Chicago Fire Recap 03/04/20: Season 8 Episode 16 “The Tendency of A Drowning Victim”

Chicago Fire Recap 03/04/20: Season 8 Episode 16 "The Tendency of A Drowning Victim"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, March 4, 2020, season 8 episode 16 called, “The Tendency of A Drowning Victim,” and we have your Chicago Fire recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire season 8 episode 16 as per the NBC synopsis, “Boden is on edge after starting a new fad diet. Casey and Severide disagree on a call.

Brett’s birth mother shares life-altering news. A familiar face has a proposition for Herrmann.

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 8 episode 15 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire begins tonight with Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) is pouring coffee when Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) comes into the kitchen before he rushes off to the firehouse. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) greets Stella, who says it is time for them to wake up the rest of the building, he swipes everything off the counter. Meanwhile, Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) meets with Julie (Kelly Deadmom) who apologizes again for the way Scott treated her when she went to their house. She feels Scott has come to terms with things being out of his control. She wants to learn more about Sylvie, who is a little apprehensive.

Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) informs the crews that they need to tighten up their routines in the morning and put some effort into their work. He seems to be “off” causing Casey and Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) to ask what has gotten into him. He admits that Donna has him on some diet, everyone joking they will all be dead by the end of shift. Randall “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte) says he heard about the diet as Boden bites his head off. They are interrupted when the alarms sound and all the crews head out to the scene of a vehicle partially submerged in icy waters for more than 45 minutes.

They hook up the car to the rig and Kidd drives it steadily back and the car is taken out. Casey says the car is Squads. They don’t find anyone in the car and Severide asks them to help him suit up. Casey tells him he is not allowed to as this is a recovery and orders him to stand down. He is not sending him into dangerous waters to retrieve a corpse. Severide reluctantly listens to Casey as Casey tells CPD to call in their divers. He is told the driver’s name is Lisa Burke a 38-year-old female from Chicago; they will send someone to her address to see if she has any next of kin.

The crews return to Firehouse 51 where Severide and Casey seem to have some tension between them. The women are talking when Lily walks in, giving Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) a huge hug who says she has been missed for way too long. She is there to see Herrmann run something by him. Matt goes to see Sylvie, saying he can’t shake this one feeling he could have let Severide search this one as she could have been nearby, but she reminds him that if she wasn’t Severide would have kept searching and going further out in rough, icy water. He reveals her name and can’t forget her smile from her DMV photo. She reminds him that he is a good person and captain. She shows him some photos from the day she was born but she finds it strange seeing pictures of her in the arms of some teenager. She doesn’t want to get too close as she is starting a whole new chapter of her life with a new baby on the way and feels she is going to disappear again and brings up old feelings she doesn’t want to remember. He assures her that isn’t silly.

Herrmann finds out that Lily has come to see Otis’ memorial when they are not on shift, but he is glad she is there now. She apologizes for giving up Molly’s North but he doesn’t feel she needs to. She says so much reminds her of Brian there and she couldn’t breathe there. She wants to open a new place a bakery/coffee shop but she needs help and he is the smartest business owner she knows. He says he would love to help her.

Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende) asks Ritter (Daniel Kyri) about the food he is supposed to cook. Ritter reminds him that Gallo is the cook. Stella walks in on their squabble so Gallo informs her that Ritter offered to make Boden separate meals. Stella says she will talk to the Chief when he gets back from the meeting as they cannot live under this tyranny. Matt walks past the kitchen as a woman walks into the hallway, he realizes it is Lisa Burke, shocked that she is alive.

He brings her into a back room, she reveals it was her fiance, Gary who was driving the car this morning and that was the last she saw of him. She needs to know what happened. She says a CPD officer came by but didn’t have a lot of information. Casey tells her it seems that he lost control and ended up in the water as a window was broken out. She learns they didn’t conduct a search and Matt determined that the chance of his survival was too slim to put his men at risk, so they called in police divers to search for his body. She wanted to know how big an area to search and what happens if they don’t find him, or if they will declare him dead. He says legal presumption usually takes a while; she thanks him and excuses herself.

Casey goes to see Severide, revealing the owner of the car just told him her fiance has been using the car and she wasn’t even distraught but almost disappointed his body didn’t show up. Kelly feels that is creepy so Matt wonders if he should tell the cops about her reaction, both agreeing something was off.

Stella confronts Boden about his diet and how is it causing conflict and stress in the house. She suggests that maybe there is a less severe approach to changing his diet. He shoves the phone in her face telling her to call Donna to say he has given up in less than a week. She can’t do it as he says he is not a weak man, so she suggests there is a way they can make this a little easier.

Herrmann shows Mouch the place Lily is looking to rent for the bakery and he is going to help her hammer down the rent just like he did with Molly’s. Mouch doesn’t recall Herrmann ever doing that. Stella walks over to Ritter and Gallo, who are eager to know if they are doing the diet thing; Stella informs them they are now doing two bowls as she offered to do the diet with him as diets are better with buddies and they should be thanking her for doing this for the team.

Casey meets with CPD who was at the scene; he isn’t sure he has anything useful. They didn’t find a body, but CPD is sure this wasn’t an accident as it appears the throttle had been tampered with and this was murder.

Stella eats dinner with Boden in his office, both torturing themselves as they smell the bacon from the common room. She reminds him that she offered to do this with him, as he always has her back. Mouch is determined to get out of the firehouse before Trudy finds out about the surplus diet and wants him on it too. Suddenly Lisa bursts through the door and wants to know what Matt said to the police about her, he invites her to come inside. She feels he accused her of something, making him apologize if he made things worse for her. She says this is all so confusing for her as Gary lives in Denver, an aviation engineer, so when he is in town he borrows her car. They met online and he is very sweet to her. She hasn’t been very lucky in love and when he proposed she jumped at the chance, but yesterday she found out her bank account was emptied out and her car is suddenly in the lake. She is certain they won’t find his body. He encourages her to tell the police as they are not looking for a victim in the water but a con artist who is at large.

Herrmann is with Lily who is visualizing everything in the building. He encourages her to measure everything in the kitchen as he wheels and deals with the realtor. She appreciates an informed client and he presents her with what he believes is a fair rent. Later that night he tells Mouch that there were 5 other offers on the table and no one could negotiate with this realtor. He is disappointed because Lily was really into this particular location, so Herrmann offered to invest in her business. Mouch didn’t think he had that kind of cash. Casey walks in asking Stella if she has seen Severide, she is pissed off, saying she isn’t his secretary, sorry that she is this means because of the diet. He reveals there was never a victim in the lake. She chastises him about being children and they could just text each other. She shows him that Sylvie and Julie are there and he joins them.

Matt learns that Julie had a friend who was scammed by another man. Suddenly Julie is having really bad crams. Sylvie gives Matt her keys and they are taking Julie to Chicago Med as Julie is having a high-risk pregnancy. Julie’s vitals are good and it is believed to be Braxton Hicks. Sylvie is apologetic but her mom thinks it is sweet and gives Brett a chance to feel the baby kicking. Julie asks Sylvie how long she has been dating Matt as he is terrific. Sylvie says they are just friends and Julie doesn’t buy it. Matt finds out from the Doctor that Gallo is still checking up on the little girl Lucy that was a burn victim.

Stella rants about Julie appears into Sylvie’s life out of nowhere, causing Emily Foster (Annie Ilonzeh) to question Kidd still being on the diet. Stella finds out that Boden almost cheating on the diet and he admits he almost did but he couldn’t do it because he would have Stella and Donna after him; she angrily tells him that if he isn’t quitting either is she; they storm off. Ritter and Gallo feel they both cannot make two meals again. Joe reminds them if they try to serve seeds to the entire house they will be buried under the floor of the firehouse.

Cindy arrives at the firehouse to speak to Christopher. She knows he wants to help Lily, but there is no way to make the loan work without the family taking a real hit. He admits it is what it is, disappointed that he cannot help her. A call comes in and everyone leaves, as Gallo informs Ritter to get all the ingredients.

They arrive at a pizza place, Stella says it smells incredible as they rush to the back to help the boss Silvio who was loading bags of flour and the loader went haywire. Kidd can’t find the right breaker and shuts everything down, including the lights. They stabilize the machine and are able to free him and get Silvio into the ambulance; the firehouse is given several pizzas. Stella is frustrated. Casey questions Gallo about checking in on Lucy but he feels she is going to pull through.

Back at the firehouse, Stella tells everyone if one of them goes down from a heart attack, she is not going to help them; Mouch says that was uncalled for. She storms into Boden’s office, catching him eating a slab of pizza himself. She thought they were in this together and he offers her a piece. She sits down with him.

Casey finds Severide in his office asking if he is avoiding Stella because of her psycho diet or because of their argument at the lake. Matt is about to walk away when Kelly asks if they had any luck finding the fiance, but they can’t find the guy nor any fingerprints. Kelly says there is a way to rig the car to accelerate itself and this guy could possibly be involved with airplanes, but what it just models and not actual airplanes. They begin their own investigation on this “Gary”.

Matt makes some calls and knocks on the door with Lisa beside him. Gary insists there is a simple explanation for it. They learn he also has a wife and a son. Matt is furious, saying he almost sent his best friend into a freezing lake to save his ass; he is not kidding he is going to give all the money back, but that is the least of it. He calls the CPD asking to speak to Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer).

Herrmann gives Lily a free beer and she immediately realizes something is wrong. He explains he is going to find another space for the bakery. She doesn’t care about the money, she only wants his support and advice, she can always find another space. She reveals from the way Otis spoke she could never find a better mentor. He is shocked, saying she will always be a part of the 51 families and she finally gets it. She thanks him.

Julie says she looks forward to having wine again soon as Sylvie learns her mom is headed back to Rockford in the morning. Julie says she is headed back early because Scott has wanted to move to Chicago, she never wanted to because there was nothing there for her but now she has Sylvie. Brett says that sounds really nice and holds Julie’s hand.

Severide and Stella are making a nice steak dinner when Matt returns. Matt explains that it was the guy who had a family of four. He felt for Lisa who felt she was connected to someone. Stella feels for her too as she says it’s not always easy to find your people. Matt jumps in to help with dinner.