Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Tyra Banks Overload, Fans Lash Out – ‘This Isn’t Dancing With Tyra’ – Disney Week Disaster?

Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Tyra Banks Overload, Fans Lash Out - ‘This Isn’t Dancing With Tyra’ - Disney Week Disaster?

Dancing With the Stars spoilers previously confirmed that model Tyra Banks had suddenly replaced former long-time co-hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews. Critics speculated that Tyra would make the show all about her and now a few DWTS episodes have aired this prediction seems to be coming true.

Fans seem fed up and called Tyra out. One even told the new host and executive producer that this isn’t Dancing With Tyra.

Tyra Banks Channeling Minnie Mouse

During the last episode of DWTS, September 28, it was Disney Week, which meant that everyone got all dressed up. This included Tyra, who was “channeling” Minnie Mouse. She wore a short, strapless red dress with a shiny poofed-out train and yellow high heels.

She completed the look by wearing classic black “mouse ears” with a red bow attached on top of her head.

DWTS Disney Week: Tyra Banks Overload

Ever since the new season began and news of Tyra taking over went viral, fans have been quite passionate about their opinions. Although there are some viewers who are trying to give Tyra a chance, and a few who actually support her, there seems to be many more who are unhappy.

One common theme throughout social media, Reddit and TV forum discussions is that Tyra has made the show all about her instead of what it should be about… the dancing.

Even longtime fans are talking about no longer watching the show, but others deal with it by using the fast forward function on their remote control.

Fans Lash Out at Tyra Banks

On Instagram, Tyra posted a photo of herself dressed up to channel her inner Minnie Mouse. Fans were quite vocal in the comments about how they feel about her changes to the long-running dancing competition TV show. One even told Tyra that it’s supposed to be Dancing With the Stars, not Dancing With Tyra.

“This is not Dancing With Tyra, right? The critics were right when they said you were going to make it all about YOU YOU YOU on the show.”

Dancing With the Stars: The Tyra Show?

Another mentioned that since Tyra is executive producer, as well as the new host, it is technically “The Tyra Show” and she can do what she wants. Another said that they have had enough and are “sick of her.”

Tell us what you think of Tyra Banks being the new host and executive producer of Dancing With the Stars. Do you like what she is doing or do you think Tyra has made it all about her?

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