Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ciara Accepts Ben’s Marriage Proposal – Breaks ‘Cin’ Engagement News To Hope

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ciara Accepts Ben’s Marriage Proposal - Breaks 'Cin' Engagement News To Hope

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) and Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) are in for some truly romantic moments. “Cin” fans have been waiting for Ben and Ciara to be happy for so long, and finally the couple is past their horrible year when Ben was convicted for a crime he didn’t commit and was nearly executed. It’s time to see some major happiness going forward for Ben and Ciara!

Well, according to DOOL spoilers, “Cin” fans will finally get to see the scene they’ve been waiting for when Ben proposes to Ciara during the week of May 11th!

Exactly how the proposal is going to go down remains to be seen, but DOOL spoilers promise that the whole thing will be “very Ben and Ciara.” However it happens, viewers should be in for a treat.

One does wonder, though, exactly how the news will be received by Ciara’s friends and family. DOOL viewers will remember that Ciara’s mom, Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) put up a huge wall when she first learned that Ben and Ciara were seeing each other.

Hope didn’t want Ben anywhere near her daughter, and it was quite the struggle at the time.

But Hope seemed to warm up to Ben over time, and she hasn’t actively resisted Ciara’s decision to be with Ben…but then again, Hope hasn’t really been herself for the past year.

Hope was turned into Princess Gina Von Amberg (Kristian Alfonso) and so she missed the year that Ben was improperly imprisoned, and Ciara fought to see him exonerated.

Well, according to DOOL spoilers, we’ll see some scenes between Hope and Ciara, during which Ciara tells her mother that Ben proposed and that she accepted. But how will Hope respond to this?

Hope might not be ready to see her daughter married to a former serial killer…and she might never be ready for it. After all, it’s one thing for Ciara to date Ben, and an entirely different matter for her to be engaged to him.

Of course, on the other hand, Hope might recall her own past history with Bo Brady (Peter Reckell). Back in the day, Doug Williams (Bill Hayes) was vehemently opposed to Hope being involved with Bo because he was a “bad boy” type.

Of course, Bo wasn’t a former serial killer like Ben is, but the fact remains that Hope will probably understand that the more she resists Ciara’s choice, the more Ciara will dig in and say that she’s determined to marry Ben.

So, Hope will probably simply talk to Ciara and make sure that she’s ready to take the big plunge into marriage. It’s really all Hope can do at this point – after all, even if she has reservations about Ben becoming her son-in-law, there’s really nothing she can do about it. Ciara’s an adult, and Hope needs to respect her choices.

At any rate, it looks like DOOL viewers will see not only a great proposal scene, but some nice mother/daughter moments between Hope and Ciara as well. Are you looking forward to Ben and Ciara’s engagement? Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives and be sure to keep CDL at the ready for the latest DOOL news, spoilers, and updates.