells her to screw you and she jumps for him. All of a sudden, there is a sound, everyone freezes. Frank and Sid are there. Frank says a time like these tensions run really high. Frank says he came there to pay his respects for the loss of sergeant Price, and they need to have respect for her and the cops who they are.

Jamie is under review by Internal Affairs for his decision to put Price undercover, and have Eddie and James there for the sweep.

Waylon is at the station with Danny and Maria and he comes up with a hunch where their prisoner might be. When he was incarcerated, his cell mate’s father owned a garage in Queens, Waylon thinks he may be there. The three head out to take a look.

They arrive a find a man dead and looks like the prisoner was there because there is a makeshift bed and fried chicken. Danny thinks the ADTs showed up and Wiley made a quick run for it.

Frank sits down with James, he tells him that he is just checking in now that the dust is settled. James says he is ok, but he is taking a leave of absence. Frank asks if he is coming back, he says he doesn’t know. James says he can’t stand how everyone looks at him like he is damaged goods. Frank asks him what lasts forever, he says he can’t. Frank wants him to put one foot ahead of the other and to move on.

Jamie is at home with Eddie and he says it is his fault about what happened to Price. He should have been more involved and not passed the buck.

At dinner, Eddie serves plant-based meat and it doesn’t go off well with everyone. She tells them that they could all stand to take a heart-healthy break now and then. Danny says the label probably tastes better one than the burger. Everyone says they will try one if Frank tries one. Frank refuses. Henry makes the sign of the cross and takes a bite, says it’s not bad actually.

After dinner, frank is sitting down with Erin, she says the mayor is dead set against her trying Landry and the DA wants her to – she is stuck in the middle. Frank tells her to ignore the DA, ignore the mayor, ignore him and do what she thinks is right.

Danny is sitting with Jamie and gives him advice, don’t rehearse for the bad news. When bad news comes to deal with it, anything else is a waste of time.

Danny makes an early start and Waylon is already there, in fact, he is has been there all night but has nothing more to show for it. Danny asks him if the case is personal. Wiley was involved in the killing of his partner.

Sid goes to see Danny and tells him he has been cleared of everything, he dodged a bullet and should be thankful.

Waylon gets off the phone, he has tracked down Wiley’s grandmother, she just got a call from a motel. Waylon and Danny head there, inside the motel room, they find Wiley hiding inside the couch. Danny tells him that the feds have a comfy room waiting for him. All of a sudden a pickup and SUV show up, it is the same masked guys that helped Wiley escape in the first place. Danny and Waylon keep shooting, and Danny calls for help. The masked men try to escape, but they are no match for Danny and Waylon, they kill the eight of them and Wiley is still handcuffed in the car. Waylon tells Danny he would make a good Texas Ranger, Danny says he does look good in a cowboy hat, Waylon takes off his hat and hands it to him. Danny puts it on and says, told you.

Erin is charging Landry and the mayor is not happy about it because he lost his brother to a similar crime. She reminds him that she lost her brother as well and they shouldn’t let their deaths to affect their work in a negative way.

Jamie, Danny, Henry, and Frank are all dressed for the funeral, and they give him encouraging words. Henry tells him that nobody is ever going to be perfect at being a cop.

Jamie goes outside the church and sees James, he tells Jamie that he can’t get past pulling the trigger. Price’s husband approaches James and says he was in bad shape in the hospital and is sorry for the things he said, and thanks James for being there, says he appreciates it. His wife’s death was an accident, she loved being a cop, she knew the risks and she wouldn’t want this to cost losing another cop. The two hug.