Charmed Recap 03/27/20: Season 2 Episode 15 “Third Time’s The Charm”

Tonight on CW their reboot of the 1980s popular show Charmed airs with an all-new Friday, March 27, 2020 episode and we have your Charmed recap below! On tonight’s Charmed Season 2 Episode 15 “Third Time’s The Charm,” as per the CW synopsis, “The Charmed Ones must face their worst fears in order to reclaim the power of three.”

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The sisters are getting coffee. Maggie cannot stop thinking about what Abby said, the power of three. Mel tries to comfort her but she still looks worried. They head to see Harry. He is trying to redraft the talisman. The dark lighter is in there. Macy thinks it is safer if that is where he stays.

After getting a signal, the girls head to Portland. They are looking for a kidnapped woman. They come upon Bruce. After melting his gun, he says he will show them. He opens a door to a monster he is controlling. After Maggie notices he’s using a watch to control the monster, she flicks it off his wrist. The monster comes for Bruce and burns him into nothing. They hear banging from the trunk. They get ready and open it to find a woman.

Trouble seems to becoming so they bring her back to the bunker with Harry. It appears she is an elder and her name is Celeste. She tells them that apparently she is home. After they give her the rundown she shares that she is through with all of this. Harry tells her that they’ve met somewhere before. He accuses her of making white lighters. She admits that she used to.

Hairy storms off. Macy chases after him. He calls Celeste a real monster but Celeste could be a real asset, Macy points out. Harry shares that he feels rage for the first time in a long time.

Celeste shares with Maggie and Mel that she wrote a book on how to transfer magic. She created a codex but that is at a castle. She tells them that with the power of three they can get there. Just then Macy appears and tells her no. The sisters tell her that they don’t have it and they can’t get it back. Celeste starts to chant, she can get it back for them. The sisters tell her they don’t want the power of three back, interrupting her.

Macy arrives at home looking for Harry. But something very strange is going on. Harry and his wife, Abigail, are there with their children. Later, Mel and Maggie arrive. They’re shocked to see Macy there for the anniversary party. She pulls them aside to tell them about Celeste. They tell her that she’s been gone so long that they found somebody else to fill her shoes, Abigail. To prove all of this is not real, Macy runs to get her journal but comes into her bedroom to find Abigail who has made it her own. They get into an argument and Missy insists that none of this is real. Abigail plays the game. They start to go at one another, Maggie gets in the way from out of nowhere and it stabbed by a knife being controlled by Macy.

 Macy comes to and tells them all about her terrible dream. She asked where Celeste is. They tell her that they sent her away. Macy knows now that they need her. Maggie has a vision suddenly of the creature that they met this morning and he’s coming their way. Mel doesn’t seem to believe her so she runs off, running into Jordan who also humors her. She makes a run for it and sees Mel. She tells her the monsters on the way and when he appears she begs Mel to go but Mel doesn’t see the monster in his attempt. Macy arrives and tells her that Mel is dead. Maggie is sure that this has something to do with Celeste, she tells Macy.

Henry comes back for the girls when he comes in to see Celeste chanting to them while they are sleeping. He tells her to stop immediately. He tells her that he will stop or if he has to kill her. Celeste tells him that she was only doing this to see that she is right about the power three. But now she can’t wake them, something is wrong.

Harry now appears to be stuck in a dream, in a mental ward where they are going to torture him. He keeps screaming. Mel hears him and begins to run. Jordan appears. He tells her to find the sisters while he holds off the enemy. They all end up together with hairy arrival. But Jordan turns into the enemy. Harry jumps in front of him and suddenly he is awake as well as the sisters. Celeste isn’t there though. They wonder where she went. There’s trouble back in Portland to the girls’ turn there while Harry looks for Celeste.

The sisters find the witch they originally set out to help. She is dead. They need to find the monster and fix this once and for all. They take the power back to go after the monster. After regaining their powers, Maggie sees the monster. They take him out. They are back!

The sisters return to find Harry and Celeste. They have made amends. Celeste urges them not to be fearful. They tell her they aren’t anymore. They have this and they are ready. Celeste leaves but she won’t be out of reach. Later, the sisters sit together. Mel gives them rings, from the warehouse where they reclaimed the power of three.


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