Charmed Recap 01/24/20: Season 2 Episode 10 “Curse Words”

Tonight on CW their reboot of the 1980s popular show Charmed airs with an all-new Friday, January 24, 2020 episode and we have your Charmed recap below! On tonight’s Charmed Season 2 Episode 10 “Curse Words,” as per the CW synopsis, “Maggie and Mel fear Jordan’s curse is alive and well. Macy and Harry confront unspoken feelings.

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Jordan turned twenty-six. This is a rarity in his family because long ago they had been cursed by a witch and since then no member of his family has ever lived past twenty-five. But then Maggie broke Jordan’s curse or least that’s what she thought happened when she saved him from Parker. Maggie as a witch thought she broke Jordan’s curse by interfering like she did and then came Jordan’s birthday when some old doubts began to raise their heads. Maggie questioned if she really did save Jordan form his curse. She stayed by his side the whole night of his birthday party and she saw the moment where he was supposed to die.

Jordan was supposed to die by a sign falling on him. Maggie had a vision of this and so she prevented it from happening. She saved Jordan’s life again, but this time she wasn’t going to assume his curse is over. She knew the curse was still up and running and so she stuck close to Jordan. She convinced him to hang out with her. They had a few beers and them hummus. They were hanging out so much that Jordan got to talking. He told her that he suspected something would happen on his birthday. He said his whole family seems like they have a curse hanging over them.

Jordan told her how his father, his uncle, and even his grandfather had all died young. Jordan somehow knew it was a curse that was taking them and he suspected he would be next. He and Maggie were talking about long after everyone else left. It was just the two of them when it suddenly becomes cold at SafeSpace and Jordan went to go check to see if someone had turned up the AC before they left. Maggie was therefore alone when she saw it. She saw a message written on a cold window that said: “he is mine”.

Maggie also saw the ghost of a scarred woman. This ghost had tried chasing her off and so Maggie fought back. Maggie went into the herbal store. She found the ingredients to cast a banishing spell and then she used it against the ghost. She had trapped the ghost in a mirror. It seems to be the only way to prevent this same ghost from hurting Jordan. Jordan’s curse had manifested itself and that’s why Maggie was able to see the long-dead witch that cursed his family. The witch had tried coming for Jordan personally to maintain the curse and so Maggie knew she was going to have relied on drastic measures.

She just couldn’t rely on her family. Maggie’s sisters were all off having their own adventures. Mel went with their father Ray to meet one of his “clients” and it was his job to get their mother’s stolen token back. Ray was going to do that by first clearing his debt. He found something to trade and he was going to give it to the people owes, but then they found a tracker on the item and they thought Ray had set them up. So, Mel had to reveal herself. These are the same people her father was hiding from and she had to reveal her face to them in order to save him.

Not only did she show her face, but she also showed off her powers and that was probably the dumbest thing she’s ever done. Then there was Macy. Macy was in the Commander Center with Harry when Abigael came stumbling in needing help and so Macy offered her assistance because she didn’t trust Abigael alone with Harry. Harry has a soft spot for damsels-in-distress. It makes him overlook how evil Abigael is and how jealous Macy was over their relationship. Macy even found evidence that Abigael faked her assassination attempt.

Macy later confronted her about it when they were alone. She demanded to know what game Abigael was playing and Abigael said she simply wanted some alone time with Harry. She didn’t think Macy was going to tag-along. If anything she wanted Macy to leave so that she could go back to being alone with Harry. Macy tried to ask Abigael about her fascination with her whitelighter. But Abigael said she appreciates Harry for his goodness. She didn’t want him to be a little darker like Macy and after having that thrown in her face – Macy decided to tell Harry what happened.

She also told Harry that she saw his kiss with Abigael. Macy wanted Harry to know that she knew everything and she wanted to leave Abigael’s place before it got anymore weird. It was Harry that asked for some time alone with Abigael. He wanted to settle a few things with her and Macy didn’t how to feel about that. She wants Dark Harry all to herself and yet she doesn’t want Light Harry to be with anyone else either. And so Macy was trying to give Harry space to turn down Abigael when she received an SOS from her sisters.

The ghost escaped the mirror. It came after Jordan and so Maggie was forced to reveal she was a witch to save his life. She even brought him back to the Commander Center where she ran into Mel and Ray. The father and daughter were having a heart to heart chat. They talked about the breakdown of Ray’s marriage with their mom. He also revealed how he knew Maggie wasn’t biologically his. He said it happened when he was away on a business trip and he found his wife pregnant by another man when he came back.

Luckily, their conversation was wrapping up by time Maggie brought Jordan into the Command Center. They explained to him how his family was cursed. They explained how they are witches and they left him in the Command Center with Ray while they joined up with Macy and Harry to fight the ghost. They had planned on exorcising her, but at the last minute, Maggie was able to appeal to the witch’s better nature and so the witch left her with some parting words before she left. She told Maggie that a witch’s curse can’t be easily broken.

Its something Jordan has to do. The ghost said he has to balance the scales of justice and its something he might have to do on his own.

And ultimately Harry went back to Abigael’s because he said Macy was interested in the billionaire Julian Shea and that he deserved to be with someone too.

And even Ray said goodbye to his daughters, but the item he gave those people he was in trouble with, that item was actually very dangerous.